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  1. It looks like the switch has finally been disconnected, on the spur leading to the now demolished Lakeview generating station.
  2. I was riding down Unwin Ave in the port lands, and noticed some MOW machines parked on the tracks. Does anyone know the nature of the work being undertaken?
  3. Nwalsh

    CN Mimico

    While going through the Willowbrooke yard on the Go Train, I noticed a few flat cars on the southern most track Where the CN switcher is usually parked. There was a large crawler crane set up. Does anyone know what is being loaded/unloaded there. Thanks, Neil
  4. I see the switch at Parliament and Lakeshore blvd E. was recently removed (sometime between 2008 and 2009). This track has long since been paved over. It also, appeared that the short disconnected track that ran to the LCBO, has also recently been dug up.
  5. What would be a ball park figure for transportation of those units to B.C?
  6. maybe this would be a good opportunity to trade that Baldwin switcher at the John Street Roundhouse, for on of those St. Jacobs units?
  7. railpictures.net picture and info
  8. Did this load make it down to the Harbour yet? Or, will they wait till the weekend. I see the "jumbo Vision", has arrived in Toronto to load these components. (assumption)
  9. Great shot, nice reflections in the last one. Looks like a logistical nightmare.
  10. Great shots Michael, I wish the weather was a little better, as the best way to get around the harbour is by bike.
  11. Are you referring to the Keating yard? Anyone else have any updates?
  12. Nwalsh

    CP Power

    I use the "Canadian Trackside Guide 2008". I have linked you a map to where the Glass factory was is: http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&...o&encType=1 With the closure of the glass factory, I believe there are only 3 companies left who are serviced by rail. I threw in a picture that I took, from Goodrich Rd (just east of Kipling)
  13. Nwalsh

    CP Power

    While riding around the now shut down Owens-Illinois factory, I took a few photos 9 on public property) for reference in making 3d models of factories. In the 08 trackside guide, it mentions that the Obico Industrial job (T53), gets to work around 1:00pm. Is this still the same time that you can expect to find Cp switching the Area H spur or the other 2 spurs the the near west? Thanks
  14. The tracks leading to Essroc cement, that run down Villiers St, haven't seen use in a few years. I know Lafarge cement hasn't seen railcars in a while. The track that ran down Basin street was removed, as well as the Red Path track. It seems that the last customers left are on Lakeshore Blvd and also the water treatment plant and ship to shore facility.
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