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  1. BC Transit - Chilliwack

    Spotted around 1:30pm this afternoon... 9759 has been transferred to Chilliwack.
  2. BC Transit - Chilliwack

    Most interesting. First time anyone's actually seen a D40LF on the 66, even if it was only out to Abbotsford. Just now I spotted a new Vicinity (4034/5/6) heading towards the TCH on Young Road South, signed up as a 22 'Hope'. Most likely on a test/training run.
  3. BC Transit - Chilliwack

    https://bctransit.com/chilliwack/schedules-and-maps/alert-details?alertid=1403647991635 Extra service on August 12th and 13th for the Chilliwack fair. Interesting to note a bus at 9am from Carvolth that terminates in Abbotsford. Might be the first time a CFV bus runs to Carvolth.
  4. BC Transit - Chilliwack

    I just got off what I must say, is the weirdest ride on the 66 'FVX' yet. Everything started out normal with the 4:45pm departure from Carvolth - until 232nd when we emerged onto Hwy 10, back into Langley Centre on Glover Road and onto the Langley Bypass, then onto Fraser Highway all the way through Aldergrove to Mt. Lehman, where we returned to regular route into HighStreet Shopping Centre, arriving around 6pm. After this it became weirder due to another accident near Clearbrook, so we diverted onto Mt. Lehman south, onto Peardonville (passing the 21 to Aldergrove) before turning south onto Townline Road, east onto Marshall Road, south on Clearbrook and then east on King Road, where the bus terminated at McCallum Park & Ride around 6:20pm, before heading back to Carvolth. Another bus was waiting to take passengers onto Chilliwack, myself included. (No, it wasn't a D40LF from Abbotsford, much to my disdain xD)
  5. BC Transit - Chilliwack

    Just spotted a D40LF in the Chilliwack yard as my 66 went past en-route to Langley, looked like a 1996/1997 unit in old red/white/blue. Wasn't able to see a fleet number but will check again later tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Regina Transit

    Just spotted three Regina Transit Vicinity buses heading east on Hwy 1 through, Chilliwack, BC.
  7. Victoria Regional Transit System

    I don't know. Why not head over and see for yourself? I was in Downtown Vic but didn't notice the Vicinities out this morning.
  8. 2014(-2017) Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    They used to 'sign on' with a little radio pushpad onboard the buses until T-comm came online.
  9. BC Transit - Nanaimo

    Spotted 1080, 1088 and 1093 heading over to Nanaimo at 11am on Tuesday.
  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I think I had this driver in Surrey two years ago on an evening 503... one can hear the tunes playing through the portable radio in my video from the ride.
  11. Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    The main argument against LRT in Metro Vancouver is that it is NOT planned to be grade-separated, especially in Surrey. This is therefore portraying the whole LRT proposal to be all expense for little gain - sure it'll look nice, but it won't be any more practical than the 96 B-Line BRT already in place for a far less expensive price tag. If the Surrey LRT was to be built grade-separated (far more expensive) it also would be completely incompatible with the existing Skytrain system - so at that point you might as well drop the Tram-style LRT altogether and just go with more SkyTrain expansion.
  12. Surrey Rapid Transit / Surrey Light rail

    Regarding this idea - one I've had myself that I'll elaborate on. I think there could be a business case for an RDC-Budd service from Chilliwack, running along the CN mainline to Waterfront Station through the Grandview Cut - perhaps with an intermediate stop at Fort Langley. Back in 1986 there was a DMU service operated as part of Expo, between New Westminster and Abbotsford with temporary wooden platforms. (Using a British Class 142). TriMet has two RDC Budd-car DMUs it bought from Alaska. I believe I heard somewhere they wish to order new DMUs to replace them in the coming years, so perhaps they could be utilized for such a service?
  13. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    2279 was making some particularly strange intermittent high-pitched whining noises tonight. It was running the route 5 along Denman past my workplace when I heard it - at first I thought it was the brakes squealing - but it was making the noise when standing still too. Even after the bus operator took the poles off it continued whining for several minutes. Something electrical gone wrong?
  14. Transit videos

    Re-Uploaded my former Canada Line explorer video - now including the stations in the city of Richmond and on Sea Island. Also with some minor narration changes.
  15. New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    7115 (and the buses 7151-7243) may be at or beyond their specified life expectancies, but sometimes buses just are in a good enough condition to keep going. The one thing that sets these buses aside from the high floors retired before them is just that - these buses are low floor. A lot of the high floor buses retired en-masse since 2008 were retired before their lives were truly up - they were just pulled from service because low-floor buses replaced them and rendered them totally redundant. Only a few lucky ones went to serve secondary careers in colder climates, the rest that were left behind were mothballed or scrapped virtually once there was no longer any need for them, regardless of their condition. I applaud the fact TransLink and BC Transit have found the sense to keep older buses not-yet ready for retirement in active service. Just wish they'd have done that a bit sooner (like ten-years ago sooner).