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  1. That wasn't supposed to be the case. The original plan was to roll it out route-by-route, just as they had for the buses. Harbourfront route was listed as being the first route to have VISION-equipped cars used on it. It may well be that plans have changed as the service levels across the City have dropped. Dan
  2. You probably think that Tesla is a "game changer" and that Elon Musk is some super-genious too, don't you? Well, I have some bad news for you.... Dan
  3. What makes you think that we give two shits about your opinion? Dan
  4. I suspect that the problem is more with the elevating devices servicemen, and in particular their lack of numbers at this moment. There simply aren't enough of them working right now to get to all of the equipment that needs to be fixed. While the upsides as you note are pretty substantial, there is also one pretty serious downside to it as well - the diverging route must operate at a substantially lower speed than the main route. On the mainline railways, it's usually 5 or 10mph, on the TTC subway I believe it is 7 to 10km/h. This has the negative effect of causing the train taking the diverging route to spend more time occupying the turnout and the respective blocks of the signal system, and thus causing trains behind it to stack up. There are other methods of attaining a gap-less crossing, but they too have their own serious downsides - and usually, it has to do with ongoing maintenance. Lift/jump frogs are usually pretty maintenance-free, which is a very serious plus on a very intensively used railway such as a subway system. While the Ossington spare track was done fairly early on, wasn't Islington the first one installed? Dan
  5. I know a hell of a lot more about the inner workings at the TTC than you do. This is patently obvious with a every post you make. But even I don't know if 4402 was redone or not. All we know is that it was at Thunder Bay for quite a while to be upgraded to a production status, that 67 of the cars would have to go back for rewelding - that number is obviously smaller now - and that Bombardier knew over a year before they let the information get public. Anything beyond that is speculation or hearsay, or worse - an outright lie. Dan
  6. You don't know if that is the case or not. Stop stating it as fact. Dan
  7. Oh, it most certainly is. The amount of open work every day has more than doubled in the past week. Dan
  8. I can't speak to any other days, but there was a tresspasser that was struck near Marysville that delayed a number of trains yesterday. Dan
  9. Further to this.... VIA is also curtailing a lot of service elsewhere on their system. That same link above now shows a number of corridor trains that have also been canceled or modified. https://media.viarail.ca/en/news/2020/latest-rail-update-response-covid-19 Dan
  10. They are extending the platform into the curve. They've also moved the walkway back west about 20 feet. Dan
  11. I did attend many of those meetings Dave. I even managed to speak with the engineers at the demo of the mockups. Not once did anyone ever say that the new cars would be silent. Not once. It doesn't matter if it was in the contract or not, if those words were attributed to the company by someone who works for them in an official capacity than they could be held responsible for them. Thus it would be extremely irresponsible for someone to actually say that. And again - they never stated that the new cars wouldn't squeal, but rather that it would be reduced because X, Y and Z. Dan
  12. There's been the odd thing here and there - the current one is trying to resolve an issue where the system can't detect a Zero Speed command from the TR's drive and brake system - but by and large the changeover to ATO has gone over smoother than most other brownfield installs. Dan
  13. It is. toilets are on the ground level, at the Trillium Line platform. Dan
  14. Where the hell do you keep making this stuff up from? Bombardier has never claimed that. Hell, doing so would open them up to lawsuits. What they claimed, and what the TTC echoed, was that the cars wouldn't be as loud as the old cars, and gave off a huge list of reasons why that would be the case. Dan
  15. There is a weird quirk with the ATO at that particular migration point where it seems to kind of misjudge the stopping distance coming up to the end of the ATC. Some crews are mitigating this by operating the train in CABS from King to Queen, rather than relying on the ATO. It's hoped that the next software release will resolve it. Dan
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