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  1. Looking at Wikipedia, the #1 reliable source of fleet roster for Foothill Transit.
  2. Fatma Zakaria, Mother of Fareed has passed away in India at age 85 due to Covid-19
  3. Thanks for your information @Flalex72and don't let any members post brief strong language on this thread. Let's move forward with this ongoing covid-19 Pandemic and we will use reliable sources for COVID-19 protocols and avoid any false information about the Covid-19 stuff. We will get through this together and we will end the pandemic by years end according to World health organization.
  4. https://www.miamidade.gov/releases/2021-04-08-dtpw-140-cng-arrived.asp Miami-Dade County's Metrobus fleet reaches major milestone
  5. This is the 2019 LFS with the ZF 14 Speed Manual Gearbox by MJofLakeland1 of Flickr. Only 2 photos he took. This unit has the new RGRTA Livery in it and MJofLakeland1 will upload it on Wikipedia, the #1 eliable source of fleet roster information.
  6. Is this set in Fake New York City in the background
  7. Yogi Bear, 6teen, Stoked, Tom and Jerry, Flapjack, Chowder, Mr Bean, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa on Bommerang Latin America
  8. Did #3955 went to the body work shop for repairs and did MTA have spare after parts for Orion VII NG HEV from New Flyer Industries yet
  9. After the Covid-19 pandemic passes over
  10. Yeah, MJofLakeland1 has already uploaded one of the New LFS on YouTube from the other day.
  11. WMATA 4536: 2021 New Flyer XD40 was seen in Breezewood, PA from 3/27/2021 en route to Washington, DC from the New Flyer Plant in Minnesota by dtwtransit of Flickr.
  12. Pilot bus at NovaBus Plattsburgh Plant in New York. As already mentioned on this Tweet, the engines are already installed while the driver side frameless windows already glued on, the front destination signs and runbox already on with the windshield. The rest of the parts for this bus are not finished yet.
  13. The electric Gillig LowFloor Plus EV buses are in Service now by So Cal Metro of Flickr.
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