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  1. 6004 on a 746 SF block, it was 20 minutes late for almost the entire block and didn’t get to the first stop till the other bus was already finished the route.
  2. 6020 Broke Down earlier on the Max Purple 6021 was dispatched to replace it
  3. 6004 had some issues starting earlier this afternoon it sat outside Crescent Heights High School 20 minutes past it’s departure time. Doors repeatedly Kept closing and it was repeatedly beeping. It did eventually get going
  4. Seems to be a Stabbing downtown is the cause based on a few news articles https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-downtown-ctrain-police-incident-1.6212031
  5. 8224 seems to have had a Coolant Leak. It’s sitting dead at North Pointe.
  6. This seems to be the case as 3730 is now at Prevost no sight of 3731
  7. 86 had 8334. Maybe changing the 86 to have XD40’s/40 footers on Friday evenings?
  8. Little bit of a bump but 8325 worked an 86 Shuttle Block.
  9. Every day I’ve gone out to Downtown or near a train station especially during rush hour there’s usually 3-4 sometimes 5 consists.
  10. Another day another U2 Consist! Just saw 2070-2032-2058 at McKnight-Westwinds going to Saddletown.
  11. A morning 746 block once again had a Victoria Park 60 footer this morning
  12. 2054-2025-2030 just passed McKnight-Westwinds towards Saddletown on the blue line 2038-2060-2020 also at McKnight. I also saw a consist just going towards McKnight from Oliver Bowen presumably just coming online couldn’t catch the car numbers.
  13. I saw the consist behind it around the same time I reported the first one. It was 2054-2025-2030
  14. Just saw 2051-2058-2056 at Marlborough on the Blue Line going towards the core
  15. 6005 did an SF 746 run this morning. I’ve attached a photo of it displaying OFF after arriving to Crescent Heights
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