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  1. MiWay

    It will be for routes 40 and 19, with 25 and 29 to follow in April. Dan
  2. GO Transit

    Metrolinx is in the right this time. Maybe you should read the articles and find out what the contract actually entails. Dan
  3. General Subway/RT Discussion

    I suspect that if anyone knew, that they would have answered already. It's not an insignificant number of vehicles, that's for sure. As for cost - I've never seen a line-by-line costing of the whole signalling project, so it would be hard to judge what the cost is of fitting that equipment to just the work cars. Mind you, it may be that just fitting ATC is a very small fraction of the cost of fitting the whole ATC/ATO suite of equipment to each car. I honestly don't know. Dan
  4. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Nitpick: CBTC in and of itself can not operate a train. It isn't even necessary to install ATO - there have been several ATO installations on fixed-block signalling systems. There are also about 10 different "flavours" of SelTrac, many of which are CBTC-based, so saying that they are using SelTrac is like saying that I use a computer at work. There is a very definite lack of detail in the statement which prevents any further detailed discussion. Dan
  5. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Is that really the complaint that you're going to make?!? The incremental cost of additional announcements is quite literally fractions of a penny. There are far, far more important things to complain about that a stupid announcement. Get some perspective. Dan
  6. Canada 150 Train

    It isn't remotely close to faded. It's been wrapped, and is/will be covered in thousands of stickers written by the public as part of the tour and all of the stops. It will be left covered for the Holiday train this fall. There were a number of foamers who caught the meet, yes. Dan
  7. GO Transit

    The remainder of this order - 5 cab cars and another 38 or so coaches - as well as the 125 coach order starting delivery next year. Dan
  8. Canada 150 Train

    The crew was called at 8am, and the train departed at 9. Dan
  9. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Work equipment is getting ATC equipment installed. I don't think that it's getting the full ATO hardware/software suite, but at the very least it's getting ATC. Dan
  10. Streetcar News

    Is it possible that cars were delivered with the wrong wheel or flange profiles? Absolutely. There are an almost infinite number of permutations for the wheels. In fact, it happened (sort of) to Boston's MBTA with the Breda Type 8 cars. Did it actually happen in Toronto? Perhaps with one of the PCC orders, but certainly not with the Flexities. Dan
  11. RDC in Windsor

    I hope that he's not planning on holding onto the cars for too long. Or think that VIA is going to be a sucker and pay what he paid for them or more. Dan
  12. VIA Rail Canada

    Yes and yes. That's why there is a very specific train cycling schedule. Dan
  13. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    As of this second? Nope. Dan
  14. VIA Rail Canada

    They're still used. That's why. LRC (and Ren) equipment is allowed to do a higher speed than HEP or HEP2 equipment in certain locations - some of it is a hold-over from when the tilting system was active. Some probably has some engineering behind it, although I can honestly say that I've never been told why. Dan
  15. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    Something just jumped out at me.... Why did they change the anti-climber design for the Series 9 cars? Were there problems with the traditional one found on all of the previous versions (and indeed, almost every LRV ever built)? Dan