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  1. Nevermind the fact that you're trying to do this with equipment that is 70 years old, and despite best efforts may not be in the greatest of shape.... Dan
  2. I hope that you're specifically referring to the Canadian's route, as Aldershot, Guildwood, Oakville, and Oshawa all act as satellite stations for Toronto Union Station. If you are in fact referring to the Canadian, a satellite station located to the north of Toronto would likely be used by just 16 people a year - my boss and his 3 children, 4 times a year. Is that enough to justify a stop? Dan
  3. A car drove off of the Lakeridge Road bridge and manged to take out one of the signals and a signal cabinet. The damage was enough that they've had to completely rewire that set of signals. At least through my GO channels, there was no word about how exactly that managed to transpire or the condition of anyone involved. Dan
  4. Still in the plans, as far as anyone could tell. It sounds like they were were waiting on the accessibility work to wrap up before working on the roof - that is supposed to start next year. Dan
  5. I can't share what I don't have. Thus the problem with your original statement and your assumptions. If you want more info, than I'd suggest doing some research. There have been a lot of discussions already on the CanPassRail email group. Dan
  6. I don't have an issue with having a conversation. But if you want a proper discussion, you better be informed - otherwise, it's not worth it to me. It will just be me explaining everything. And what you've shown about your level of knowledge on the topic is that you're relying solely on one piece of information - seemingly a map that VIA has reproduced and distributed ad nauseum. There is a hell of a lot more that they've released, and yet, there is still so much that simply isn't known about what their proposal. Just because they've drawn straight lines on the map are you going to assume that the lines will be laser-straight? You realize that a 10 point line on a 500px image covers a swath like 15 miles wide, right? Dan
  7. And yet, in public pronouncements they've made mention of stops in such burgeoning metropolis' as Sharbot Lake. So what does that tell you, other than to try and glean everything from a map is foolhardy? As for the comparison with Cornwall - you do realize that ALL services had decreased in numbers, not just the ones stopping in Cornwall, right? Should I be making a stink because there are ONLY 4 trains running between Toronto and Ottawa today (and 3 most of the other days of the week), and not the 10 that were there pre-COVID? You may want to actually look at an Acela Express schedule, rather than make assumptions. I think that you're going to be very surprised when you do. Are you really that much of an idiot? While I wouldn't normally rule anything out, in this case it's so unlikely as to be impossible. Nevermind all of the issues with dealing with CP, what would you do with all of the other VIA services, re-route them to North Toronto as well? Dan
  8. Once again.... The amount of information that has been publicly released on this proposal is so scarce that it is silly to make any assumptions about where they will or won't stop. Dan
  9. If you want to be really technical about it, the only current rail-based routes possible nvolve travelling west of Union first, so I suspect that particular route is out of the question. In terms of the routes that are currently plausible? 2. Dan
  10. Have you asked VIA? Because none of the answers that they have given out publicly indicates exactly where the station would be. Dan
  11. Because they are already converting Wilson Yard to store GO trains and there won't be enough room for 3 more trains. Thus this facility. Yeah, don't hold your breath on that. There isn't room on the north side of the Kingston Sub to store trains until you get out towards Scarborough Station. That's too far for here. By putting the storage facility on the north side, the hope is that the trains won't have to make as many crossing movements on their way in and out of Union, and thus clog up the tracks. There is so little publicly known about the "plan" that to suggest that they've announced a finalized singular route out of the City of Toronto is silly. Dan
  12. 45 mph on tangent, 25mph through diverging movements. Will still be 10mph through the trainshed. In fairness, if Siemens hadn't been so remarkably incompetent with the original USRC resignalling contract it would have been operating for approaching two years now. Nope, you're not wrong. They've raised the speed limits on the section of the track from Cherry to about Jarvis or so - that was done about 7 or 8 years ago now, as I recall. And they'll increase it further once the new signalling system goes live. Dan
  13. All of the switches and crossings in the USRC have been replaced. What they are now waiting on is the implementation of the new signal system - which will then allow the higher speeds that the new switches and crossings are capable of. As far as I know, the cutover starts this fall. It's worse than that. For the last several years, GO has been adding time at various places to the schedule to account for track and station projects. Except that sometimes they "forget" to revert the schedules to where they were before. If you compare today's schedule to one from about 15 years ago, you'll see that they've added 9 minutes of running time westbound (Oshawa to Burlington) and 10 minutes eastbound. And while quite a bit of that can be attributed to the increased ridership and passenger loading, a lot of that is also attributed to a want to "pad the stats" and reduce the late-running of trains. Dan
  14. Sorry, but a lot of us "old timers" still refer to it as such. Much as many of the really old timers still talk about Club 52. Dan
  15. They've been running deadheads in front of and behind service trains to and from Aurora since the mid-day and weekend service started running there. If you go back, you'll see that there are weird 1 hour 10 minute gaps interspersed throughout the normally 1 hour headways - that extra 10 minutes was to slot in a deadhead movement. And no, there isn't enough room to operate them as service trips. They run more-or-less 10 minutes before or after the service trip, in order to have them stage on the appropriate stretch of double-track to allow the opposite-running service train through with no delays. By running them as deadheads, they don't have to worry about (1) having the trains run on schedule at all of the stations and therefore affect the on-time metrics, (2) potentially having a delay at a station, and (3) can run the train to a tighter schedule as it no longer needs to "waste time" at stops. This seems to be the first instance of this same kind of deadhead on the Stouffville Line, and because it is largely 1 track as well it suffers from all of the same scheduling issues as the Barrie Line. Dan
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