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  1. Have a scale model Ford F-350 Lariat dually truck I got for my birthday. I was trying to fix the windshield, which insisted on not adhering to the other side of the truck's cab even with the usage of Superglue. So now I've got superglue on my thumbs, a shirt I can't wash anymore, and smudges and cloudy marks on a windshield that won't stick where it's supposed to. At least my jet's wing tip took the treatment well. CNT33-M5, better known as Free Fallers 163 (Matchbox Sky-busters M0183 "Sky Cargo") will be ready for it's not-so-maiden voyage by Saturday. The ford is an FML. The jetliner is not much of a positive offset.
  2. Those bathroom fixtures were made of...? Older man in town that I know from an old bygone era. What's notable about this is that Mr. Man should be in jail right now for being a gay child molester. And within spitting distance of our house.
  3. Man down the street from my old house was smoking a roll of weed and had a lit candle that fell and caught their house on fire. Fire crews blocked the road for three hours, and the siding from the neighboring houses melted and warped. Street behind us a few months earlier caught a house fire that popped the windows and was throwing smoke that was black enough to drown the sun. That fire had seven fire marshals out there and some ladder trucks too.
  4. I should hope you perused the posts
  5. Serves that neighbor right, then! Never underestimate good food.
  6. Damn, that all looks good, nice job on that.
  7. Dude. This person you're speaking of is CERTAINLY dumb as all lord almighty. It's people like this that prompted the invention of the "Disclaimer" crap. In my own WTF moment: Three days in a row I've seen our "House Mouse" on the counter. Somehow the sneaky bastard mouse climbed up three feet of slick surface area, and chewed on a loaf of bread. Through the plastic. And this mouse gnaws a hole in my room's wall, chewing straight through WOOD FILLER! of all things. And for some reason, he's dragging out wrappings from candies like "Riesen" and "Hershey's" and "Kitkats" that I haven't had nor seen since Halloween. Where are these wrappers coming from? I have no clue, and if a dumbass is slamming wrappers through the walls, I'm going to punch someone like they did the wrappers.
  8. Could be. I didn't see an exhaust jet, but could have been like some cars where the exhaust isn't visible at all.
  9. ASzy

    BNSF thread

    CN operating a locomotive in Springfield MO. It'd been hanging out here for some time, it was probably taken off of a train somewhere else because it had something faulty and they towed it to Springfield BNSF to fix it. The engine, a GE ES44AH, later departed going east toward Saint Louis. Other BNSF sightings: Normally I don't see switch sets on the crossing near my house, but that is what has happened three times now. Once, an ex-BN White-cab being tailed by a standard BNSF Post-merger scheme engine wearing H2 or H3, and the BN leading. Carrying a few centerbeam flats with lumber loads for Contech and the other place. No lights, though they were booted and running. Second time, different set. Ex-BN blacktop unit was trailing a BNSF H3 engine, leading a few centerbeams. And a trailer car or two. Third time was the Ex-BN Whitecab unit again trailed by the H3 geep. They were light-power.
  10. Older teacher with no understanding of memes from now. It is Agriculture Science and we had just finished a brief lecture on the correlation to the size of bull's balls to the maturity of young heifers, to which I replied "Isn't that a little gay?" Somebody tries a punchline (Mike Ockslong) and the teacher is SAVAGE AS HELL AND writes an F on the board and when the student says "Line with two right turns" the teacher says "That'll be you if you don't start making right turns" LMFAO You know a good day when the teacher SAVAGELY roasted the student like a chicken on a grill! They already do that...
  11. Being heckled by ALL my classmates sucks absolute ass. All I did was make a comment on someone's choice of attire ("Imagine waking up and wondering whether you're going to get [City John] or [Country John]") As I'm censoring his name, calling him "John" for the purpose of anonymity, this bitch decides to start a heckling spree and threaten me with beating the shit out of me because of my vocal volume (Which I have no control over, and I've tried thousands of times) and saying that he doesn't give a shit if he goes to prison for life. Someone else joined in, and then everyone was making me feel like fucking SHIT, to where I now want to strap on some sheathing, jump on top of the school, and wait to have the shit burned out of me by lightning. And blame John for setting me on fire, just to get John's bitch-ass expelled. That, or push the sadistic bastard in front of a train.
  12. If I were there, I'd probably have called the cops.
  13. Riding the bus to school this morning (Tuesday, Apr. 5, 2022) and I see an older purple Kenworth pull out of the Price Cutter. He has no trouble pulling out of the lot at all. So ANYWAY, we pull up at a stoplight. We're sitting there for about thirty seconds when that same purple Kenny comes up to our left. He's in the Left Turn lane that feeds into the very right lane of the road, AKA the Bus Lane, as I call it, because you can't stop a bus in the road. We're sitting there, and he starts sliding backwards. Mind, he's not sliding, he's rolling downhill (The intersection is on a steep incline on that side) and he slams the brakes, then pulls forward. This occurs multiple times more. Like, 5-6 times more. So he's pretty much gone traversed the same 5-6 feet seven times, so he was either trying to slide his tandems or his truck was a Manual and he didn't know how to keep a manual from rolling downhill in Neutral. He traverses the same 6 feet/2 meters seven times, all while the driver has his RIGHT turn signal on. He was making a LEFT turn.
  14. Not enough money. And she'd probably get expelled anyway, meaning a waste of more than 20k... Try opening it up to figure out?
  15. My parents have tried. Always ends in a screaming match.
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