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  1. Here's another photo of Finnair from earlier today with the beautiful rockies in the background
  2. 8414 seems to have conked out at North Pointe UPDATE : It has began tracking and moving again
  3. I often interact with them on Twitter and I believe they started promoting that recently after a third party had gave that as a solution to someone who asked a similar question. None the less it's great to see them promoting such a tool.
  4. 8484 is indeed in service here's a photo of it on the 31 earlier today. 8467, 8472, 8474, 8477, 8482 have not been seen In service yet however
  5. A rear shot of 8266 operating the 92 in the late evening.
  6. Saw 6006 being towed down 52nd street with it's door open and the kneeling system activated earlier this afternoon.
  7. 8478 and 8480 also entered service today
  8. Saw 8063 getting hooked up near mcknight westwinds earlier
  9. 6081 was transferred back to Stoney, I saw it getting towed back on July 18th.
  10. Here's terrible video shot from 6052 of that same incident 8mb.video-VN5-KDv1rFP8.mp4
  11. It's also doing a VP run on the 301 this afternoon replaced 6003 around 12:40.
  12. Here are some of my sightings from the past week or so.
  13. A couple special sightings this evening 8428: 17 8471: 29/56 8475: 13
  14. 8485 broke down while doing the 301 on June 23 it hasn't been active since. I had the pleasure of seeing it sitting on the Tarmac of Stoney with a few retired units and 8202.
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