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  1. Seems to be a Stabbing downtown is the cause based on a few news articles https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-downtown-ctrain-police-incident-1.6212031
  2. 8224 seems to have had a Coolant Leak. It’s sitting dead at North Pointe.
  3. This seems to be the case as 3730 is now at Prevost no sight of 3731
  4. 86 had 8334. Maybe changing the 86 to have XD40’s/40 footers on Friday evenings?
  5. Little bit of a bump but 8325 worked an 86 Shuttle Block.
  6. Every day I’ve gone out to Downtown or near a train station especially during rush hour there’s usually 3-4 sometimes 5 consists.
  7. Another day another U2 Consist! Just saw 2070-2032-2058 at McKnight-Westwinds going to Saddletown.
  8. A morning 746 block once again had a Victoria Park 60 footer this morning
  9. 2054-2025-2030 just passed McKnight-Westwinds towards Saddletown on the blue line 2038-2060-2020 also at McKnight. I also saw a consist just going towards McKnight from Oliver Bowen presumably just coming online couldn’t catch the car numbers.
  10. I saw the consist behind it around the same time I reported the first one. It was 2054-2025-2030
  11. Just saw 2051-2058-2056 at Marlborough on the Blue Line going towards the core
  12. 6005 did an SF 746 run this morning. I’ve attached a photo of it displaying OFF after arriving to Crescent Heights
  13. Ah yes I forgot about warranty that makes much sense. Thank you for the info!
  14. Thanks I knew that Prevost & Nova were both Volvo owned just figured a newer bus needing service from a dealer was odd. Thanks for the clarification!
  15. Just saw an Airdrie Nova Artic sitting near the Prevost off of Country Hills Blvd. Any clue why it’s there?
  16. 203x-2070-2041 on blue line going towards 69street lots of consists out right now. I think it was 2031 but I can’t recall or tell from my horrific photos
  17. Just saw 2030-2025-2054 going Thru Downtown core on the blue line
  18. I just saw 8111 running on a short 3 route which usually only gets VP busses. I wasn’t able to get a photo as I was on a different bus that passed it.
  19. Hi sorry I called it evidence because he originally said he was going to submit it as evidence I’m in no way shape or form calling it legitimate evidence as it legit shows him talking and staring a bus with some contraption. Sorry I was unclear about that.
  20. Your evidence is linked above in a Vimeo link in a post above in case you can’t see it allow me to share the link directly to the comment with the video. https://cptdb.ca/topic/20129-theft-from-wajax-fiba-canning/?do=findComment&comment=924940 That link takes you directly to my comment with my screen recording of his now private video since you so desperately want to submit it for evidence.
  21. This is a good question I don't know as it looks like nobody's there on the video but it could be who he shared the video too originally. Correct at this point I feel he's seeking attention like he sort of intended for someone to find the video
  22. In that case, allow me to post his video that he changed to private after realizing that it got put out to the public.
  23. That doesn’t surprise me. Once I get to a better wifi connection I’ll post my screen recording that I took before he put it to private.
  24. The video has now been put to private I have a screen recording of it should anybody want it/need it.
  25. Hello, Our accounts are run by 2 different people if you read our about sections that’s explained because we are very close friends. I also am originally from Ontario. I got involved because it was an interesting topic and a very sad event amongst anybody who is enthusiastic about transit. Sorry if we confused you about being the same person I assure you we aren’t. Although my friend JK-from-YYC isn’t familiar with the Ontario region I am somewhat familiar and I actually was in the GTA & Ottawa area a few weeks ago when the first few thefts occurred actually. The noob thing on the other hand is more of an inside joke on our part. Hope this clears that up.
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