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  1. it got post-poned cuz we we're 1 Million dollar's over-budget Buses are begining to get Card Readers installed in them. so far all I know is that 174 has one installed.
  2. They would also have to train our operators on US Road Laws. and a bunch of other things.
  3. That would prob cost a lot of money that we dont have lol.
  4. Prob after it either gets back from New Flyer or MTB.
  5. On the 14th of February Sault Transit 167 was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident. I'm assuming it will be sent to MTB Due to the damages done to the bus. Btw these are not my photos. Credit to SaultOnlineNews for the photos.
  6. prob cuz when we take delivery of our 1 XD35 thats on order we will retire that one and scrap it. like we did with 161/163 As a person who lives in the SOO. I haven't seen any buses for the Dial-a-ride since 2019.
  7. The Nova's we already put in service. those are 179-181. I'm assuming the XD35 Thats not in service yet will be 182 and the ARBOC Spirit Of Freedom is 183. Due to Sault Transit Only putting Smal Mini-Buses on the 6. And I'm assuming that XD35 Will Replace Ex-TTC 7911 They Either get Scrapped or sold off privately.
  8. thats probably one of our ARBOC Freedom's we ordered. as all they put on the 6 is small buses 1 ARBOC Freedom (community bus): $182,444 + HST yup its the ARBOC Freedom we ordered
  9. 131 and 158 Are Scrapped as they are no-longer sitting at the back of the bus depot. 172 is wrapped in a regular livery.
  10. They are usually Scrapped at local Scrap Yards in the Soo or are sometimes sold off privately. This is a former Sault Transit Fishbowl, sitting at a local Scrapyard in the Soo. which according to google satellite images is still sitting there and heres a privately owned former Sault Transit MCI Classic. (credits to the photo owner)
  11. 181 Has been Wrapped in the standard livery as of yesterday.
  12. Sault Transit Is getting help from Metrolinx to help transition to Electric Buses Our city is finally getting something done.
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