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  1. also add 2302. i seen it on the 52 today. i assumed it moved from wilson?
  2. This is a little late, but last sunday as i was at the St.Clair @Keele Rona, at the back i noticed a TH&B gondola parked right next to the fence, parked at Lambton Yard. Here are some pics of it, Enjoy
  3. Here it is: http://publictransitcoalition.ca/the-pledge/
  4. Sorry to bump a thread but i dunno if anyone else noticed, google street view now has a 3D option!! For example: 2241 Make a newlook 3d. Just thought i would let people know, if they didnt already know about this.
  5. seen 6734 on the 41 going southbound at 7:40pm. At Keele @ Lawrence.
  6. 7082 was signed up as Training bus near Runnymede and St.Clair. Although signed up for training bus, why is it all the way in the west end?
  7. I found this video yesterday showing a CN train at the Queens Quay in 1990. And i was wondering, is there any industries left that are served by train at the Harbour spurs?
  8. AmoniumNitrate wanted me to post that 1587 has been converted to lithium.
  9. If anyone is wanting to ride a V today, lawrence is your best bet. All 3 are out this morning. 6734 is on the 52 as of now, and earlier 6688 is on the 52c. Also 6705 is on the 59!
  10. for the streetcar ceremony, does anyone know what time it starts at? maybe the location it starts at? drum118? I only got basic info that there would be historic streetcars on the line when i heard about this.
  11. TTC: 41:1521,2294 and another GM 29:9422,9405,2299 Wheeltrans: w103 (lawrence/dufferin at 2:50pm), 9828
  12. TTC: 41:2294 6734 52:2484,2444 506:4093 YUS:5196 29:9438
  13. TTC: 41E:1264 96:7206* 29:9405,2330 *7206 rear doors weren't working.
  14. TTC: 41:1618 59:2390 165:1017,1001 29:9424*,9408 * the 9 of the interiour number of 9424 looks has the same font has a 91 v.
  15. I know this isnt CP power, but i am going to post my interesting find from yesterday at Lambton Yard. CP caboose
  16. 52-2281 29-2395?, 9433* *9433 is really loud... It is almost as loud as a 79xx. For a while I thought it had an Isl till it went faster and sounded like a regular m11 but really. What is the cause of this? Muffler?
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