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  1. Just checked Megabus website, and it's showing $1.00 to get to Fort Erie, and $5.00 returns. I was about right.
  2. It's an hour ride minimum to the falls, walk across the Rainbow Bridge, and then work out the schedule for the Fort Erie Shuttle over near Optimist Park. If I can work around a Greyhound schedule, it's only about $3.00 to Fort Erie, and then working out the schedule from Princess and Waterloo station. I might be able to shave a couple hours back and forth doing it through Peace Bridge crossing. If I manage to have a couple hours extra in Fort Erie, I can maybe take lunch in at Happy Jacks (around the corner from the bus terminal at Fort Erie).
  3. Being that I'm over the border in Buffalo, I'd like to get over there and check out the system before the changes, and after. I think Megabus or Greyhound Canada still run into the terminal at Princess/Waterloo. I didn't get too deep into the report, but will they be considering the system to maybe tie in with the Presto Card? I've got one for my travels into Toronto, and when I take GO into Niagara Falls via Stoney Creek. Would be super convenient if they choose to.
  4. AWESOME, especially since I'm using my phone to check through the wiki.
  5. Hi, editors. I recently created a page for an explanation of Ford cutaway VINS at this link. I also created a template (at this link AND this link) for the bottom, to start listing various model years (starting at 2001 through 2005 as a start). Neither template show at the bottom of the explanation page, and it was an adjusted cut-and-paste job (so that I thought I'd not miss any formatting needed). Can someone familiar with setting these up look at it and either fix or even explain to me what I had done incorrectly? Help would be massively appreciated! ---- Darrin
  6. Metro's posted their changes for the schedule updates on March 5, 2017. Nothing too drastic. Most noticeable change is the routing in Niagara Falls, near the Rainbow Bridge. Appears to be that the NFTA is avoiding the Rainbow Bridge area due to congestion during the tourist season (which sometimes can affect the running of buses according to schedule). Wise move, in my opinion. Other changes are minute changes to the running times of many trips, on a variety of lines.
  7. 1501 is broken down on Colvin at Hertel at this time. Rode it this morning on the 5-Niagara. Didn't seem to be running right then, either.
  8. If some may have noticed, I've finally gotten some luck in working on the "neglected" para-transit roster for the NFTA. There are a few pieces that are still unknown, so if anyone might be able to offer their help, I'm all eyes (msg me in private). Note: Once I get more of the information corrected/finalized, I'll be creating the fleet number pages like the conventional transit rosters. May start the 80## series tonight, when I get a chance. --- D
  9. Bus trip cancellations are lighting up my inbox this afternoon. Any idea what's going on? Shortage of buses? Shortage of drivers? Noticed one of the round-trips on the #35 has been cancelled, leaving a two hour gap between buses. Add to the cold weather, there's going to be a lot of angry customers out there. I've been on both of the trips, decent sized crowd when I'm on it...mainly people heading to and from work.
  10. Involved fleet number 11053, in the town of Sinclairville, on NY Rt 60. The driver of the auto that hit the bus was killed, while the jaws-of-life were necessary to extricate the driver of the bus. The bus driver was also commended for keeping the bus upright after the accident when going into a ditch. The bus was enroute to Buffalo on its Jamestown-Buffalo line run.
  11. Noticed 1501 is in service on the #34 line this afternoon. Funny, 1601 is running opposite it.
  12. Please remove Corrected descriptor with , a corrected descriptor that hopes falls into policy regarding photography naming requirements. Thanks! --- Darrin
  13. Interesting concept, but what does it do to people knowing where exactly they're getting off at. It does work, however, with the Health Line in Cleveland, as it's named for the entire system.
  14. 1001 already listed in the wiki as Key Bank wrapped, added 2216.