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  1. ALRV's have been part of the discussion, yes, with the obvious caveat that it is unlikely that they will be in any condition to be able to be used with any sort of regularity. Dan
  2. Reportedly, a lot of different outfits. A bunch of them you should be able to figure out without much effort. One of them, if things hold true, surprised me with their interest. And no, I'm not going to post a list here, at least not yet. It's not fair to those working behind the scenes to have their work jeopardized. Dan
  3. smallspy

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    After I posted, I went looking and could only find photos of 4416 on delivery that clearly showed the front. I was going by memory, and I guess my memory let me down. Thanks for the correction. That said, the point about the spec still stands. The TTC has never told Bombardier to change to white numbers, or at least has never agreed to whatever price - if any - Bombardier demanded for the change. Dan
  4. smallspy

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    The spec for the cars - which has never changed - was for black numbers to be mounted on the front above the destination sign. At the least the first dozen cars from Thunder Bay were delivered with black numbers up there, but to be honest photos of cars on delivery are pretty hard to find nowadays and so I'm not sure if they still are, or if they're not even installing numbers anymore. It was realized long ago that black numbers were not particularly visible when located up there, so the TTC installs white ones shortly after each car's delivery. But the spec was never changed with Bombardier, and so they continue to be delivered with black numbers up there. It may very well be that Bombardier demanded a charge for that particular spec change that the TTC felt was inordinately high, and so has left it at the status quo. Dan
  5. smallspy

    GO Transit

    A look at the multitude of maps that have been created for the Bypass, along with a quick look of the area on an areal viewing application such as Google Maps would give you a far better explanation of where the bypass will go at the Brampton end than any post you'd read on a forum such as this. But to quickly answer before you do that research - the Bypass would pass to the east of Bramalea Station. No, the Bypass would not travel anywhere near Malton Station. CN still services a number of customers all the way down to Highway 401 - that train you saw in the train that services them. The "Missing Link" is one group's name for the Bypass. It is being designed in mind to allow for the trains of both CN and CP to use it, even if it was only being used by CN to start. But moving CP to it and the freight-only CN York and Halton Subs (which comprise the freight-only bypass around the City) would also free up the Galt Sub, and should in theory allow for GO's exclusive use of it. Dan
  6. smallspy

    Nova Bus LFSe

    Air conditioning is all-electric. The diesel-powered element of the heating system is a Wabasto, which is an auxiliary heater. In theory, this should be able to run completely electrically for 95% of the year or more, with the Wabasto only being used on the very coldest of days. So to claim that they are "50% green" is also untrue. Dan
  7. The CLRVs will still be around for a couple of years at the least. According to the latest ridership projections, the Flexities on order aren't even going to get the TTC through the projected ridership growth through the end of 2019. There is a serious need for the 60 additional cars ASAP, and even those will only take them through 2023 or so. The current plan is for the last of the CLRVs to be retired in 2021, but I can't see that happening if they want to avoid continuing to bustitute lines. As for the ALRVs, on the other hand - the CEO's latest report (https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/About_the_TTC/CEO_Report/CEO_Report_November_2018_Update.pdf) budgets for the last 7 to last until 2020. Judging from their reliability, however, I think that frankly we will all be surprised to see that happen. Unfortunately I don't know what the TTC's plans for preservation are (although there are certainly people inside The Commission that are going to do everything in their power to make it happen), but there is currently a lineup of operations across the continent that are waiting to receive CLRVs. And you can count on HCRY to be at the head of that list. To the best of my knowledge Seashore is still quite high up that list as well, regardless of the state of the remaining "Boston" car. Dan
  8. smallspy


    Read the rest of Articulated's post. He explains quite clearly why he's leery of his information. If he's got a photo of the VIN, great. Show it. The proof is in the pudding. Otherwise, everything else is speculation. Dan
  9. smallspy

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    About a month or so ago there was a Flexity which shortly entering service had a pan drop, which then triggered other pans to drop on the line, and thus an hour-plus outage of service. The car was towed out of service, and the fact that it triggered other pan failures suggests to me that it caused damage to the overhead. I wonder if this was the car in question. Dan
  10. smallspy

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    It's not quite 1/3rd - but also remember that more than half of the fleet is in service for more than 12 hours each weekday. That's still a lot of mileage that they rack up. Nitpick: you mean 4 more. The first 2 have already been outshopped. Operator's foot vent. Operators will frequently put duct tape around the outside in the winter months. This also used to be common with the older buses as well, especially as the vehicles aged and the seals wore and dried out. Dan
  11. smallspy

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Not that old?!? About half of the fleet is 20 years old now! As for what the future holds with regards to subway fleet assignments - well, I don't think that the TTC even knows what its plans are yet. They seem to keep floating around ideas internally without settling on any single thing. Dan
  12. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    There's no court in the land that will find his actions illegal. Cities are wards of the provinces and as such don't really have any standing in the Constitution. The province can do with it what it likes. Thus, the amalgamations we had in the late 1990s. Dan
  13. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    I don't think that he is, because I don't think that he realizes what the Supreme Court is for. And to be fair, neither do most Canadians. Dan
  14. smallspy

    CP Power

    I don't know the situation in Canada as well, but in the US this is not true. As a very basic starting point, the locomotive must meet the emissions standard of the date it was originally built. Beyond that (and admittedly, I don't know exactly what this threshold is), a locomotive receiving a substantial rebuild must meet the next most recent emissions standard than the one it was built with - frequently Tier 0+, although I have seen some rebuilds that claim to meet Tier 1 or Tier 2+. Dan
  15. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    And under what pretense, exactly, would the Supreme Court of Canada be willing to hear any such case? Considering, of course, that the Canadian Constitution allows exactly what he's planning on doing.... Dan