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  1. I do not recall them doing teams. Only one operator for the whole NYC-Buffalo portion.
  2. I used to work at Coach Canada/Megabus 2 years ago, and from the interactions I had with the American operators when handing over and taking over the double decker bus in Buffalo, the American operators were definitely underpaid, and worked right into the ground too. Seeing the fatigue they experienced, it surprised me that they managed to make it to Buffalo without having an accident along the way.
  3. Definitely looks like YRT is trying to get rid of the lower ridership conventional bus routes. If they end up discontinuing the 41, who knows which other route(s) with low ridership will be on the chopping block...
  4. At this point it is very unknown. I happen to work for Miller Transit at the YRT Southeast Garage, and we still have the 42 and 45 under a "temporary suspension" more than a year later.
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