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  1. smallspy

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    I'm pretty sure that they stopped storing trains there in the middle of the day in September. It was just while the work was going on in Greenwood Yard. Dan
  2. smallspy


    The baggage cars are ancient ex-SP sleepers that were repurposed into baggage cars 25 years ago, and probably suffer from the same ills as the similarly-vintaged HEP2 fleet. The Horizon cars might be an interesting purchase if VIA operated a similarly configured car - but they don't. Dan
  3. smallspy

    Streetcar News

    They do have to do some surgery to the car, but seeing as how they need to access the structure to reweld everything I don't think that's a particularly onerous process at this point. This is true, but also keep in mind that both of those other cars were having their modifications done in parallel with the production of new cars. They would have had to find time/space/materials with which to do it. 4401 will be done on its own and ahead of the work done to the rest of the cars, and so while it may take longer than the rest, it should still be quicker than the other two - assuming, again, that they are doing everything while it's at La Poc. Agreed. And even then, it won't be until the third or fourth car where we will get a true indication about how long everything will take. Dan
  4. smallspy

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4503 got into an accident while testing/burning in on Sunday night. That's why it spent Monday in the service bay. Dan
  5. smallspy

    Streetcar News

    Fair enough. In that case, I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately. Admittedly, that is a bit of an assumption made on my part, but I think that it's a pretty valid one. I really can't see them shipping 4401 from La Poc anywhere else to finish the upgrading process. They're going to have the car completely apart anyways, so Bombardier might as well ship them the components and tell them "install these while you're at it." Dan
  6. smallspy


    You're assuming that the fire is somehow related to a warrantable item - it may not be. In any case, this was a three-quarters of a million dollar vehicle that has spent far less than a tenth of life cycle in use. It almost certainly will be back. Dan
  7. smallspy

    Streetcar News

    4401 also had other work that needed to be done to it to bring it up to production standard. And to be fair to the guys in La Pocatière, it was the first car that they saw. You can't help but expect the first car in a process to take longer as they develop the techniques needed to do the rest of them. Dan
  8. smallspy

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    With the possible exception of Birchmount, every single division is greatly over its rated capacity. Danforth is not an option, as the facility is being used for other purposes. Dan
  9. smallspy

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Upon further review, you are correct. I was originally going to post that they were Titan models - which they are - but I hadn't realized that they'd simply rolled the Titan into the Horizon product line. Dan
  10. smallspy

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    It's not a Horizon. But it's also not supposed to represent as-built. They will have another one for that. The exterior is not too far off. The interior is pretty period-correct for the late 1940s, however. Dan
  11. smallspy

    Cancelled TTC bus orders

    They would have looked and been spec'd exactly like the Orion Vs that we received. That order was tendered explicitly because of the Orion IIIs frame issues. The problem was so grave that the TTC thought that they may all have to be pulled from service immediately. Nova responded to the tender with the lowest bid and the ability to build the buses as soon as possible. Orion was higher-priced and required a longer lead time. And yes, 90 times 1.5 equals exactly 135. Dan
  12. smallspy

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    The TTC was in the midst of a huge rollback in service, not just because of a stagnant economy but also because of a Provincial government who was also cutting back on funding as a result of a large downturn in the economy and huge deficits. Without the funding for service, service was being cut back and so there wasn't a need for as many vehicles in service. In that time, two of the smaller and older divisions were shut down - first Davenport and later Lansdowne in 1996. Had the history been different and neither been closed down in the 1990s, it is exceedingly likely that they would have both been replaced by now. Both were old and small divisions, and not capable of being expanded. This is why Danforth and Old Eglinton divisions were combined into the new facilty on Comstock, and why Birchmount was expanded to its current size around that same size. Queensway is now the only bus division who's maximum capacity is smaller than 250 buses. It's called a tail track. They are used to temporarily store disabled vehicles without impinging on service. Dan
  13. smallspy


    To the contrary - driving while on a cell phone is not only illegal, but has been proven time and time and time again to have a serious detrimental effect to the attentiveness of the driver. I don't care about the driver's situation, he/she should not be using it whatsoever while driving. Period. It's bad enough when someone in their personal vehicle does it, but as a bus driver you are also risking the safety of your passengers, as well as the other road users. You have a large vehicle that can cause a lot of damage to those around you. If you need to use it, pull the vehicle over, put it in park, and get out of the seat - just as the HTA states. Dan
  14. smallspy

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Clearance was an issue at a number of stations, particularly those with bus terminals built as part of the original B-D line. In some cases, such as at Bathurst (and sort of at Jane when the hybrids became more prevalent), this was mitigated by extending the platform out by a couple of feet to avoid low overhangs. In others, there were permanent restrictions on the use of CNG buses into the terminal, such as at Woodbine. Dan
  15. smallspy

    VIA Rail Canada

    Replacing the kitchen in a diner is a pretty major endeavour, considering that it accounts for half of the volume and 3/4s of the weight of the vehicle. A number of dining cars had already received a refurbishment. It is hoped that this will cover the remaining cars that had not had any major work done to them in about 20 years. It should also be noted that this contract is costing VIA $4+mil per car. I hope that they end up getting good value for money, because that cost is starting to approach that of a brand-new car. Dan