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  1. smallspy

    Today's Special Sightings

    Riiiiiiiight. You do realize that there are many ways for you to prove that you "own" the bus without giving away it's location, right? Like taking a photo of the builders plate with today's newspaper. Dan
  2. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    The physical configuration of the switch itself has absolutely no bearing on its safety. The switches in Leslie are all double-point switches, and crews are supposed to stop before them as well. What is needed, however, is a modernization or replacement of the NA system. That's been budgeted to happen for many years, but it keeps getting put back off. Dan
  3. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    As it turns out, the transponder on the buses is based on the system used on the streetcars. The system used is one-half of the NA system used to activate the switches on the streetcar network. Dan
  4. smallspy

    TTC Electric Buses

    It does. Dan
  5. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    Going to far-side stops speeds things up, not slows them down. With signal priority, the streetcar can approach a stale green and hold it until it clears the intersection. Before, the hold command would frequently time out before the streetcar had completed its stop, resulting in the car missing the green. Dan
  6. smallspy

    VIA Rail Canada

    If you live in Toronto, then I'd recommend flying to Vancouver and taking the train back. That will greatly minimize the chance of missing a connection. While the delays were horrific this past winter - a friend of mine was a on a train that arrived 38 hours late - they have been very minimal for the past couple of weeks. And they may stay that way for the summer. The problem is that no one can guess how things will pan out by October, so it's frankly just safer to not risk it and train the train eastward. As for what to bring - that is up to you. If you wish to enjoy the trip, a camera and a scanner may be all you need. Dan
  7. smallspy

    TTC in the news

    We can't be sure of any of that just yet. The announcement was so vague as to be nearly useless. There was absolutely zero indication that the Province was going to continue forward on the existing plans, or that any of those existing plans are frankly relevant anymore. Despite the Premier's promise that no money will be wasted, that is a fairly hollow promise if the entirety of the DRL is to be completely redesigned with an entirely new type of vehicle - which will almost certainly have different performance characteristics, and possibly different size, station, storage and maintenance requirements as well. So yeah, to assume that anything has changed or everything is still the same is still premature until more info becomes available. Dan
  8. smallspy

    Streetcar News

    Don't post if you don't actually know what the problem is. Dan
  9. smallspy

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    They didn't cancel it per se. But there was a set target that they had to place the order by (60th car delivered, I believe?), and the TTC decided to let the option lapse. Dan
  10. smallspy

    Grande West Vicinity

    Because the 20 minutes that you are on the bus is a significant indicator of how busy a route or run is? Dan
  11. smallspy

    Streetcar News

    The TTC's calculated spare ratio is 16% And the cars off for warranty work aren't counted towards this, there is a separate count for cars out for "warranty work and capital upgrades", which accounts for 4% of the fleet for the first 3 or so years of their lifespan. After 2023 however, that 4% are free to be used for service. Dan
  12. In limited quantities, sure. But speculation can also lead to rash decisions and frequent putting of feet-in-mouths and gnashing of teeth - and all too often for nothing at all once all of the details have been released. Dan
  13. It is from an internal TTC document. It is also, however, preliminary, and thus subject to change. Dan
  14. smallspy

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4574 was spotted on a flatcar east of Toronto yesterday. Dan
  15. 4207 and 4230 were spotted yesterday inside the bays at Russell. The hope is that these two will be the first two back into service. Dan