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  1. Mentions that the bus is not running and is missing parts. The 2004 Gillig 29's that the NFTA is operating are not the most liked either. I'm assuming that the bus could have suffered some calamity that wasn't worth putting the money into. I'm willing the NFTA may get rid of these sooner than the 2000 Nova LFS we have. Probably the same for MATA.
  2. No sugarplums and dancing fairies from the looks of this article. However, Kim Minkel is proud of her accomplishments, and completely contradicts herself in a later part of the article... "For her part, Minkel pointed to a series of successes during her seven-year tenure: maintaining and expanding services, providing excellent customer service, and being a good steward of the NFTA's $222 million budget. She's not politically naive, she said, but views her first loyalty to the customers the transportation agency serves. "My focus since becoming the executive director of the NFTA has been to focus on the people that we serve," Minkel said. "That's where I spent my time and my effort. I think the accomplishments of the authority bear out that spending my time there have paid off." ...and later " The authority has weathered some tough times and controversy during Minkel's tenure, including bus route rollbacks and declines in Metro Rail ridership. But Minkel pointed to high customer service ratings at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, the dramatic growth of Niagara Falls International Airport, plans to extend the Metro Rail line and selling Outer Harbor property as examples of achievement." One of the commentors in the "comments" section minced no words: " "Minkel has the respect and loyalty of her managers and the majority of employees at the agency" The largest union which accounts for 1100 of her employees voted nearly unanimously last year in a vote of "no confidence" in Kim Minkel. Phil Wilcox is a traitor to the labor movement and has gone to few (if any) commissioners meetings in the last two years so how would he know if things were "magnificent"? The fact is many of the politicians (some mentioned in this article) are just as guilty as Mrs. Minkel. Politicians have known about issues with the agency for over a year and have given lip service responses to the NFTA workers and public transportation rider advocates. The only ones that have stood up for what's right until now are Senator Kennedy, Mark Schroeder, Councilman Chris Scanlon and Michael Kearns. The fact is politicians are only jumping on now because ride sharing is the sexy issue of the day. Politicians are just as guilty as NFTA management until they hold the NFTA accountable for everyday public transportation issues with buses and the rail and give the proper funding to operate the system WNY deserves."
  3. Been trying my darndest to understand the syntax on some of the formatting that I've been doing, unfortunately, some of it is different than that of other sites like Wikipedia (<references> = <reflist>, for example.) I'm trying to get a cheat sheet updated at my desk to help me through it, learning from sites that have a lot of special formatting. Is this something that the Wiki Admins might entertain adding to a special section of this site, if we can't do the Visual Editor mode? As I'm probably guilty as sin (raising my hand high!), I do know my referencing is a little lacking when I'm rushing. My wiki profile page also shows some of the standard clip-art I use frequently (wc logo, wi-fi, bike, various flags). Helps me locate each one's name instead of doing a search each time. --- D.
  4. From what I see, yes.
  5. I'm curious if the move will improve the running times on the 7-line during rush hour. Allen is too narrow for most any bus traffic, let alone regular traffic. North is usually slammed during rush-hours heading toward the medical campus in the morning, and from the medical campus between 3-7pm. I can imagine how horrible it might get if Children's starts operations, and the added Medical School traffic. If the traffic becomes too unbearable, what would prevent them from operating Richmond, over Summer Street to Main, like the 22-Porter-Best line? It's a short distance from the medical campus (quite walkable) and would still be able to serve the medical campus over Main Street.
  6. Been trying to do a little digging, after hearing that some past NFTA buses (6000 range, if not mistaken) were shipped to Africa (late 1990's-2000's) for use in transit systems there. Can anyone confirm this, additional info, if the series number is correct, who got them....? Is there information on any other systems that regularly do this?
  7. From City of Poughkeepsie website: Bus Service Notice: The City of Poughkeepsie Transit System is to end on June 30, 2017. Beginning on July 1, 2017, Dutchess County Public Transit will be running City of Poughkeepsie bus routes. For information on the new routes, please visit: The following Bus Schedule will remain in effect until June 30, 2017: Bus Schedule Monday – Friday Main Street, Northside, Southside routes (6:30 AM to 6:10 PM) Galleria route (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM) Shopper’s Special route (9:30 AM to 5:30 PM) Special route (6:30 AM to 7:40 AM & 3:00 PM to 3:40 PM) Saturday Main Street, Northside, Southside routes (6:30 AM to 3:10 PM) Galleria route (8:30 AM to 3:30 PM) I had a feeling this was coming, eventually. Many agencies that duplicate other services in part, usually end up getting taken up by the more agency that already offers more.
  8. Does this mean that they're using less buses on the WEGO system (as in service cuts)? I've noticed the Purple line has been integrated into the Green line, already.
  9. Metro's new schedules for June are posted on the website now. From what I gathered: ---1,2,4 will serve and layover at MTC. ---14,16 extend to Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus on hourly basis. ---11 on weekends cuts half the trips short to as far as Paramount only. ---A lot of other routes are going to more consistent "clockface" intervals. Enjoy! I'm still waiting to see the mess that will occur with the 1-2-4 service into the terminal. I see lengthy backups with buses trying to pull in and back up, and a passenger or two will be hurt while trying to run for the bus from behind when a bus is backing out, or directly towards it...holding up bus movements. 1 & 2 will depart from gates 17 or 18 4 will depart from gates 19 or 20.
  10. On 2229 at Eugene & Hazletine. Hit light pole. All passengers okay. Waiti9ng on reports to be done. (Liberty Cab on fire, buses on reroute.)
  11. So Metro announced the proposals of changes to the #1, 2 & 4 lines to end at the Transportation Center, rather than the West 4th and Genesee terminal that's presently used. I can see better connections to route number 15, but the trips already connect to the #3, 5, 11, 20, 25, 40 at the Court Street area, as well as #6, 8, 14, 16, 24 and 36 near the library or Washington Street at Broadway. Is there a specific reason to take service out of the area behind City Hall (which would eliminate service entirely), and duplicate services along Pearl and Franklin Streets which are already busy enough with the streets going two-way. I'm curious what this is going to do to running times, and if it will create excessive delays.
  12. Was on Avail Technologies site, and noticed that Hazleton Public Transit (HPT) and County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) use Avail for their bus tracking. After some digging online, I was able to find the COLTS bus tracker for a computer desktop, but haven't for HPT. Anyone possibly know the site address to access this? From the looks of it, COLTS doesn't list the tracker anywhere that I've found on their website, and a number of Google searches finally showed it. It's a great tool to see if particular buses are still out on the roads, and if there are new ones received that the board hasn't seen yet. (of note: I did get to download the tracker covering all agencies to my smartphone using their app - - - I'd like to see if there's a desktop version.) Thanks!
  13. 1704 on Colvin today on the 2nd inbound from Fillmore/Wales. Running late, surprised it showed on the tracker as my trip. It'll be elsewhere, since i think this trip does a lot of interlines.
  14. Please remove this image. Replaced with color logo, from black and white.
  15. There's a number of them that I frequent: Auctions International: NFTA Metro uses this one, as well as a couple other agencies. Government Deals (.ca & .com) Public Surplus: opened an account (VERY easy, and for free. Accounts allow user to search into closed auctions for further information. Purple Wave: Many mid-west agencies (Wichita Transit, Topeka Transit). Note: Do a "full" search. It will show all the information on each bus, VIN/Engine/Trans. E-Bay (Buses through E-Bay Motors): Note: Most of the sites also list the Fleet numbers with their VIN numbers for vehicles for sale. Helps building the lists that are lacking information. If I find any more, I'll update this. Good luck! --- Darrin