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  1. And considering that they don't have enough crews to run the service right now, how would they staff these imaginary trains? Not to mention that the line is CN's mainline, and so they are the ones who get to say how much service is run. Did you ever consider that there might be a reason for that? Dan
  2. Streetcars are not assigned as one division. Routes can be split between two barns, but there are pretty specific route allocations for each barn. GO routes are assigned trip-by-trip, rather than a whole route. And each block of work assigned to a driver can include trips on multiple routes. Dan
  3. Reece reports a lot of things. I would be leery of paying him too much mind, though. Dan
  4. In normal situations, at the end of service most of the trains run northbound to Finch and then deadhead back south to Wilson Yard. There's something like 40 minutes of trains deadheading back south after the last southbound service train at 1.35. What they seem to be doing is cutting off the last hour of service northbound. Those trains leading up to the last service train southbound will have already made it past Bloor before the cutoff, so they're going to operate southbound as they normally would in service. Dan
  5. It has nothing to do with the fact the vehicles are or are not the same, or what they look like. It has everything to do with the TTC's systems, be it inventory and rolling stock management, or whatever they use to dispatch the equipment and regulate the maintenance intervals. If the PCCs are logged in those various systems the same way as the rest of the cars, then those numbers can't be reused (although they could be changed). But if they're not, then the numbers of the new fleet can be continuous with those from the old fleet. Dan
  6. All of the facing switches that have been installed in the past 5 or 6 years - or maybe even longer - have been installed with the enclosure and conduits also installed to allow for motorization should the need arise in the future. Despite the signage not being installed, the real tell will be whether the control box and signal wire from the overhead has been installed. If not, then no, they're not going to be motorized. Dan
  7. Construction above the ground level has been happening for many months at Yonge. The main entrance steelwork has been done for a couple of weeks, and they've even started framing the new YMCA building. However, the station is still a long way aways from being ready. They've only started backfilling the excavation, and I can't see them allowing that kind of construction to be done with the line in service below. Dan
  8. What makes you think that it was the TTC's say? Dan
  9. They have, and did some time ago. And as Dave said, the TTC is getting another 60 cars, but they won't start to arrive until late next year. What is going on with these cars re-entering service is that they have been sent off-site - at Bombardier's expense - for their frames to be rewelded in order to ensure that they meet their contracted 30 year lifespan. The cars have to be completely stripped in order to access the frames, and then reassembled. Because of that, they need to undergo a shakedown once back in Toronto. Dan
  10. Amusing? Or embarrassing? I'd be leaning towards the latter. Dan
  11. It is 4465, a friend managed to get a photo of it with a long lens. Dan
  12. They don't have enough train crews to run the service they have now. How do you propose they run more trains then? Dan
  13. This has nothing to do with the delays to the release of the schedule. It sucks, and it's a bit of a regular occurrence, but that's about the limit of it. Dan
  14. Training new crews. They will sometimes go up the Canpa to get them out of the way of service and the hostlers. Dan
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