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  1. Thanks. And I hope so too. Especially given that I am an experienced bus operator already, and I would not want my bus driving skills to become rusty from being in a streetcar division for years.
  2. Today I received a call from the Occupational Health and Safety Department of the TTC, and I was told that the medical I had on the 13th of April was satisfactory in general, but given that I did not do well on the color blindness test, I was also told that I am unfit to operate the subway and Eglinton LRT. If hired, I would be restricted to just buses and streetcars. The medical info will be forwarded to the recruiter for further decision and next steps.
  3. Given how I already have a BZ license as a current YRT bus operator, should I still expect to receive the MTO medical clearance letter in the mail?
  4. I have been endlessly waiting as well, with no response from my recruiter about the latest status of my application. Had my medical a month ago, and if it was not for this forum, I would not have known that the MTO medical clearance letter would be sent directly to me, which I would then email to the recruiter afterwards. Am too starting to give up hope.
  5. Did the letter get sent to you directly? Or to the recruiter?
  6. Had my medical on the 13th of this month. Quite a lengthy wait inside the waiting room there. The one part that has me worried is the fact I did not do too well on the color blindness test with the dotted numbers in the coloured circles.
  7. Update to my TTC hiring process journey: After 2 months of waiting since January 23, when I was given the job shadow assignment to do and asked for references, driver's abstract, and high school diploma copy, I now have a medical scheduled on the 13th of this month. In addition, I filled out the vulnerable sector check form and submitted it to the recruiter as well. Hopefully I start training soon, and I can submit a resignation notice to Miller Transit and be done with YRT all together.
  8. I have not heard anything from them since sending in the reference consent form, high school diploma scan, and driver's abstract 3 weeks ago, and the job shadow assignment 2 weeks ago.
  9. Have not received a date yet. I am guessing they will email me.
  10. Not yet. I am currently awaiting the results of the reference check. And I submitted the completed job shadow assignment 2 days ago.
  11. Not yet. The one part that had me looking sideways is them requiring references from all employers in the past 5 years, INCLUDING my current employer, where I have been for over 2 years now. Talk about an awkward moment asking the current supervisor for a reference to go elsewhere....
  12. I had to email back a scanned signed copy of the offer, and the proof of covid immunization. A week later, they emailed me a reference consent form to sign, and asked for my driver's abstract and high school diploma. In addition to the job shadow assignment. The 3 documents I emailed back, and now I am in the process of the job shadow assignment. 2 out of 3 done, and the final summary questions left to go.
  13. Not even if I have a letter from a doctor ?
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