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  1. Someone recently took a picture of a skyline deadheading towards Montreal. Why would that be? I assume it's for maintenance that for some reason can't be done at the TMC and can only de done at the MMC because currently, there is no train that departs Montreal that runs a skyline car and i can't see it being for anything else but maintenance.
  2. Im fairly sure VIA will donate sets of LRC and REN cars to the VHA. The LRC's will be condemned though so they'll only be good for static displays. The Rens could potentially still be good to run post retirement.
  3. Strange. I thought i saw them functional in February when i was down there
  4. That's assuming they don't also come up with a eastern extension which considering the northern extension of line 2 honestly isn't out of the realm of possibility. But it remains to be seen just what they eventually decide on. As long as service in the east end isn't too slow, it should be fine. Hopefully there aren't too many drivers who get lost though incidents with motorists ending up on the tracks has already happened
  5. I've heard the Eglinton line will start out running two car trains but is able to run 3 if need be. If they run lower frequency, can they use the 3 car trains as a compromise?
  6. The trade off is the only thing i see hindering this idea being a slam dunk decision but i don't think anyone would disagree with the BRT conversion even if it took a couple years to construct and its not it couldn't be further converted for other purposes post line 2 extension completion.
  7. Yeah, no kidding. Not that im unhappy. I would've thought that making all the Hybrids Nova would've kept maintenance cheap and simple but maybe there won't be a massive difference between the Flyer and Nova hybrids. It will be very interesting to see Nova artics and Flyer Artics running around on the MtD routes such as Dufferin, Keele and Jane. Please for the love of all that is sensible let Jane get some of those artics. I hope what i've heard in the grapevine is correct. I wonder who'll get the order for electric artics. I believe that was part of the plan to order some Indeed though, they might do a bunch of refrigerator shuffling with buses we currently have to then accommodate the new ones.
  8. How probable is the conversion of the SRT corridor being converted into a BRT line?
  9. I mean Toronto has a nasty habit of doing that long before Doug Ford. Take York Mills station and the extention from Warden to Kennedy as prime examples. There's definitely NIMBY inference in all of them but still, we bury too many of our rapid transit lines when in many cases we don't have to.
  10. Annoying they still seem to be building it all underground. Why not elevated on a structure or something else that makes more sense and is much cheaper?
  11. They sort of did a triangle swap. 35 (Formerly Arrow) went to MtD. 52 (formerly Wilson) went to Arrow and 89 (formerly MtD went to Wilson.
  12. Well, if we take in all the routes around Mount Dennis and Keelesdale Stations, we can assume this arrangement 27 Jane South (Queensway) 32 Eglinton West (Mount Dennis) 35 Jane (Mount Dennis) 34 Eglinton (Eglinton or Birchmount or Mount Dennis) 41 Keele (Mount Dennis) 71 Runnymede (Queensway) 89 Weston (Wilson) 158 Trethewey (Mount Dennis) 170 Emett (Mount Dennis) 171 Mount Dennis (Mount Dennis) 179 Castlefield (Mount Dennis) 935 Jane Express (Mount Dennis) 941 Keele Express (Mount Dennis) 989 Weston Express (Wilson)
  13. I wouldn't complain if they managed to get a couple on there now. Maybe the transfers are to allow extras for in case they need to replace a run on 29 or 41. We'd hear if they were adjusting runs on 935 from a report or something.
  14. The underpinning and the fact they found a bunch of abandoned 1954 infrastructure that had to be removed There is still the real possibility of them opening line 5 sans the connection at Yonge-Eglinton (I refuse to not give it a new name to signify it's transfer station status.) It would certainly be able to safely operate through the station and anyone wanting to transfer here can simply transfer to a bus at Mt Pleasant and Avenue stations until Eglinton opens. There's definitely a few options, as long as the rest of the line reaches a satisfactory completion, it shouldn't be an issue
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