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  1. Just spotted 180 On Route 7 Tonight. this marks our first bus with rear displays and our first nova buses with the Curtesy exterior lights They have been mostly retired and i think will be finished off with this novabus order that we just Received The LFS's are also very similar to MiWay Spec LFS's
  2. I just got news today when I was downtown that one of our Novabus LFS Diesel Units that we ordered has arrived equipped with a REAR DISPLAY Marking it as our First Bus To Be Equipped With a Functional Rear Display my guess the Novabus LFS 179-181 The XD35 Will be numbered 182 And the Community bus Numbered 183.
  3. what model / year is it pls it was in service on the 6 route
  4. 176 Has officially entered service marking as the final bus from sault transit 2020 order has been completed also anyone know what this is, maybe you can figure it out and put it on the wiki page, TTC Guy?
  5. No i saw it in service last year on June 10TH 2020
  6. well it was in service for a little bit.
  7. Or its dead, as the hybrid system was old when we received 1684 in May of 2019, and might have just lasted Sault Transit 2-3 Years time working, before it probably just died. and probably crawls around the facility/depot
  8. Just found the date out of the Terminal Relocation on the Funding Infrastructure Thing on the Canada Gov website. Anyonee wanna bet that EX-TTC 1684 is Dead? its been sitting in the Depot for over a year to my knowledge, Last time i saw it in Service was 06-10-2020
  9. I mean if this was 1990 probably LOL
  10. How did you find the fact that they are using the Metrolinx Transit Procurement Initiative?
  11. It just specifies a 35 foot bus it legit could be any
  12. So basically We could get any Bus including electrics so this is basically opening a door for Electric Buses I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated on this as it develops!
  13. Anyone Know if This Means Sault Transit Is Getting an Extra X35 Bus, Unknown Model but New flyer is the only company that sells 35 Footer's in canada that Sault Transit Has Ordered from so only the time can tell? (Not into smart stuff so im just guessing) Also All Of The Xcelsiors have entered service, as of this time of me knowing, and some of them have Full Advertisement Wraps on them, to my Knowledge, one is wrapped in an arby's wrap and my mother told me one was wrapped in a Green For Life Livery
  14. It could have been 131 i dont remember. 133 Was being used as a Driver shuttle the other day or so The Final New Flyer XD40's had arrived that same day of that photo up above
  15. 158/132 Are Now officially retired from service
  16. I saw a bunch of XD40's getting decals applied to them on the 24th i saw one was either 175 or 176 Found the rest of the XD40's in the depot on the 24th
  17. Got a photo of 171 (XD40) Got all of the XD35's and one XD40 Was the first person to get shots of the new flyers lol ayo my photo Plus 131 and a bunch of parabuses have been retired
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