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  1. King County METRO 2649: 2004 New Flyer DE60LF was operating on route 194 at Downtown Seattle Tunnel when it was brand new on August 13th, 2004 with the 1990-91 Breda in the background. . Photo credit goes to Oren's Transit Page, used with Permission. The tunnel is closed.
  2. Britt Nicole:The Lost Get Found. One of her Christian performances could be heard on gospel music stations.
  3. Looking at Clueless trolls (Aka YouTube Comment bots) who were unleashed under the bridge and spamming girl porn links to people's channels what contains virus on YouTube. Hopes YouTube CEO will resign or step down for not responding to porn comments bots, sex fraud schemes and not doing anything to help during the COVID-19 pandemic including criticism. Except for the Bahamian Government (Free National Movement including the 4th Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas The Most Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis ) who were playing politics (dirty games), locking down the whole country
  4. February 19, 2021 makes 1 year since Rapper Pop Smoke got shot and killed in Home invasion in California according to Wikipedia and other news sources including radio stations. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2021/02/20/pop-smokes-mom-says-it-hurts-listen-rappers-music/4522625001/
  5. Did @Eren Jaeger filed the YouTuber for stolen videos yet for copyright infringement for termination? Alert Alert!!!!!!!!! Some of the Suffolk County Transit photos were stolen from Transitalk Transportation Media Group and BusTalk.info website and they were posted as unfree files on Wikipedia article without the owners permission. One of the pictures has watermarked in it. Already reported to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for spam
  6. ALL of the 2006 MCI D4500CLs are for sale on GovDeals.com site this week and you can purchase any of them before or they will going to scrap yard for parts And Miami-Dade Transit just reinstated Front Door Boarding from this past week. All of the fares are still suspended until the Covid-19 Pandemic passes over. Photo credit goes to Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works.
  7. Did you check Wikipedia for Disney Transport fleet yet with the photos of RTS-04 and RTS-06 in retired section yet and don't forget to update the roster for new Gilligs with the white LED headsigns please? Did the Disney Monorail trains and Watercraft parked during COVID-19 Lockdowns in Orlando and are these units will be back in revenue service after the Covid-19 Pandemic passes over
  8. Yeah same thing according to my friend this past Saturday including Wikipedia, the #1 reliable source of the world and other news sources. Did you watch Frederick Price's Ever Increasing Faith Ministries broadcast on your TV or Radio and have you ever visited his Black Megachurch in Los Angeles often yet?
  9. This is Wikipedia.org not Wikipedia.com
  10. Death Notice!!!!!!!!!! Frederick K. C. Price, Aged 89 of Santa Monica, CA died on February 12, 2021 from Covid-19 at the hospital in Los Angeles. He was an American televangelist and author, who was the founder and apostle of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC), located in South Los Angeles, California. He was known for his Ever Increasing Faith ministries broadcast, which aired weekly on both television and radio. https://ktla.com/news/local-news/frederick-k-c-price-founder-of-black-l-a-megachurch-dies-at-89/
  11. And some of the 2008 NABI 60-BRT CNGs are sidelined now according to Wikipedia too
  12. Yung Bleu ft Drake: You're Mines Still (Clean Version) Popcaan: Twist and Turn Clean
  13. Reacting to Former US President Donald J Trump (45th president) getting acquitted in the Second Inpeachment for inciting violence in the US Capitol Storming by the Senate. 57 of them voted Guilty while 47 voted not Guilty. Donald J Trump will be running as a president for a second term in 2024 and he will not go to jail. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLPyAzqjIaW/?igshid=102nzhuwgnlso
  14. Sidelined for What????????????????????????????
  15. That would be a great idea for Metro Transit to install the locks on rear engine compartment doors, weld the right rear engine panels with a brass rod to make sure that is tacked good for everyone in Minneapolis when the Covid-19 Pandemic passes over.
  16. SCRTD/LACMTA 4432: 1982 GMC RTS-04 (T7J604) was operating on route 201 taken by So Cal Metro of Flickr on February 13,2004 after their original Allison V730 transmissions were later replaced with V731 transmissions and Luminator Horizon headsigns were replaced from Vultron Flipdot headsigns after their last refurbishment by LACMTA. They were retired in 2008 according to Wikipedia. And SCRTD/LACMTA 4408 was finally restored and repainted back to SCRTD 1980s Tri Stripe Livery from late 2010s for the Historical Bus Collection for SCRTD Vehicles from 1964-93 and LACMTA Vehicles from
  17. Here’s the photo of 2020 MCI D4500CT CNG parked at the yard by So Cal Metro of Flickr. Used with Permission. And some of the Blue Bird Buses were repainted in the rapid livery by So Cal Metro of Flickr
  18. Here’s the photo of 2020 Xcelsior Xd60 is now in revenue uploaded by Wikipedia Editor MJW15. Used with Permission from the original owner. According to MJW15's video on YouTube, the bus is powered by Cummins L9 and Allison B500R6 automatic transmission what shifts like gearbox. The tip in windows for this are missing and the roofing extensions are very short.
  19. Arrest the president intelligent hoodlum (1990). Donald J Trump will go to jail by tomorrow after his final impeachment. Sahbabii: Racist
  20. What about the 30-foot Xcelsiors from New Flyer
  21. Are these equipped with Battery-Electric charging equipment at the bus stops installed By JTA including diesel generators and what about the Jacksonville Skyway People Mover trains? Did JTA offer I-10, I-295 and I-95 express Routes as well including Brightline and Tri-rail Trains as well?
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