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  1. 2020, 2058 and 2050 on the Blue line too. I caught a ride on it from City Hall to 69 Street.
  2. Rode on 2212 with a 4-car train made up of entirely refurbs - 2212, 2204, 2207 and 2219 on August 31st. Looked through the last three pages and saw no mention of 2219 though I think it is listed as refurbished on the wiki.
  3. Most likely because the fleet replacement of the Dennis Darts is almost complete, just a few spare contingency units left.
  4. I took a look at Oliver Bowen today. 2063 is inside on track 21. On the rear track were 2075, 2065, 2083 and 2081 coupled together, with 2005 further up all by itself. I'm really hoping to see the U2s come out on the blue line before I go back to BC for the winter in two weeks' time.
  5. I noticed an oddity on my trip to Cold Lake in June. The wiki lists 5012 as ex. Calgary 5098, but according to the pictures I took, they're two different buses.
  6. The 71 has changed a lot since it was first introduced nearly twelve years ago. The old 70A became the 73 (discontinued in 2011). The 70B became the 72. The 70C was what loosely became the 71 - it initially ran like any other 72/73 as far as Saanichton, then on Mt. Newton to Lochside, up to McTavish, then sharing the 70A/73 route through West Sidney along Canora, Weiler and Epco to Stirling Way, across Hwy 17 and turning onto Beacon, taking the same route as today's 72 to McDonald Park Road and Mariner Way. The morning route was the direct inverse of this, starting at McDonald Park Road and Mariner Way instead of Swartz Bay. Today's 71 isn't much different from the express 70, until it gets to McTavish - it then runs through West Sidney like it used to (but avoiding Weiler/Epco) and taking the same route as the 72 when it gets to Beacon and Fifth, with the exact inverse in the AM.
  7. This is a photo I took in Victoria, BC eleven years ago, with BC Transit 929. Photography was an entirely new thing for me and I had yet to learn the constraints of the obsolete point-and-shoot I was using at the time. On the other hand, it looks pretty artistic.
  8. 58.9 to 61.9 in Calgary for the last week or so
  9. When I moved to Canada from the UK in 2004 my family couldn't quite decide where to settle. We tried Nanaimo. Vancouver. Finally after nine months we settled in Sidney (hence my username). Most of my fondest non-transit related memories are shortly thereafter. Meeting the neighbours kids, going kayaking with them for the first time. Swimming parties. Bicycle rides. Even a winter trip to the Okanagan. One of the neighbours kids (whom I adored like the little brother I always wanted) used to frequently wear these shorts. To this day I have never found another pair and it's driving me mad. (Orange with white and blue flames. Sold at WalMart in 2004 or 2005, 725 Originals).
  10. The trips on the 99 that the Aero Elites do are the short-turned trips between Nelson and Playmor Junction. They then become Slocan-bound buses (and similarly in the obverse direction, 20s become 99s at Playmor to Nelson.
  11. There was an idea floated about five years ago that would have seen regional routes (50, 61, 70-72, 75) terminate at Uptown with frequent service between Uptown and Downtown (either the LRT or rapid bus). I think most people like the regional routes as they are though - a thru-ride to Downtown with no need to change buses at a central hub (unless your destination isn't Downtown).
  12. TransLink has better things to do. The world doesn't revolve around us. Most likely they're just keeping that unit in reserve in case it's needed to cover for another unit (involved in an accident, severe breakdown, e.t.c) Ten years ago D40 and D60 units (and some D40LF and D60LF too) were stored just like this at OTC - the reason was they were reserve units that came out during the Olympics.
  13. The Double decker buses in London were built anywhere from 1960 to this year. It depends on when they were built. BC Transit's 9001-9010 and 9021-9039 were built between 2000 and 2002. The Enviro 500s were built from 2004 onwards.
  14. Well, a double decker came to Victoria from CMBC twice. I don't think they were both the same one though?
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