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  1. It's a common problem insofar as it happens just as often with the old cars as it does with the new ones. Dan
  2. Except that it's not. If you go back to the fiscal year of 2014-15, the budget put aside $183mil for VIA. In years prior to that, they got similar amounts to that. And yet VIA didn't implode. What happened? The budget is only the first step of funding. There are also supplementary estimates throughout the rest of the year. In that particular fiscal year, VIA ended up getting $433mil in total - the rest coming from the supplementary estimates. So while yes, this years (and the next two years) appropriation is less than the past two years to start with, it's by no means the end of the road for VIA either. I suspect that they will get topped up as they need in the supplementary estimates later in the year. By the by, if you want to read up more on this, I'd recommend signing up for the CanPassRail Yahoo!group and looking back in the archives. Tom Box and others have done a very good job of summarizing of the last couple of years of budgeting. It's good to see how everything fits in the bigger picture. Dan
  3. And that facility in Ottawa can only be used once - for this very occasion. Once it is opened, it can't be used to assemble cars again, as it will be busy maintaining their fleet. Any add-on orders of cars from Alstom will have to be built elsewhere. Also, I think if you dig a bit deeper, you'll see that Alstom isn't hiring anyone specifically for assembly. They're part of the consortium constructing - and eventually - maintaining the project. That means that those same employees have full-time jobs for well after the assembly of the cars is completed, as they will also be the ones keeping the cars on the road. Dan
  4. You have made claims a number of times to various things, and when requested to provide proof, you provide none. What you claim does not back up the experience of many others in the construction industry. You have alluded to reports that back-up your claims - all I am asking is to see copies of those reports. Until then, we have little reason to take what you write at face value. Dan
  5. Evening service to Brampton was tentatively scheduled to start at the end of April, but I don't know if plans have changed. Some off-peak service will be coming to the Stouffville and Barrie lines before the end of the year, but it will be limited. Dan
  6. That is the one. Thanks Ed. Dan
  7. Then please, share some of these documents, especially in how they pertain to North American regulations and operating scenarios. Dan
  8. In a facility that could never again be used for that purpose. You seem to keep forgetting about that minor detail, Mark. Dan
  9. I can't think of any online sources, but there is definitely some information like that in one of the books published on the history of the TTC. And unfortunately, the title of the book escapes me right now.... Dan
  10. Uhhh.....what? I don't think that you understand how the construction industry works. Lots of companies are making more money that ever before, and seldom with any management fees. Dan
  11. It may be that they are also biding their time to see if there will be another federal rebate program on hybrid vehicles. The last one expired at the end of 2016, IIRC. Dan
  12. Due to the old, inherited running arrangements, CN serviced all of the industries on the north side of the North Toronto Sub until the late 1990s or early 2000s. Those rights existed the full length of the Sub. Dan
  13. So you're suggesting that instead of paying $2.2bil for the line, that they should have paid - just to throw out a random number as you are - $5bil for the same work to get it done quicker? Dan
  14. Bombardier is served by both CN and CP. Dan
  15. How is it Bombardier's fault if CP can't get it's shit together? I'm not against LRTs in more places if there's a need for them, but we also need to be careful about what exactly we're talking about here. The legacy fleet will always remain the legacy fleet, warts and all. The "Transit City" fleet sounds more like what your looking for, with its own set of requirements that require a separate set of requirements. Remember all of that formerly industrial land along The Queensway? Between The Kingsway and Ellis? That's the land that I'm referring to, or maybe even further west on a portion of the Ontario Food Terminal lands. But again, all of that land has been cleaned and reused, and thus is no longer available for this kind of purpose. The land around the Junction isn't likely to get that much cheaper anytime soon, even when the bubble bursts. There is some industrial/commercial land off of St. Clair between the tracks and Caledonia. That might be as good as it gets. Dan