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  1. At the end of October, Alberta Prairie #41 made a return after spending 5 years under repair/restoration. Alberta Prairie Steam Railway is a tourist attraction located in Stettler, Alberta - in the afternoon on October 29th, 2022 an excursion was held featuring the return of number 41 - the only steam excursion for the year and the first one since 2017. The link is to a chase video I filmed with many picturesque locations along the 20-mile (33km) line from Stettler to Big Valley. 41 is a 1920-built 2-8-0 Baldwin "Consolidation" locomotive, originally built for the Jonesboro, Lake City and Eastern Railroad, and was there assigned the "41" number. When that line became part of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (Frisco), the locomotive was re-numbered as 77. After performing freight service with the Frisco for years, the engine was sold in 1947 to the Mississippian Railway where it retained the Frisco number. Following several further changes in ownership, the locomotive was acquired by Alberta Prairie and renumbered back to 41. https://youtu.be/xlnEQuSvyy4
  2. Looking at the Victoria Regional Transit topic on April 1st 2010, there were 8 images on the Times Colonist article, but unfortunately it seems to have been deleted. It actually languished for a year or so in VTC and was sent to Prevost in Delta before it was parted out and scrapped.
  3. April 6th, 2015 As for the image in question I'd hazard a guess at circa 2009/2010. Honestly though, well before I became interested in that area.
  4. There was talk in 2014-2015 about converting the H40LFRs into diesel-electric hybrids, but ultimately nothing came of it and they sold them instead. The Nanaimo superintendent made a comment to me about them being convertable into CNG buses like the XN40s being delivered at the time. BC Transit is expecting a fleet of all-electric single deckers next year though, so we'll see how that goes.
  5. It seems BC Transit was fed up of waiting months for spare parts to arrive for it - and it was an oddball not only in the fleet, but the entire continent. It was apparently sent for scrap nearly a year ago - not that long after the two red DE40LFs went. The last 3 DE40LFs were retired this month and sent for scrap this week, so there are no more hybrid buses in the provincial fleet.
  6. I was in Saskatoon on three occasions over the last month. There are some things to clear up... Transit55 seems to have some issues. Many buses aren't tracking (such as 1102 and 0820 - the latter isn't even listed as active despite me spotting it). On my most recent visit on Tuesday morning, nothing was tracking at all. I know this happens on occasion as I've seen it with Calgary and Edmonton, but most inconvenient while I was trying to catch vehicles I'd missed out on my earlier visits. None of the D60LFs appeared to be out. Either they aren't tracking or just aren't being used. Even with the Nova artics there's only ever one or two out at once. Is 107 still in storage in the facility? I did spot 9510 missing front panels alongside 9707 and 412 out by the fence when on the VIA leaving for Edmonton on August 5th.
  7. While on the VIA Canadian to Winnipeg a couple of days ago, I caught a glimpse of an ex. Saskatoon green Classic on the south side of the track, somewhere between Saskatoon and Allan. Regrettably I didn't get a shot as I was on the wrong side of the train.
  8. I'm in Winnipeg for the next few days. Today was a bit warm but I did manage to record a few bus rides this afternoon. Is there a way to track buses bybtheir fleet numbers, like on Transit55 or TCOMM-bustrainferry? I did find transsee but it's incredibly clunky and is only really helpful to see which buses are coming to your closest stop. I'm hoping to track down some of the 1995 D40LFs and the ex. OC Transpo artics tomorrow, and any remaining D30LFs.
  9. I was rather disappointed to discover on my visit to PA last July that they hadn't reactivated their retired D40LFs and Nova from West Vancouver, but then again they were likely scrapped and unable to be brought back. But yes, I'll see about making a stop by there in July or August and see what's up.
  10. Definitely out of the ordinary. 8418 appears to be tracking as 7799 on the Transit55 site. Just passed me on a 9 at 54th Ave Terminal.
  11. Nice. I'll be stopping by Kamloops in about eight weeks time. Pity about the lack of Nextride... Then again though Kamloops is a small system, virtually every route goes Downtown.
  12. There seems to be a bit of a disagreement between the agency and vehicle pages whether the Arbocs are SOM26D or SOM26G. Just out of curiosity does anyone know for sure?
  13. You forgot the best one at McTavish... "Dead End on Street with No Name"
  14. Maybe I just haven't been very observant... Yesterday however I spotted a couple of SD160s out and about on the red line, which haven't yet had their roof-fairings fitted. Today I spotted one in-between a pair with fairings on the blue line - but again by the time I noticed it was too far to get a number. So there are supposedly at least three which haven't had this done yet.
  15. I don't think anyone's heard anything, and the last time I was in Cold Lake was in July. I never spotted anything out of the ordinary then, but then again I'm not sure if the bus yard I found (with the retired/spare Classics inside) is the actual garage, or if there is another facility nearby. EDIT: While looking for the 'updates' page for Cold Lake (regarding the bulletins posted for 'non-accessible bus will be in service') I came across this little article detailing a new low-floor bus for Cold Lake. It doesn't reveal what type, but this is likely the new '5017' unit. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/new-public-transit-and-active-transportation-infrastructure-in-banff-and-cold-lake-alberta-886184067.html
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