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  1. Can't go over the border as of yet. Easier to drive, too.
  2. Regrettably, the Gates area isn't in the "On Demand" zone, which I was hoping would explain a switch from local transit service.
  3. Good point out I should have mentioned too, since a number of trips service the area on a number of runs. Almost every diversion (except school trips) seem to have gotten the axe, much like NFTA-Metro's redesign in 1993, when "streamlining" routes to only a couple variations was the de rigour of the time. Personally, I thought that the soon to be departed system for RTS actually served the passengers better than the present Metro system. Only nitpicky thing was all those letters and symbols to decipher in the timetables. The real question now is...will the passengers that t
  4. A curious part of the redesign involves elimination of public transit service to the Monroe County Airport (ROC). I'm curious of the local response of the service not being picked up by at least one route, though I don't know the amount of patronage over time. I'd think that they'd have some service out there.
  5. Working within tables is a cinch with the visual editor. Prevents me from making mistakes with content going in the right column.
  6. First, Happy New Year to all on CPTDB! I posted a number of months back, asking about the visual editor (which I use on occasion, specifically with working on tables and repeating of citations) and can't find any new responses regarding. Can anyone point me in the right direction, what happened, and if it'll be coming back anytime soon? I'd like to continue with some updates to some of the pages with new cited content, but will wait if the editor is being worked on. Thanks! --- map.man (Darrin)
  7. As one that would roll his eyes about the "heritage trolley" styling, I do have to agree that it's a slight selling point on visitors to cities, being on a trolley-style replica over a BRT styled bus. Has any BRT-styled bus (in any of the big manufacturers) managed to do a replica trolley?
  8. Please delete the following page located at: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Canandaigua_City_School_Disitrict&redirect=no Spelling error noted in the title, and I transferred data to a corrected page. All looked okay, but cut and pasted a spelling error from another website. Oh, the problems of adding content while tired! Thanks. === D
  9. Noticed that the NRT OnDemand pilot has started in Lincoln, Grimsby and Pelham, replacing (at least temporarily) conventional transit services in the West Niagara section of the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Am curious on how well "microtransit", if the term is used correctly, will be embraced by riders. https://www.niagararegion.ca/transit/on-demand/default.aspx
  10. Ahhh....that proves a different situation, instead of pleasure. Roomettes are quite the expensive part though. Can find lodging in Manhattan for less money a night.
  11. Noticed that the fare is more than triple (okay, quadruple) of the regular seat fare. Is flying an option either way? I see you're in between both Daytona Beach and Orlando, and wonder if a shorter ride into either city and maybe a public transit connection to the airport might be a little cheaper and less of a pita. If you fly into JFK, you *could* use the AirTrain into Jamaica and connect to the LIRR instead of being pushed through Penn Station, which I don't personally like doing when Amtraking it into the city. Also, nearly half of the time you're on the trip will be in dar
  12. I remember seeing the Fishbowls frequently on my trips from Downtown all the way out to Alden on the 4-Broadway. I believe that I had mentioned it earlier in another post that it was common to see a line up of the 8 Main, 9 Parkside, 10 West Utica, 12 East Utica, 13 Kensington and 44 Lockport from Utica into downtown. By the time you arrived at Allen, you could also expect the 7 Baynes Richmond to join in. Buses also sported a rear window, and most of the buses had so much black exhaust belching out of the tailpipes. The 4 Broadway, 8 Main, 13 Kensington and 15 Seneca were the
  13. Curious if this may have an effect on the uLinc system too. They've been operating two years approximately, and run on an infrequent schedule. Not sure about the ridership, since I can't get over the border to check it out.
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