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  1. Is the Santa Clara VTA logo replaced with 2016 version
  2. Did the contract awarded for unknown manufacturer yet for 30ft Hybrid Buses before the COVID-19 Pandemic passes over foe next year?
  3. I already checked the sources on Wikipedia for the correct roster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broward_County_Transit
  4. Which ones the 35ft or 40ft versions Here's the photo of Jacksonville Transportation Authority 8605: 1986 Flxible Metro A ADB (40096-6T) was operating on route WS10 in my hometown in 2000s. This unit is now owned by me and I drove on I-95 Bridge over the St Johns River to South Florida for RV Conversion. Photo credit goes to the original owner. Used with Permission.
  5. What about the Restored Flxible New Looks, Metro's ,35ft Gm New Looks, Gillig Phantoms, Low Floors and 1997 New Flyer D40LFs and 2006 D60LFRs in the Historical Fleet collection?
  6. And America's Transportation/Safeguard has acquired used early/late-2000s MCI D4500s, D4500CLs and D4500CTs from GO Transit (Government of Ontario) in Toronto, Canada from Summer 2020 during the first/second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic for Express routes behalf of Miami-dade Transit. Some of the units have Detroit Diesel Series 60 EGR Engines and the others has Caterpillar C13 Engines. Original fleet numbers are unknown at this time. Luminator Horizon headsigns are not really common in Miami-dade County compared to TwinVision LeDot filpdot, Amber LED, Chroma and Smart Series headsigns except fo
  7. All of the units are in revenue service now cschnur15 and the tip in windows for all units are contracted by LSF and they are used on L, S and 120 Lines for Miami-dade Transit. The tip in windows and seats are very different from the rest of Miami Dade Transit common buses without the tip in windows. Hopes the fleet numbers will be renumbered to 5 digits for 103XX, 113XX and 123XX series. Video is courtesy of Transit +PLUS of YouTube Are the new flyers 18198-18199 18208-18214 units built in Suburban or Transit Configuration for the 175 Express to Western Broward
  8. And gets their accounts suspended or terminated immediately by catching 3 or more copyright strikes.
  9. And these parts cost plenty money for the front half of the unit to get replaced according to Inside Edition news and the rear half of the unit is still in good condition. According to Inside Edition, eight passengers were among those injured, along with the driver. They were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, according to police and MTA spokesperson Tim Minton. The driver, who assisted the evacuation of passengers, sustained the most serious injury on his jaw but he's in stable condition. Photo credit goes to (Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit). Used with
  10. Are these units will likely be similar to Miami-dade Transit CNG Xcelsiors by negotiating contracts with Trillium CNG counterparts.
  11. According to Wikipedia, All units are retired as of May 1, 2020. And they are still in the process of delivery now and replacing all of the 2008 NABI CNG Artics according to Wikipedia and 6 2006 Orion VII CNG 30ft buses are retiring and Some buses are being used as training vehicles.
  12. Yeah some of the videos are from The Clean Air Bus Production Studios' Channel and others without the owners' consent. Did you report it to YouTube for copyright infringements yet?
  13. According to Transsee, all of the 2020 XD60s are at Copans yard waiting for Acceptance
  14. Are all replaced with used Late 2000s MCI D4500CT from Go Transit with Luminator Horizon headsigns yet And they were formerly used on Route 34 Busway MAX (originally intended to be placed on 175 express Western Broward County when it did not work out) Route until in 2015 they were transferred to I-95 Express Routes
  15. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Metrobus_routes_(Miami-Dade_County)
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