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  1. 9149 is currently running on 335 Jane. The orion 7 hybrid meant to run probably had an issue so for some reason, the artic nova was deployed as it's replacement
  2. We know at launch that Eglinton will run two car trains. How soon do we think 3 car trains will begin to run? I think that will happen once phase two (The western extension to Pearson) is completed and open and that may increase ridership substantially enough
  3. I've heard Skyline #8514 was stored away due to fire damage. Is it still in storage or has it since been restored?
  4. I guess but my point still stands. There's a reason the Skyline and Park cars are so popular. Canadian long distance trains must have the proper dome car. They're a Canadian invention iirc
  5. Interesting.... On VIA's website, it says they'll be reallocated to long distance and regional trains but just how this will work is unknown as of yet. We have until mid decade yet to find out though. Im interested to see if any of the corridor HEP fleet can be converted to suit other purposes or if their age will limit them to being converted to LD coaches. What i was thinking is some of the cars could be converted into accessible coaches with the large bathrooms (I believe this was originally a plan for the LD HEPs), cafe/dinette cars with light cookware or accessible sleepers if the cars condition is good enough. As i understand it, the main issue isn't a shortage of coach cars. It's a shortage of other types of cars. The damaged sets of Renaissance cars over the years hasn't done any favors and let us all hope and pray no more become damaged because then i don't know what VIA would do with an even further shortage of rolling stock. (Also am i the only one wanting a passenger car manufacturer to make a modern proper dome car? Why is it something we stopped building? As a concept, imo it works better than the other modern incarnations of the observational car I.E. the Alaska Railroad, RMR and Superliner examples.) I don't know but i've seen tons of videos and images of the Hudson Bay with some kind of dome car. Usually a skyline and rarely a park. Only a few times have i seen a domeless Hudson Bay.
  6. I am more than positive there is only 2 sets for a train that only runs twice a week, not 4. Im not sure where this number comes from. I was also speaking of pre covid schedules. Currently for the once a week Ocean and Canadian, there is only one set each. This will increase to 2 each once the frequencies increase
  7. I couldn't tell ya personally. I've not heard of any fleet in long term storage. If VIA does decide to throw a skyline onto the Ocean, it'll be very interesting to see just what they plan to do
  8. Ocean could just be limited to two skylines year round. Then i believe you have the two for the Hudson Bay. I was also under the impression that there is only 2 Canadian consists at any given time especially with the 3rd trips permanently cancelled due to equipment needed for the Ocean. That's 4 for the 2 Ocean trains. Most skylines i've seen on a Canadian consist is 3 so 6 for the 2 Canadian consists for a current total of 10. Then 2 for the Hudson Bay. This leaves 4 spares. I don't see why this wouldn't work. In the event of extra departures maybe there would be some difficulties but i don't think VIA has done the extra departures on any of it's routes in years now There was the occasional third set back when VIA was doing extra departures during peak summer and winter periods but i don't think they do that anymore.
  9. Anyone else notice how on the VIA website, concerning the Ocean, when looking at booking options, if you go to far from present day, the budd options disappear, even though they're on every train? As you near the journey date, they become available but i'd imagine that to be very annoying if say you wanted to book in advance a triple cabin. You'd have to call in or something One thing that just came to me is they could run two skylines, one in each direction so that half of the seats are backwards and half are forwards
  10. Yeah i seen as well. Excellent news. Seeing the other Ocean consists will be interesting. I presume the second set will be largely the same a the first set and a 3rd set would likely have to be full budd
  11. Who else saw the post VIA made earlier? They're saying "it" is back and we'll learn more tomorrow. What do we think "It" is?
  12. Nope. All trackage not used by CN was torn up to allow for expansion of the container storage area which was needed as business has been increasing there.
  13. Uhh this does not happen. The train no longer turns around. At either terminus, the locomotives simply change ends. Seats in the Budd coaches are reversed each time to have majority facing the direction of travel. There's two Renaissance coaches, one facing in each direction as well. VIA found it was not possible nor viable to back the train all the to the Truro wye due to distance and safety concerns. There was a wye at Windsor Junction a while ago but it was foolishly torn up. But surely modifications to the seating would have to be made. I just don't see them being left as is. In any case, i'm hoping more official information of this much desired addition will become available within the next year or so. Perhaps we can convince CN or whoever to reinstall that wye. Then we can get the park car back as well
  14. Soon is a pretty vague word. The cars have at least another decade or so left in them. They'll last well into the 2030s before a replacement is absolutely necessary. One might be sought beforehand but they aren't done quite yet. As for it being a lot of work, it probably wouldn't be that much work. Just replacing the mounts on the seats to be the same as in the coaches. I don't think the seats themselves would need to be changed. It's just would VIA be willing to? A few comments i've seen from them suggest so but maybe they aren't aware modifications would be needed or perhaps they'd be content with leaving the seats as is
  15. So, all things considering, how likely is it that a skyline car will be added to the Ocean's consist in the future? I know that technically it could be done now but the dome seating needs to be modified to have reversible seating so the seats can be turned at each terminus. What is the likelihood of such modifications being made? I ask because it's strange that VIA didn't modify the seating in any of the Renaissance coaches.
  16. Interesting trade. Doesn't make logistical sense but it makes sense if 927 kept breaking all the older buses of the fleet. Buses most of which were notoriously unreliable Never said they were but they will eventually be replaced by the new hybrids
  17. That would be greatly needed. Insane Jane is pretty bad and it looks like its getting worse with more and more reasons for people to travel to and on Jane. It's needed artics for a good while now. Since 2011 actually. Jane needs some of the love to deal with the overcrowding
  18. Really? Since when? It makes sense. i heard the 927 was breaking all the Orion hybrids. Presumably they may switch back when the new artics arrive
  19. It would make sense if most of the new artics went to Mount Dennis, as that division was made to handle large numbers of Artics and because there's quite a few routes that operate out of that division that need artics but only the high priority ones get them due to the limited number of artics the ttc has. Currently, only 29/929/329 Dufferin, 320 yonge and 941 Keele Express use the Artics. They still need more so they can run them on 35/935 and 927 H27 Express which i believe was the intended reason for switching 35 and 927 to Mount Dennis (apart from the obvious reshuffle after Mcnicoll opened). I am almost positive that it'll be Hybrid Novas as it makes sense to make all of the buses across the network come from the same make so that maintenance is cheaper and easier. As for the eBuses, it'll probably be new flyer. I actually don't know how the recieving deliveries works. I remember when the Hybrid Novas first arrived, they went to Arrow for some kind of certification before being transferred to Malvern. I've seen that any new artics would go to malvern at least initially. Anyway, 2022 will be an exciting year for the ttc and obtaining a new fleet of buses to retire the troublesome hybrid orions though i'll be sad to see the OG diesels and even the NG diesels go.
  20. On the subject of Amfleets being accessible or not, VIA could have some of the cars converted to be such. That was the original plan for some of the HEP 1 cars before VIA found such modifications couldn't be made to them due to their age.
  21. One idea i had and it might be a short sighted one tbh but VIA could buy some of Amtrak's outgoing Amfleet I cars and use those. Yes they are rather old but then so are our BUDDs by an extra 20-30 years and they're still going strong so it wouldn't be the worst idea, The coaches could be converted for long distance use (Amfleet Is are for corridor use) and some could be converted into diners and potentially, sleepers. Amfleet sleepers did exist at one time but i think they were test mules for Amtrak to decide how they wanted the Viewliner to be. We need to start thinking more green anyway and if Amtrak were just gonna scrap a bunch of em, why not let VIA buy some for their own use. It would also solve the whole Renaissance fleet needs replacing this decade thing. Even for an order of 17 or 27 sleepers (which is how many Renaissance sleepers they have in their fleet), if VIA came knocking on CAF's doors with money, they'd probably oblige. The only barrier here is VIA getting said money. I've heard that there may be talks to give VIA a significant increase in subsidy but i'll believe that when i see it
  22. I know a bunch of HEP1 and HEP2 cars are undergoing a refurbishment. I also know the Canadian needs more spares in case of a sudden necessity to replace a car or two. Interestingly, VIA seem to not have any plans to refurbish the Chateau sleeper cars seen mostly in the east and on the Hudson Bay. The Chateaus (Minus the converted cars) haven't been refurbished since the 90s. Even the Manor's are getting refurbishments. There are plenty of refurbished cars which haven't been repainted yet. The HEP1 coaches currently on the Ocean are such examples. Intriguing. It'll be interesting to see what the other built up sets look like once the frequency increases which isn't to be for a good while yet.
  23. Intriguing. According to information i have, there actually isn't enough Renaissance cars to have all 3 sets or whatever be mixed sets, correct? Or is this wrong? I understand the Ren to BUDD ratios can be different for each set. Interesting though i doubt this survived to modern day but i could be wrong. Perhaps there is still a couple of Skylines with reversible seating. We'll have to see. Incidentally, i travelled on the Ocean on the 1st of September. That was according to my sleeping car attendant, the very first day that the dining car was open to sleeper plus passengers only (and i believe it was also limited seatings) and the service lounges were open but only for using the wifi and mingling. Canteens were still closed with the temporary at seat cart service in economy and going to the sleeping car attendant in sleeper plus still the system they were using. I was on train 65 which merged with train 35 for Ottawa which became train 55 in Ottawa. 65 had a rebuilt BUDD and 2 skylines tacked onto the back headed for presumably Mimico. So Ottawa got to see skyline domes for the first time in 35 years.
  24. VIA would have to modify the dome seating to include seats which turn at each terminus but it seems like a likely addition once non essential activities are allowed again
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