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  1. Both PCCs have been out of service for the last couple of weeks. There's a push to get at least one of them ready for Canada Day. Dan
  2. Ideally, sure. But restoring the New Looks won't get more buses on the street, and that's their priority. If they are getting in the way of the work that needs to be done, then they need to be put somewhere else. Dan
  3. 1. You are correct. No MP54AC has been delivered to any customer. So? The form of traction used doesn't make much of a difference in the matter in this case - they've built at least 69 locos to date with AC traction. In the grand scheme of things, the traction system isn't the complex part of the MP54AC - it's co-ordinating the dual motors. That's what the point of 647 is at this point. 2. It has run in service on its own many times. It was running in service on its own for about 2 or 3 weeks prior to suffering a major component failure in February. As it's now been in service again for almost a month, I suspect that they will be letting it go on its own again soon. If you're going to lob up softballs.... Dan
  4. Considering the circumstances - an unfinished vehicle with completed body and paint work but no windows - no, a tarp is not a bad idea. Would you rather leave it outside, exposed? Because that's kind of what it sounds like you guys are wanting to see happen. Dan
  5. ATC/ATO goes live from Dupont to Yorkdale this fall, tentatively in October. When the extension to VMC opens in December, it too will run only with ATC/ATO. The switchover will take literally a couple of seconds - you likely won't notice it considering all of the other things that happen at a stop. Dan
  6. You're kidding, right? That's inane. And completely a non-point. The bigger concern in any of that will be the condition of the structure and interior. A paint scratch can easily be buffed out or touched up. Dan
  7. No one makes locomotives that are "upgradeable" in the manner that you suggest. It would be a pretty silly thing to do so, as the requirements for each are quite different. Even for self-propelled units, doing so can be fraught with trouble. Because of its complexity the IEP project is well behind schedule, and although it looks like the units are testing well, they haven't even entered revenue service yet. There were concerns that the Class 802 units - which are supposedly the same as 800s, but with larger fuel tanks and more-powerful engines - were going to be overweight for some of the services that they were intended to run, but it looks like Hitachi was able to sort that out. Of course, the biggest issue with a dual-mode unit is that you're always dragging around half of the material with no benefit. Diesels aren't being used under wire, so they're just taking up weight and space and are along for the ride. The converse goes for all of the electrical equipment necessary to convert the 25kV overhead power (or lower voltages, when talking about some of the dual-modes on the mainland) to your various onboard voltages when running on the diesels. And you're basing this on your vast knowledge of locomotive engineering, Mark? Dan
  8. You realize that your talking about vehicles that will be stored outside, not a showroom or museum piece, right? A tarp will not cause enough damage to the paint - especially the types of paint that the TTC uses - to prevent its use. Dan
  9. The first couple of premium express routes were introduced as standard fare routes in the late 1980s. They only upped the fare on them once they realized how much more expensive they were to run, both in the sense of direct costs and the ridership. In fact, ridership on them barely dropped when they instituted the increased fare. While ridership may be higher now than it was then, the economics haven't changed. Dan
  10. It looks like they were added starting around 1979. And as indicated on 3109, they were frequently installed without the removal of the smaller numbers on the body below the window. Dan
  11. That doesn't mean anything. I've caught 14 car long corridor sets where not one piece of equipment was deadheading. There have been plenty of instances with cars that are normally used on the Canadian - diners, skylines, Park cars - where they have been in service rather than deadheading. The length of the train has very little bearing on how much of it is in service. Not a baggage or transition, but just a baggage car. The transition car is configured differently, and can't be used in quite the same way. But yes, to make an operable trainset, they need at the very least a baggage car and a service car. Because this equipment was just to be used for training and not revenue service there was no requirement to include the service car. There is a 10 or 15mph restriction on using the emergency adaptor coupler. For obvious reasons, they can't use it on a revenue trainset. And for the record, it's not that VIA Rail has "....doubts over the crash worthiness..." - they don't. They feel that the cars are more than safe enough as it is. It is Transport Canada who has concerns, although they've also had most of those concerns allayed by VIA. Dan
  12. What does the train length have to do with anything? For the record, no, they weren't in service. Dan
  13. The first MP54 should be completed soon, but will be heading to the TTCI in Pueblo for a couple of months first. It is expected on the property around October or November, with additional units to follow on shortly thereafter. It was expected that the last 8 F59s were to be retired when enough MP54s were on the property, but there are rumours floating about that they may hang onto them until the next round of motive power purchases. Dan
  14. There is something very, very seriously wrong with that schedule. It is missing a number of trains - 861, 867 and 871, which are those three southbound departures that you noted. I suspect that they will have the correct version uploaded and online in time for the announcement next week. Also to note, they will be storing 9 trains in Lincolnville, and 4 of them will be L6s. Dan
  15. Actually, that's quite true. I totally forgot about them. But as far as I can discern, other than a couple of orders of the Orion VI, there has never been a low-floor bus built with treadles. None of the current buses in Ottawa have them, in any case. Dan