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  1. TransLink has better things to do. The world doesn't revolve around us. Most likely they're just keeping that unit in reserve in case it's needed to cover for another unit (involved in an accident, severe breakdown, e.t.c) Ten years ago D40 and D60 units (and some D40LF and D60LF too) were stored just like this at OTC - the reason was they were reserve units that came out during the Olympics.
  2. The Double decker buses in London were built anywhere from 1960 to this year. It depends on when they were built. BC Transit's 9001-9010 and 9021-9039 were built between 2000 and 2002. The Enviro 500s were built from 2004 onwards.
  3. Well, a double decker came to Victoria from CMBC twice. I don't think they were both the same one though?
  4. Hi everyone. I don't normally post on this side of the forums (being from Western Canada my trips to Toronto are few-and-far between). Here are a couple of videos I managed to put together from my trip in March. 4103 running from Yonge to Humber Loop on route 501: Plus 4081 on the 501L from Humber Loop to Long Branch:
  5. I have seen some of these buses operating in the West Kootenay Transit system. Those are your best bet for actually riding them, as they are connections for smaller communities to the main service area. Many operate at least two or three days a week, with trips to Nelson in the morning and back in the afternoon or evening. They are handy connectors for smaller communities as there often isn't any intercity bus service anymore.
  6. Aren't the 2009s not supposed to receive those upgrades? They're due for retirement in 2021 owing to BC Transit's 12-year life expectancy for post-2008 buses.
  7. My guess would be morning trippers that deadhead back to Langford and/or return to the yard after the AM peak service finishes.
  8. Here's my ride on the 2019 set 449-452 last week, hopefully this answers some questions asked in the previous few posts:
  9. 9749 definitely doesn't. Don't know about the other two as I didn't get to ride them.
  10. Spotted 9400 out in service today, in Kelowna. 9749, 9872 and 9878 spotted as well.
  11. Wasn't there a donation drive or campaign some time ago (certainly not years ago) for the possibility of 2716 (and maybe one other unit) to be shipped to Vancouver?
  12. Many buses have been outfitted with it by now. Victoria's fleet is the largest of the BC Transit systems, so it will take longer than it took Nanaimo and Whistler, for example.
  13. There appeares to be a bit of a glitch with the T-Comm bus tracker. A few days ago I was looking for the 1999 D40LFs to record and waited at Park Royal for 997 (80997 on T-Comm) to appear, yet 1214 showed up in its place. Looking at the tracker now both 1214 and 997 are showing the same blocks and assignments - in some cases appearing to be on two blocks at once.
  14. On the wiki at the top there is a little link called 'View History' - you can click that and view all previous versions of the page.
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