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  1. NFTA-Metro

    Bus 1208 got into a collision near Ellicott Loop early this afternoon. In other news, the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences started classes in the new medical school at Allen-Medical Campus Station. The school entered into an agreement to provide interested persons to get fully paid bus passes, allowing them to commute from the park and ride at University Station. If early signs say anything, the University, and Allen-Medical Campus stations will be the top two traveled stations in the system.
  2. Modifying a page title

    Somehow https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=River_Valley_Transit&oldid=350240 turned into https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/River_Valley_transit during the last update I made to the article. Nowhere did I attempt to change the article name in that "River Valley Transit" would become "River Valley transit". A glitch you might want to know about? I had a huge amount of difficulty a number of months back when I built the VIN table for the Ford E-Series Cutaway, and ?lost? the articles a few days later. In addition, my watchlist is showing a redlink instead of blue or purple, but the article is showing up as normal when you click on the link. --- D
  3. Noted that Susquehanna Trailways was able to have Fullington Trailways take over the services, effective September 1, as approved by PennDOT. The Fullington website doesn't show the schedules, except through the ticketing engine, fares and all schedules remain the same.
  4. Centro (Central New York RTA)

    Any idea what Binghamton sent? I'd be curious with the shape of a lot of their buses.
  5. MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    News out of Montreal with regards to NYC Subway... http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/bombardier-shut-out-of-n-y-subway-contract-because-of-poor-performance-report
  6. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Don't know which thread would be appropriate, but this looked to be as good as any. http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/bombardier-shut-out-of-n-y-subway-contract-because-of-poor-performance-report
  7. Megabus US/Canada

    Megabus had air suspension problems on one of their buses pulling out of the Buffalo Transportation Center last night, blocking Ellicott Street for approximately 1 hour. From what I was able to notice, it was traveling from Buffalo on its New York to Toronto line run, due out at 7:10 pm from Buffalo. The bus was still blocking the roadway a little after 8:00 pm.
  8. Fort Erie Transit.

    New schedules for the new transit system have been posted on the Fort Erie website. They're going to be starting a new, mobile friendly website in the near future at www.fetransit.ca. It has yet to be started, although the page is "parked". http://forterie.ca/pages/PublicTransitInformation
  9. GO Transit

    I thought MiWay has 24-hour service on at least one route.
  10. Niagara Falls Transit

    I'm assuming WEGO is operating, but have not been able to access their site for almost a week, and their Facebook/Twitter pages are way out of date (2013). Does anyone know what's going on with their website?
  11. Regional Transit Service - Rochester NY (R-GRTA)

    Every regional subsidiary (with the exception of RTS Livingston) will be switched over to the new regional route restructuring, coming up this September 5th. RTS Livingston appears to have posted their schedules for the Fall semester of Geneseo, so it'll likely be later fall (or later) until they are regionalized into the RTS network like the other subsidiaries.
  12. Fort Erie Transit.

    This morning, Fort Erie Transit posted more information on their expansion, to take effect on September 5, 2017. Although a working schedule hasn't been posted, there are maps showing the planned routes and the general service area. http://forterie.ca/pages/PublicTransitInformation
  13. Fort Erie Transit.

    Good to see this happen, I'd thought that it wasn't going to go through from the articles that I've been seeing recently. Also, kind of off subject, BUT transit related.... https://gobikebuffalo.org/news/gobike-news/article:07-28-2017-12-00am-peace-bridge-sidewalks-to-close-on-august-8/ The Peace Bridge Authority has decided to run a shuttle between Buffalo and Fort Erie for bikers and walkers during the closure of the sidewalks. Service is free, and it's an interesting option if one wants to go over the bridge but hadn't since they didn't want to bike or walk it.
  14. Memphis Area Transit Authority bus operations

    Mentions that the bus is not running and is missing parts. The 2004 Gillig 29's that the NFTA is operating are not the most liked either. I'm assuming that the bus could have suffered some calamity that wasn't worth putting the money into. I'm willing the NFTA may get rid of these sooner than the 2000 Nova LFS we have. Probably the same for MATA.
  15. NFTA-Metro

    No sugarplums and dancing fairies from the looks of this article. However, Kim Minkel is proud of her accomplishments, and completely contradicts herself in a later part of the article... "For her part, Minkel pointed to a series of successes during her seven-year tenure: maintaining and expanding services, providing excellent customer service, and being a good steward of the NFTA's $222 million budget. She's not politically naive, she said, but views her first loyalty to the customers the transportation agency serves. "My focus since becoming the executive director of the NFTA has been to focus on the people that we serve," Minkel said. "That's where I spent my time and my effort. I think the accomplishments of the authority bear out that spending my time there have paid off." ...and later " The authority has weathered some tough times and controversy during Minkel's tenure, including bus route rollbacks and declines in Metro Rail ridership. But Minkel pointed to high customer service ratings at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, the dramatic growth of Niagara Falls International Airport, plans to extend the Metro Rail line and selling Outer Harbor property as examples of achievement." One of the commentors in the "comments" section minced no words: " "Minkel has the respect and loyalty of her managers and the majority of employees at the agency" The largest union which accounts for 1100 of her employees voted nearly unanimously last year in a vote of "no confidence" in Kim Minkel. Phil Wilcox is a traitor to the labor movement and has gone to few (if any) commissioners meetings in the last two years so how would he know if things were "magnificent"? The fact is many of the politicians (some mentioned in this article) are just as guilty as Mrs. Minkel. Politicians have known about issues with the agency for over a year and have given lip service responses to the NFTA workers and public transportation rider advocates. The only ones that have stood up for what's right until now are Senator Kennedy, Mark Schroeder, Councilman Chris Scanlon and Michael Kearns. The fact is politicians are only jumping on now because ride sharing is the sexy issue of the day. Politicians are just as guilty as NFTA management until they hold the NFTA accountable for everyday public transportation issues with buses and the rail and give the proper funding to operate the system WNY deserves." http://buffalonews.com/2017/07/03/nfta-leader-fire-ride-hailing-fees-lack-political-instincts/