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  1. I just took info I had got from a phone call I had with someone at the region. I wrote down everything I was told and reported it. The reason I was told for all of these changes was because they are looking to boost ridership as soon as possible, as well as the fact that ridership and ridership patterns will change due to covid. A lot of the stuff he discussed with me was stuff that was talked about in the last 2 months or so. I had called in to the region to find out what was going on with routes like the 920 not running to Oshawa on the weekend, or the fact that to get to a whole new development such as Windfield farms the bus that goes by there is running every 90 minutes and anything else you have to walk a substantial distance too. The gentleman that called me back from the planning department said that all the growth and all the development permits issued in the region over the last 12 months has changed where bus service needs to be implemented. He also said that some of the areas they were planning to see redevelopment in has been pushed more so lately. Some areas they expected development starting in 2023 or later and now there are whole subdivisions being built. He also said that with the 2 amazon warehouses it is estimated that many people will travel into durham from Vaughn and Toronto among other areas and will need to get to work, hence the service running to Cornell terminal. He also said in the last 6 months there have been approximately 1000 enquiries as to why there is no direct routing to the Amazon warehouse just off Markham road and Steeles from Pickering. The gentleman I spoke to also pointed out a lot of what is in the Route Ahead 2022-2025 service plan stops short of a lot of the regions needs currently and he said that a lot of those ideas will be implemented but at the same time a lot of things that he told me and I wrote above is stuff that needs to happen faster to allow for the other services to work. He said that currently with all the demand to the 2 Amazon warehouses and the 1 off Steeles they need to build these routes fast. They also need to get more service that connects neighbourhoods to the bus services running across the region. As for all the Pulse routes, he said that there are plans for 10-12. As we know there is the existing 900 and 901. There will be an official changeover of the 902, 905, 915 and 916. So that brings it up to 6. There is going to be a Pulse bus from Cornell along 7/Winchester that will operate into Brooklin and then go down to Whitby Station. He told me there will be a new Pulse bus that will operate into Newcastle, but the details were not finalized but he said it would probably be a branch service of the 902, but it would probably start at Harmony terminal to Liberty road and down. He also talked about possibly having the 920 as a form of Pulse service. He also told me there are plans to run back to Davis/404 and run it more often. He said ridership was low when it ran before but it was because of how limited the service was and as a region they have heard many people who what that service back. If some of this stuff I was told turns out to be wrong then I will be happy to be proven wrong, but I would really hope most of this service is accurate as he did provide great ideas for improving service and to allow runs to run more often in certain areas then before. He also stated that these new routes that are being proposed would be a great way to restore service in some areas without have low ridership routes or duplication of services in some areas. The idea of running the 915 with less stops also works well for the fact that the local bus routes that would run along parts of Taunton would take more people to transfer point stops. I think these are good ideas and I hope they do implement a lot of this stuff but if not I do trust that whatever they build serves Durham well because it is clear this system is broken right now and is being held together by bandaid fixes and a lot of that was due to the cuts in service because of the pandemic.
  2. From what I understand is most local routes that were cancelled are gone and will be partially replaced by these new loop type routes starting next year
  3. The driver that I know happens to also have close ties to management. The info I got came from this driver who had received it from the higher ups in management. I consider my source pretty informed and have got lots of information before. If I didn’t trust the source I wouldn’t have said anything
  4. I have been told from 2 sources that work for DRT (one in management and one in scheduling) that the plans for 2022 are very ambitious. First the 915 will be a more frequent faster service as pulse. There will be a few less stops and to make up for the less stops will be more local service on certain routes. The idea that has been floated around is there will be a couple of new routes that serve Pickering and Ajax as well as a new route that serves Whitby and Oshawa. The route in Pickering will leave the Pickering Parkway terminal and it will go to Whites road and then north to Taunton, from there it will travel east towards Ajax and will go down Salem or Harwood and go down to Kingston Road and then proceed to Westney and over to the Ajax GO. There will be a similar route that will operate from Whitby GO and it will travel up Brock St to Taunton and then go east to Simcoe, then north to Winfield farms, turning onto Winchester heading east to Harmony and into the Harmony terminal. Another route will start at UOIT and head to Harmony terminal and then down to King and proceed onto Bond and then it will turn onto Stevenson and proceed to the Oshawa GO station. The plan for these routes is they will essentially take pressure off of other routes and it will fill voids, in certain areas where routes were temporarily discontinued and replaced with on demand. The new route that serves Taunton from Whites, towards Salem or Harwood (route to be determined), will be there for all the new houses are built. DRT is also going to be upgrading the 920 to a full 7 day a week service. Outside of rush hours all trips will be extended to McCowan station. There will also be service to Simcoe and Founders 7 days a week. Eventually that route will be extended to service Windfields farms. There will also be a new branch of the 915 that will serve, Taunton and Steeles going to Markham road and then it will proceed up to highway 7 and serve the new Cornell terminal. There will also be a route from Cornell terminal to service highway 7 to Simcoe and Winchester then over to UOIT. There are also plans to beef up service going to Uxbridge. That route will run hourly and there will be a local route in Uxbridge as well as a potential route headed back to Newmarket, but running more often then it used to. The idea behind that is to get more service running between Newmarket and Uxbridge to connect with the 905 heading south as well as GO service. Bowmanville will see the return of local bus service as well as a route that will run to Newcastle from Bowmanville. The local service will be timed to meet the 902 bus at the little bus loop over by the Loblaws on Highway 2. A lot of these service changes will be in September but some other ones will be implemented sooner, especially when the Cornell terminal opens in Markham as they want the 2 routes running soon to get the amazon employees. Amazon workers in Durham currently have no service from Markham road so the new branch of the 915 will run 7 days a week for 21 or so hours per day. Possibly with a chance to go 24 hours in the future. Amazon is also currently building a warehouse off of HWY 7 and that is the reason for the new service that will run along that corridor. A lot of these plans have been in place for a few years except the pandemic sped things up. Another thing that I was told was that they will be changing and expanding the on demand service. Currently the on demand service has a lot of limitations on where you can go using it. But soon a lot more of the on demand areas will allow for drop offs at GO stations, and major transfer points. Depending where you are in Port Perry or even Uxbridge you can only go to where you can connect to the 905 route but soon you will be able to go on demand to Harmony terminal or UOIT. It is going to be nice to see all the changes over the next year or so. Longer term plans (2023) are to see more routes either reinstated or partially replaced by more local loop type routes that connect more areas such as the loops in Pickering to Ajax and Whitby to Oshawa. There will also be some modified local routes in Oshawa, Courtice and Bowmanville to service the future GO stations. Basically the routes will be modified so that when train service finally runs the bus network will already be in place. Also for 2023 there will be a lot of changes to the local services from Pickering all the way to Oshawa. The idea will be to eliminate some of the straight North/South routes and merge portions of routes together to cover more area. Also there will be more routes that cover multiple GO stations. Pickering to Whitby will be covered by a new route that will service parts of Rossland so that when the 916 becomes a PULSE there can be less stops on the PULSE route. I saw someone else posting about certain routes and the timeline for turning into a PULSE service, but that timeline is off slightly. By the end of 2023 all the 9xx routes will be PULSE as well as several more. There are plans for around 10-12 PULSE routes in the region including 2 or 3 heading into York Region to connect to VIVA buses.
  5. Talking to a driver that I know, what apparently they are planning to do, is not actually retire any buses yet until some other buses get a midlife refurbishment. The other plan is to potentially keep buses for a possible expansion. There are plans to add more service sooner rather then later. So retiring buses now is not in the best interest. They will be doing that next year according to the driver I know, as more buses come in.
  6. All of them. I enquired years ago when they split a certain route into 2 because I would then need to transfer, and the 2 routes ran at different frequencies so you never made a connection and generally waited for 25-35 minutes. The reply was York was so big and it costs so much to run service throughout the region, that over the next several years routes will get replaced and service will be cut/split on many routes. The idea was to slow down the number of buses from running one part of the region to the other as the trips were to long and ridership is only high in small sections. So those parts where ridership is high could be 12-15 minute frequency and the areas where it’s lower would be 30-45 minutes. But the problem ends up being people that need to go further that then requires a transfer, meaning it could take longer. So of course ridership drops on those routes. What’s happened in York region especially is ridership has dropped over time on certain routes so the region has decided to cut service and raise fares to make up for lost revenue. Then more riders leave and then routes get cuts again. I have wanted them to add service on routes and bring in more viva and more express service across the region. I feel that would increase ridership. But also they need to cut the fares down. Even with presto it’s one of the highest in the gta
  7. I think this will be announced soon so customers can get ready for the launch. I heard it’s 2 trips per day in each direction. Plus an extended route 30 bus. The 29 and 25 buses are supposed to go to Kipling at the same time. There is also apparently going to be a bus from Guelph to Kitchener and London. Possibly stopping in Woodstock. Another change that’s coming will be more service to Guelph from Hamilton and Aldershot.
  8. I have heard that the resumption of the suspended service will happen by January. Basically seeing what demand looks like. There was talk pre-Covid that the pink was going to run all day and the purple was only going to go along highway 7 to Cornell terminal (when it opens). The green was also going to be changed and the pink was going to operate to McCowan. I think the green was going to be modified to operate to Richmond hill instead and change routing from don mills station by going Leslie to something and over to Richmond hill centre or maybe Bernard. It was a service plan that was going to be implemented a while back but never happened for whatever reason.
  9. I am surprised there are still reductions coming as things are opening up more. Restrictions have eased and there will be more students in universities and colleges as well as more people going back to work. Word is that the 11-7 mall restrictions are going to loosen up too so that means most malls will be open longer hours. I can see reductions coming and more overcrowding. As it is I have seen buses with lots of people on them. Especially the 23. Everytime I get on it the bus is fairly full even with people standing.
  10. I have said before that there need to be more service on the 701 to Mission, in fact I actually suggested on Facebook that there should be a 702 or whatever that is even more of an express service. It leaves Coquitlam Station and has 2 stops only. Haney Place and Mission City station. As for the 21 I have emailed BC Transit and the City of Abbotsford and suggested that it operates from 6am until 9pm or later Monday to Friday and on the weekends it operates from 7 or 8am until 9 or later. Along with that I have suggested that it runs hourly during middays, evenings and weekends and then during peak periods it runs every 20-30 minutes. The 66 is supposed to get extended to Lougheed Station which will be a bigger benefit but it will only work if the frequency is increased. The schedule right now is not enough to get people from Chiliwack or Abbotsford out of their vehicles. Another thing I would love to see is an amalgamation of transit services in the lower mainland/Fraser Valley. I would personally like to see Translink and Coast Mountain operating all service between Hope to Lions Bay and maybe even to Squamish and Whistler but that is a whole different discussion. If Translink took over service in Mission and Abbotsford all the way to Hope there could be all sorts of new transit services and even more express services. Going back to the topics I was replying to I think translink should definitely look into a hybrid of the 2050 plan with some skytrain, some LRT and more Rapidbus lines. The Rapidbus lines can easily be implemented and done sooner rather then later, and as the routes get busier then the decisions can be made about LRT. The Skytrain expansions could be built in areas we know will be necessary such as the North shore as well as into Port Coquitlam and possibly Maple Ridge.
  11. I saw the 2050 proposal and I honestly thought Translink was all in on one type, instead of a hybrid approach to it. There could be new skytrains built but also rapid bus networks and maybe even LRT in some areas that won't see ridership high enough to warrant a skytrain. I also think the idea of running bus service along the SFPR is a good idea to an extent. Over the next few years there are lots of construction delays coming to Fraser Highway, so it is going to make the trips to the skytrain longer. So having buses detour to Scott Road via the SFPR and avoiding Fraser Highway and the construction delays is a good plan, but once the skytrain opens up the SFPR routes do not need to operate. I would take one suggestion and that would be to run a bus from Aldergrove, run it express to Langley Centre, then over to Carvolth, then to Scott Road Station via the SFPR. This way anyone coming from Abbotsford on the local bus to Aldergrove has an express bus also. I know there is the 66 but that is a little more expensive then the local bus from Abbotsford. Also it allows residents of Aldergrove to have a faster bus service to the skytrain as well.
  12. This is good to see. Hopefully it means a little bit of the expansion plans from last September that were put on hold get implemented soon. The West Harbour extension is a good thing, although I have seen people on Facebook angry that it is West Harbour and not Hamilton Go Centre but the reason it is West Harbour is because it is on the way towards Niagara and there is plans to extend service to all day 7 days a week going to Niagara within a couple years. So this is just the first logical step. Hopefully in the next few months we see some later service on the Barrie Line 7 days a week and more frequent service on the Kitchener line going later in the day and on weekends
  13. I feel bad that another driver has passed away. I think that amazon needed to be shut down when the big outbreaks were happening so people could get better and not spread it around. I am not sure if he was a driver on a route servicing amazon or even carrying passengers to buses going there but I found it ridiculous how many people would be lined up at bus stops coming from amazon or how full buses were dropping people off at amazon. it was pretty bad. Lets hope with the vaccine rollout now that there is no more major issues anymore, but I agree with the sentiment, please pray for his family and friends
  14. I wonder if they are looking to contract out bus routes that they know would have low ridership that could be serviced by a smaller bus? Like for example a Peterborough to Lindsay route? Or Orangeville to Newmarket? something along those lines
  15. I do not necessarily agree with the changes on Jane. I would rather the express stay on Jane, the local routes are fine the way they have them planned. But I am sure people will be ok getting off an express and transferring to the local bus. I do not like the fact that the Eglinton line was cut to pieces by a ford brother but the comparison between the Ford family and Kim or Castro family is a big stretch. The Fords are bad but not that bad. At least there is transit being built and hopefully more transit will get built over the years. I am also positive more transit will be built when we can vote out the ridiculous Ford administration. The big problem was 30-50 years ago more transit should have been built but politicians didn't want to spend the money and now the costs are much higher and there are more people that travel on certain corridors. Hence why stuff gets built underground and the tunnels cost a lot and takes lots of time to build. If things were built many years ago when population was lower, it would have been cheaper and easier. Now we are playing catch up and its going to take time to get to where we need to be. Just remember next year when the election happens go out and vote and hopefully Ford is gone, then we do not need to worry about a politician that is apparently as bad as some of the worst leaders in the world.
  16. Excellent, thank you for that. I could see this as a 7 day a week service. But my only thought would be that it runs Marine Drive Station to River District and up to Metrotown. I believe there is currently a bus that operates from Metrotown down to River District (I could be wrong) but if there is I think it would be better to merge both routes together. This way for some people on Marine there is a second choice to get to the expo line instead of just 22nd St station. I also know there is the shuttle routes that operate between Edmonds, Royal Oak and Metrotown. I was looking at a map of the routes and I believe at least one of the routes travels along Marine way I believe and those routes could probably be extended into the River District as well. To me making those changes would go a long way to reducing congestion on the 100 and would work well to service a big growth area and give people lots more options.
  17. Is there an update to the service expansion that is or was planned for September last year? I know it was postponed due to the pandemic. Is that going to happen this year?
  18. sorry if the answer is already there, but I am not sure what the route 80 is that we are talking about? Is that a different variation of the 100? Also I know they are planning reductions of service but I am hoping that they will have Run as Directed buses that could operate, to help with overflow on routes. then Translink can see the demand and schedule accordingly. In Toronto they have a bunch of the RAD buses, something like 600 and they are assigned to different routes where demand is the strongest, also some are assigned to subway shuttles. So maybe that is what will happen out there, routes will have extra buses added and they can plan based on demand.
  19. I know a lot of people have concerns regarding the LRT but as someone that lived in Hamilton for several years, before the pandemic, I saw many buses on the route 1 or 10 that would be overcrowded. Especially on a Sunday. It would always be a struggle seeing all the strollers get on as well as the walkers and even wheelchairs. Also during the week there were times I would stand at my stop (Sherman) and be waiting for a bus into downtown and 3 or 4 buses would all pull in at basically the same time, but my problem would be that the route 1 would pull up sometimes 2 of them and the 10 would just drive by, not realizing that people wanted that bus. Having the LRT will go a long way to improving transit off the mountain. I would actually hope that when the LRT is built that some of the buses on the mountain can be rerouted away from downtown and run to one of the stations closer to Eastgate. Also the good thing with building the LRT is that there is potential for a lot of redevelopment in the city. Especially around the Queenston traffic circle and Eastgate area. I have heard that there are plans to redevelop the Eastgate property, as well as at Nash where the Canadian tire property sits. There is a lot of land available around the traffic circle also. Would be perfect for redeveloping those areas as it would be at transit stations so people can take the trains. Also modifying bus service all around those areas would be a huge benefit. They could eliminate the route 10. Run the route 1 less often (say every 10 minutes) from Eastgate to McMaster. On the McMaster side all the 5C buses and the 52 buses could start at McMaster station and eliminate the routing into downtown. The 51 would not need to run either. The 5 routes that operate into Stoney Creek and to Rosedale could be modified and merged with the route 58. The 55 could also be modified through Stoney Creek, to serve more areas. I would also think that the route 2 would operate to Eastgate instead of Bell Manor loop. Service to Bell Manor loop could be part of the modified routes in Stoney Creek. One route could operate from Eastgate, along Centennial to Barton then along Barton to fifty road where the Costco is. Then the route that operates along Queenston and HWY 8 could also loop over to fifty road and then they could interline. I think the LRT has its pros over its cons and building this and improving service to areas that would service the LRT would allow the trains to run closer to capacity so that some of the operating costs are covered in the fares that are collected by the newer riders on the service. Although one thing I would do if I were the city, is I would implement fare gates at the stations and using only the Presto card to allow riders on the trains. It can be similar to what is done by translink in Vancouver with the skytrain. You can pay cash on a bus but you only get a paper transfer that does not allow you on the skytrain. But at the stations you can buy a compass ticket that allows you on and off the skytrain or seabus, or the buses. Or you can use your normal compass card on the trains and buses and seabus. I think that would make it easier for getting on the trains but I am not sure how that can be built into the stations as someone could just walk along the road to get onto the platform unless there is something on the platform to stop people from doing that.
  20. I had heard a while back (just after the council rejected the Greater Edmonton transit system) that there were going to be major changes planned to the service. I had heard that they were going to modify the local service and split a lot of routes up so that more routes are divided between the terminals. One driver had actually told me the plan was to operate about half the buses out of one terminal and the other half from the other terminal with only one or two routes connecting the two terminals locally. This way they could shorten up the length of some of the routes and increase a lot of frequencies in high traffic areas. They also had a big plan for improving service into Edmonton and they were also taking about a route that would operate to Fort Saskatchewan. Some of those plans sounded more like if they were to join the greater Edmonton Transit system but some of it could still be doable within the existing system. I personally just want to see improved evening and weekend service. Mostly because having limited runs that are combinations of multiple routes makes the system almost unusable, I have also seen on a weekend when a local bus was late and we missed a connection to the bus into Edmonton, and we had to wait 50 or so minutes. Maybe some more improvements will happen when ridership comes back more, possibly in the fall or maybe in the spring
  21. The only thing I remember from the smart card and why it didn't work was the backend software was really glitchy and the company that was responsible got sued by other transit agencies due to issues that caused major financial losses. I believe that is why it was cancelled back then. But I could be wrong, It was has been over 10 years and a lot has happened in that time, so if I am wrong I am sure I will be corrected but do it nicely please. Lol
  22. I have a question here. Is there still plans to operate a bus to the Silverdale area? I remember plans at one point to run a bus from downtown and it would go along the Lougheed and make its way towards Silverdale and then come back running through local roads. The idea was to connect to where there was new development. I think the idea was it would run every couple of hours to start and eventually run more often depending on ridership. I personally have advocated for better transit in both Mission and east Maple Ridge. Currently the 701 operates some trips to Mission but they leave Haney Place and are express. I have often thought that the two routes that service Ruskin and Whonnock areas could merge and operate to Mission via Silverdale and then it is serving more areas. If those routes merged and extended they could possibly run hourly and would really change the frequency of service in those areas. I also would like to have a bus going from Mission to Agassiz, as there would be connections to the bus to Harrison and Chilliwack as well as the bus that goes to Hope. Then with the 66 that connects Langley to Chilliwack you would have good connections for people on both sides of the Fraser River. It would also do well to boost ridership on the WCE and maybe help relieve some of the congestion on HWY 1 heading into Langley.
  23. The plans were supposed to come into effect Sept 2020, then there were also plans that over the next 5 years there would be more expansions, regarding train service and frequencies. The train frequencies were supposed to be upped to 15 minutes on 5 lines by 2025 but for the most part the lines were going to go 30-60 as of Sept 2020. It was going to be the largest expansion in GO history. They even had started to do more hiring and training. In the first 3 months of 2020 there were 50 people training to be CSA's and then a bunch of CSA's were moving up to Conductor, and Conductors were going to move to Engineer. The plan was by September there were going to be about 60 new Conductors and Engineers and about 60 to 70 CSA's. This was meant to be Doug Fords way of saying he is great, he is good, and we need more years of Doug because he is delivering more transit and he is speeding up the timelines that the previous government had promised. One of the plans for future expansion was to look into new train lines that could run through the GTA with the possibility of some trains not running through Union but still operating through Toronto or just across Peel, York and Durham regions. The goal of GO over the next 5 years was to look at ways to move people through the region but with trains not connecting everyone to Union, as it is evident that people travel east-west and do not go downtown.
  24. This was probably 18 or so months ago when I heard it. But thank you for your response
  25. I am not sure what is happening but Rider Express is applying for routes into Ontario and Quebec, possibly to replace the greyhound runs that were cancelled
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