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  1. 2279 was making some particularly strange intermittent high-pitched whining noises tonight. It was running the route 5 along Denman past my workplace when I heard it - at first I thought it was the brakes squealing - but it was making the noise when standing still too. Even after the bus operator took the poles off it continued whining for several minutes. Something electrical gone wrong?
  2. Re-Uploaded my former Canada Line explorer video - now including the stations in the city of Richmond and on Sea Island. Also with some minor narration changes.
  3. 7115 (and the buses 7151-7243) may be at or beyond their specified life expectancies, but sometimes buses just are in a good enough condition to keep going. The one thing that sets these buses aside from the high floors retired before them is just that - these buses are low floor. A lot of the high floor buses retired en-masse since 2008 were retired before their lives were truly up - they were just pulled from service because low-floor buses replaced them and rendered them totally redundant. Only a few lucky ones went to serve secondary careers in colder climates, the rest that were left behind were mothballed or scrapped virtually once there was no longer any need for them, regardless of their condition. I applaud the fact TransLink and BC Transit have found the sense to keep older buses not-yet ready for retirement in active service. Just wish they'd have done that a bit sooner (like ten-years ago sooner).
  4. Spotted one heading up I5 just north of Marysville, WA on Tuesday. I think the number was H16029
  5. They could - but it would just make things more complicated with the station setup at Lougheed. If this were the case - Platform 1 would be for Expo trains to Waterfront Only. Platform 2 shared between Expo trains to Production and Millennium Trains to Coquitlam, and Platform 3 used only by Millennium Trains to VCC. A better arrangement avoiding the use of the crossover would be to run 'wrong line' (left track, like in the UK) for the entire Evergreen line - but of course this would just confuse the hell out of everyone. xD
  6. Spotted BC Transit 9459 heading Northbound on Granville Street at Broadway this morning around 7:45am, towards the Granville Bridge.
  7. No idea if it's still running or not - but from my experience the two best places to look for buses in Kelowna are Queensway Exchange, and Orchard Park Mall, most of the major routes serve those two points.
  8. Probably, yes. Around 1:15-1:45pm.
  9. This is a little something I finished off last night, it's a full commentary on the Canada Line with some of the available connections, landmarks and amenities en-route. We start at Waterfront Station, and finish at Marine Drive - looking at all nine stations along the way. I had intended to do the entire line in one video - but owing to personal time constraints (and rather poor weather since October 10th when most of this was filmed) I decided to release the footage I had (City of Vancouver) as Part One. Part Two will follow when the weather improves (on my days off) and will include the stations in the City of Richmond, and on Sea Island.
  10. Thing is - as much as I hate to say it - this ain't going to happen, I can tell you this for a fact. You can dream as much as you like, but dreams are just that - dreams. We don't get to decide what TransLink does with its' resources (spare buses and the like) - all we can hope is that (sometimes) the ones who call the shots make a decision that we like. Double Deckers are a possibility - but not a certainty right now. Give it a few years and maybe we'll see how things pan out, but dreaming like this and clogging up the forums with it isn't a good idea. In 2009 I myself dreamt about the day TransLink came to its' senses and put the E901s and 1989-1990 MCI Classics back in service until the Olympics were over, but it never happened. Likewise it will never happen with the 1995-1999 New Flyers, once they reach 17 years old their days are numbered.
  11. Rode on 413-416 today and yesterday on the Expo Line.
  12. The Vancouver 'cast offs' were bought to address a spare-ratio shortage due to the H40LFRs being pulled from service in Whistler. For the past five years TransLink has held a particularly high spare ratio - allowing them to retire certain coaches before their time was truly up. This allowed the better-condition units to be sold to BC Transit in 2014 (and one or two to private owners), while others were sent to less-fortunate careers as emergency-drill-preparedness equipment. Mere speculation here - but the thought probably was the 9700-series (9750-9760) D40LFs from TransLink would be a temporary stop-gap measure to keep the provincial fleet spare ratio at a certain level while it was decided what to do with the Hydrogen LFRs - whether to convert them, or sell them off. With the (assumed) decision that the LFR buses will not see service with BC Transit again, the ex. TransLink D40LFs will continue to hold the spare ratio until newer coaches arrive to replace them. At the moment - all but one coach (9757) are contingency units in the provincial fleet.
  13. The official wording of the post from 2011-2012 which I use occasionally to reference this went as such: "Fast, Cheap, and Reliable - pick any two" The Nova which had a rotten sub-floor in 2011 was 9327 - just two years after it was built. I remember a couple of other Novas having this problem too around the same time, but they were rebuilt and now do not have this problem.
  14. In Seattle the Community Transit double deckers (full 4.4m height models) frequently travel underneath the trolley wires and I've yet to hear of any incidents regarding such contact between wires and buses. Of course the wires could be considerably higher compared to Vancouver's - but there are photos of a full-size Enviro 500 on test at Metrotown Exchange around 2008 (the same bus that became BC Transit 9528).
  15. Between 11:00am and 12:30pm today there was an issue on the Expo Line in Surrey between Scott Road and Gateway, which resulted in all trains short-turning at Scott Road and a single shuttle train running between there and King George. Pre-assumptive criticism on my part, TransLink really dropped the ball on multiple fronts with this incident. The single shuttle train meant an average departure from either end every twenty minutes, meaning trains and platforms were dangerously overcrowded (though there were staff members on site to try and manage this). From what I observed, there was no reason there couldn't have been two shuttle trains running the line, double-tracking between Gateway and King George, and running single-line to Scott Road from Gateway station. The second 'dropped ball' refers to SkyTrain-Bus connections. There seemed to be no communication here, as demonstrated by the 503 (scheduled to leave Surrey Central at 11:19) was nowhere to be seen merely a minute after this - the time it took for passengers to reach the bus loop from the KG-bound shuttle train. This resulted in me missing my planned connection to Aldergrove by a mere minute (the connection to the 21 Abbotsford bus) which put me in a considerable funk (I've never really been good with plans changing in minutes). Decided to avoid the confusion by taking the 555 from 156/St, walking there from the 96 B-Line stop at Guildford.