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  1. Noticed 1501 is in service on the #34 line this afternoon. Funny, 1601 is running opposite it.
  2. Please remove Corrected descriptor with , a corrected descriptor that hopes falls into policy regarding photography naming requirements. Thanks! --- Darrin
  3. Interesting concept, but what does it do to people knowing where exactly they're getting off at. It does work, however, with the Health Line in Cleveland, as it's named for the entire system.
  4. 1001 already listed in the wiki as Key Bank wrapped, added 2216.
  5. Noticing a number of the trolleys ending up on busy school trippers like the 23-Fillmore (Frontier does a few of the trips, usually it's Cold Spring for base service). With the tendency of the kids liking to damage the seats with permanent markers and scratching them up with ?knives? (dear god, I hope not), it's not really a wise choice in my opinion.
  6. Hard to get new cars due to gauge of tracks. Will most likely get overhauled like the rest.
  7. Corrected the information and cited. Thanks for the info. I've not been able to do too much lately with updates. Which fleet number ended up as the restaurant on Abbott near Armor Duells Road? I remembered seeing it from the window of the Abbott Road bus, and can't remember the fleet number on it (it's predated my time on here).
  8. Info removed and marked as disputed until more accurate number can be entered with citation. Also, are there 26 railcars, not 27? I remember one was damaged upon delivery (if not mistaken).
  9. I'm looking at the same page, and quote: Don't know where you're getting the number 400. If you're just adding each series (1100's, 1200's, 1300's...etc..) you're not taking into consideration the buses that may have been retired from service. This is particularly important with the 2100 and 2200 series, which are in the process of retirement. I don't think it's a wise idea to ever refer to an exact number, since the number can actually go down or up in frequent circumstances. "Approximately" gives a little leeway if there are sudden changes that are not known at that moment it's referred to. Hope that answers.
  10. Will update the wiki. Thanks.
  11. Will keep an eye out for it. If it's Key Bank, it's probably going to be a lot of red and white in the wrap. Kind of hard to miss.
  12. I think it was fenced off, but I didn't look to remember if it was or not. Will likely take a walk later tonight...will see then.
  13. Went walking through the Zoo area last night and am surprised that the old shelter on the corner of Parkside at Amherst is still standing after all these years. Only thing wrong with it is that it has no roof...and passengers to use it.
  14. I so wanted to say the same thing, but considered not, due to the same reasons. Haha.
  15. Not exactly sure what's "crazy" about it. Two trips on the same block number were consecutively out of service. The trips were given with more notice that they're normally given. Driver may have been out sick, or there were actually no buses available to cover it. Babcock (the division that operates the bus) does have a shortage of buses. If you looked at other Babcock routes, route number 1-William (7:09am inbound from Goethe and 7:50am outbound from Carolina), 6-Sycamore (6:15am from Waterfront and 7:08am from Galleria), and 4-Broadway (6:49am from Michael and 7:25am from Carolina) also had similar circumstances. A little over ninety minutes later, Metro cleared the alerts like they normally do. Looks like they had a particularly bad day. On that subject, one of my drivers from the #13 Kensington (Cold Spring) picked up an extra last week or the week before on the #19 Bailey (Babcock) on her day off. Noticed her driving that particular trip and was sharp enough to catch her running a trip out of a different garage than she normally does. I'd like to see either the route 34 (the East Aurora via Springbrook), 2 (BDF) or 15 (C) return service to East Aurora mid-days. Unfortunately, not enough ridership to warrant that return. At least there's the lone trip inbound from East Aurora at 11:45am and outbound from Downtown Transpo Center at 1:00pm on Coach USA-Erie. And those buses have COMFORTABLE long-distance coach seating...all for $2.00/ow. Note: the services are supposed to be made available exclusively to University students, faculty and staff. You *might* encounter an issue without a University at Buffalo affiliated reason or identification. Virtually all the "First Transit" buses have pass readers at the front door, however, I don't know if that is the same case for the cutaways, operated directly by the University at Buffalo.