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  1. Much to my dismay, I never heard from them. Being that it's now January, I'm guessing I won't be hearing from them if I haven't by now. Anyone on here apply?
  2. Good luck to you! When did you apply? Maybe we'll meet on the job!
  3. Traffic is traffic. If it's the 401, DVP or Hwy 10. You get a little bit more respect as a bus driver, you HAVE to be in it, just like all the other drivers. It's nothing to stress about! Drive as traffic allows and do your best to get there on time! As I said, I'd rather be stuck in Mississauga traffic than Toronto traffic! LOL
  4. Stress? No problem! Traffic? No problem! Jerk customers? NO PROBLEM! LOL I try to not let b/s bother me. Traffic in Mississauga is not as bad as traffic in downtown Toronto driving the Bay bus. LOL My brother in law does that job! He can keep it! I'm in a customer service job now, and have been for the last 10 years. Customers don't stress me out. I'll train for close combat self-defense in case I ever need it (you never know these days, and that's not job specific).
  5. I went to the MT website today only to find that they started the process on Tuesday! I applied, but was a little upset that I didn't check it yesterday. LOL I was told by an operator that they'd be hiring early Sept. So I've been checking nearly every day to see if it's up, then yesterday they put it online. I can't wait for Nov. 7th for my call/letter! I'm really excited, and bummed that it's such a long process! Well, I'm off to find a school to start getting my BZ now!
  6. haha some people just don't understand at all... Monday on the way to work a (big) lady was standing on the steps waiting for the bus to stop, probably leaning hard on the bar. The door wouldn't open, so she's yelling from the back of the bus "BACK DOOR, DRIVER! BACK DOOOORRRR!!!!" The driver tells her that it's open, use the other door. so she does. About 5 seconds after, sure enough, the door shutters and I hear the air release and next stop it's working fine! LOL Oh boy!
  7. That was the bus I was on this morning. Some people got it, some not so much. So those are D60LFR?
  8. Is there somewhere that I can find a roster of what busses MT is currently using? Also, I'm curious to know which bus it is that you only need to touch the rear door bar and not physcally push it?
  9. Isn't any growth in any area good for transit/business in general though?
  10. you forgot: Bus, not because I can't afford to drive, but am unwilling to fuel skyrocketing gas prices. BTW I have a 94 Honda Civic Hatchback that gets 550km/tank.
  11. Awesome! I got on the 53 on Friday after work and the driver commented on my t-shirt (Toronto Arognauts), so we chatted about football the whole drive to Square One. Awesome guy! Really nice. And sadly, Friday was his last day on the 53! They take all the good drivers! LOL He gave me some tips about getting hired as well. He said he took the initiative and got his BZ license as well, before he was hired on. So it looks like in the next few weeks I'll be taking my classes! I'm excited!
  12. So I spoke to my favourite 110 driver this morning, who sadly told me he's going to a different route starting Monday, which sucks. He's a great guy, and a great driver. I asked him for a couple tips, and he advised me that MT should be starting a campaign soon enough. I'm going to set the MT website as my homepage and check it several times/day. (I think I'm OCD) He was explaining "Smooth is Safe", and his opinions on splits and straight shifts. We were talking about the benefits and what-not. I'm glad we talked, and it's too bad he's changing to the 1 Dundas. You'll be missed Mr. Drive
  13. Fantastic! I'll print and take a closer look. Thanks!
  14. Oh I see. So if someone is looking for 6202 Derry I'll have a better idea of where they need to get to? Thanks for clarifying that! I've driven cube vans/UPS trucks before, and pretty well I might add. LOL... I just wonder if I have the license, not necessarily the experience of driving, then it won't seem like I'm using them to get the BZ and then jump ship to TTC or YRT or something. You know what I mean? If I have the license then I could, in theory, apply to my "dream job", which in this case happens to be Mississauga. I've been in customer service for the last 12 years of my life or s
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