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  1. That never occured to me but you're right about the wording. I was pretty excited to finally get some non-Tunnel Novas in the area (a break from the Gilligs) so I really hope they enter service soon. I suppose it could be due to decreased demand (since that's the reason I heard for retiring the 2007 BRTs).
  2. None to be seen at Oakland Terminal as of my last visit about three weeks ago. Some of them were delivered there prior, so I suppose they were taken offsite for something. Maybe for wrapping?
  3. As of 5/9/21 there are still a couple there. 417, 424, 444, 448, 456, and ARide 642-644 are sitting around at 2000 S Industrial. All TheRide branding has been removed from the two 2003 units, but the others appear to be intact. 444 being there leads me to believe they've retired the last of the 2007 BRTs. A bunch more of the BRTs seem to have been at this location the last time Google did Street View on S Industrial. I had no luck spotting any Novas in the wild on Sunday. Wondering if they're in service and I was just unlucky, or if they've yet to enter service. My understandi
  4. Usually a good bet but at least one publication I've tried has some way of detecting the use of incognito, and demands a subscription to view in "private browsers."
  5. Saw one on my visit to the area earlier this month. Glad to see them running in a place like Blacksburg. Might be good for campus service.
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