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    Trains, Modern American Muscle Cars, trucks, gaming, papermodeling.

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  1. I was browsing the CPTDB and was looking for places I would find to post semi trucks or tractor trailers and didn't find anything. So, the thread you're reading came into existence. This will be for the people that made trucks like the Freightliner Cascadia or HotShot trucks like the International CXT.
  2. Are you actively clearing backlog? If not, can I get a 1969 Ford F100 Ranger pickup, 2018 dodge Challenger, and Jaguar XE SV Project 8? Images included: Ford truck: The Jaguar: The Dodge: Thank you in advance.
  3. your, ah, WEBS isn't up to date, because I looked and it says page doesn't exist.

    1. Kashiwazaki


      Long ago I terminated it. 

      Will replace it with the current one I developed on another sitehost. 

  4. Thank you so much, sir!
  5. I would like to change my Username to ASzy
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