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  1. I’ve spotted that bus in March at CT AN with a broken window and a scratched rear front.
  2. Rode on MR 25-238 on the 44 this evening! Smooth ride, doors was having hard time opening.
  3. Seems like Anjou is having a party with the 25-xxx!!
  4. Doesn’t look good for the 24-000 series, their first service was in 2004 and 16 years as past and we still had some 24-000 running in 2021 that makes 17 years for some. From what I heard, some buses need to run more because of how much kilometres they have ran. 22-215,23-218 probably had that problem. Now, from seeing 24-264 at legendre yesterday was shocking to me. It doesn’t have a farebox, no Covid board, no ads but does have ad racks. It’s possible that it could come back. We gotta keep an eye on that one. Maybe it will be back like 22-215 and 23-218 for it’s kilometres. This era for these
  5. -26-078 on the 188 this morning not tracking and ST 33-844 doing the LE 467 this afternoon also not tracking. -FR 26-057 on the AN 141 - AN 28-058 doing the SL 41 this afternoon (this bus has been in LE for awhile) - 39-141 on the 141 today! -31-852 was getting a tire change on the side next to Saint-Michael metro station (renfront was 36-008) - Looks like those buses (28-088-094) that have been going everywhere are going back to legendre, 28-094 was on the 193! - Large exterior numbers on 30-051 and black numbers in the back!
  6. This is what I caught at legendre tonight, still shocked from seeing 24-301 and 24-264 parked;
  7. LE 31-222 doing the AN 44 this evening 30-867 on the 467 lol
  8. Oldest bus in town and the only 24-000 in service. It’s strange that 24-301 is doing legendre routes! It was on the 193 this afternoon; https://gtfstools.site/run.php?trip_id=229093086
  9. 25-217 18E 25-218 on the 18 MR 25-237 on the AN 432 25-231 on the 18, not tracking;
  10. 27-013,26-078 on the 44 not tracking ST 30-020 on the AN 44 this afternoon MR 27-029 on the SD 18E
  11. ST 31-820, SD 32-007, FR 39-034, SL 30-179, LS 29-082, an airport bus which I don’t know the number and LS 40-224( with covered blue wrapping in the front of the bus ) is all parked behind legendre’s repair shop. SD 26-014 entering Legendre’s garage. FR 26-024 on the 192 this evening and 30-131 on the 44 this evening (not tracking)
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