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  1. also add 2302. i seen it on the 52 today. i assumed it moved from wilson?
  2. This is a little late, but last sunday as i was at the St.Clair @Keele Rona, at the back i noticed a TH&B gondola parked right next to the fence, parked at Lambton Yard. Here are some pics of it, Enjoy
  3. Here it is: http://publictransitcoalition.ca/the-pledge/
  4. Sorry to bump a thread but i dunno if anyone else noticed, google street view now has a 3D option!! For example: 2241 Make a newlook 3d. Just thought i would let people know, if they didnt already know about this.
  5. seen 6734 on the 41 going southbound at 7:40pm. At Keele @ Lawrence.
  6. 7082 was signed up as Training bus near Runnymede and St.Clair. Although signed up for training bus, why is it all the way in the west end?
  7. I found this video yesterday showing a CN train at the Queens Quay in 1990. And i was wondering, is there any industries left that are served by train at the Harbour spurs?
  8. Who makes the PCC 4670? i know corgi made 4674 in o scale.... any idea on the pricing?
  9. AmoniumNitrate wanted me to post that 1587 has been converted to lithium.
  10. If anyone is wanting to ride a V today, lawrence is your best bet. All 3 are out this morning. 6734 is on the 52 as of now, and earlier 6688 is on the 52c. Also 6705 is on the 59!
  11. Looking around ebay i found this: C-Train U-2 going to cost alot but thought maybe someone would be interested.
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