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  1. So Metro announced the proposals of changes to the #1, 2 & 4 lines to end at the Transportation Center, rather than the West 4th and Genesee terminal that's presently used. I can see better connections to route number 15, but the trips already connect to the #3, 5, 11, 20, 25, 40 at the Court Street area, as well as #6, 8, 14, 16, 24 and 36 near the library or Washington Street at Broadway. Is there a specific reason to take service out of the area behind City Hall (which would eliminate service entirely), and duplicate services along Pearl and Franklin Streets which are already busy enough with the streets going two-way. I'm curious what this is going to do to running times, and if it will create excessive delays.
  2. Was on Avail Technologies site, and noticed that Hazleton Public Transit (HPT) and County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) use Avail for their bus tracking. After some digging online, I was able to find the COLTS bus tracker for a computer desktop, but haven't for HPT. Anyone possibly know the site address to access this? From the looks of it, COLTS doesn't list the tracker anywhere that I've found on their website, and a number of Google searches finally showed it. It's a great tool to see if particular buses are still out on the roads, and if there are new ones received that the board hasn't seen yet. (of note: I did get to download the tracker covering all agencies to my smartphone using their app - - - I'd like to see if there's a desktop version.) Thanks!
  3. 1704 on Colvin today on the 2nd inbound from Fillmore/Wales. Running late, surprised it showed on the tracker as my trip. It'll be elsewhere, since i think this trip does a lot of interlines.
  4. Please remove this image. Replaced with color logo, from black and white.
  5. There's a number of them that I frequent: Auctions International: NFTA Metro uses this one, as well as a couple other agencies. Government Deals (.ca & .com) Public Surplus: opened an account (VERY easy, and for free. Accounts allow user to search into closed auctions for further information. Purple Wave: Many mid-west agencies (Wichita Transit, Topeka Transit). Note: Do a "full" search. It will show all the information on each bus, VIN/Engine/Trans. E-Bay (Buses through E-Bay Motors): Note: Most of the sites also list the Fleet numbers with their VIN numbers for vehicles for sale. Helps building the lists that are lacking information. If I find any more, I'll update this. Good luck! --- Darrin
  6. Please correct the following: This to "Red Rose Transit Authority A64-A70, A73". This to "Red Rose Transit Authority A79-A81". This to "Red Rose Transit Authority A71-A72, A74-A78". Additional VIN numbers have been acquired, resulting in changes to some parameters; and correcting some numbers to correct model year. Thanks!
  7. As an American, I congratulate Canada on their 150th birthday!
  8. That wasn't a problem...was hoping that something that 1701-1703 weren't going to be diesel, 1704-1705 CNG, etc, etc... Surprisingly, some of the license plates that are used already follow some form of consistency. Not going to fill in the blanks, but they do appear that you can deduce the VIN series by the plate numbers. Only issue is if they are not that way...don't want to put the accuracy at risk.
  9. Drivers in Buffalo hate 'em too. Drivers here have the same issues, and passengers regularly complain about the Insight Prime seats being super uncomfortable, especially on pot-hole lined streets. The NFTA went from comfortable padded seats back to hard plastic-like seats due to the ease of cleaning after some passengers soil them (ew!). We received our 3rd series of CNG buses in the 4th generation, as well as eight diesel buses; from what I gather, the diesel buses have the same inside setup. A while back, I also heard of some coolant leaking into the passenger compartment from under the bus...I can't confirm it from an earlier post. I'd take a Gillig Advantage (with American Seating 6468) any day over the Novas. With so many people on here not caring for Gilligs, it says a lot about the Novas. Edit: I also want to say that it's sad that the NFTA has had to resort to putting the shields up to shelter the driver from passengers. The barriers come too close to the swipe area of the farebox, and it's difficult to hear the driver when you're trying to hear their answers if you ask a question. A bad sign of the times.
  10. Done. Is there a way for the wiki to use any or all of the pictures that you provided for the trolleys? I'll make sure you get the recognition when uploaded to the wiki.
  11. I was hoping that the fleet numbers wouldn't be mixed, which would make the wiki a little more confusing to look at.
  12. Quick note: just saw the 2017-2018 budget, and the buses expected in this order are 16 CNG and 8 Diesel. Assuming with that information, 1701-1716 will be CNG, 1717-1724 will be Diesel. Highly unlikely that there will be 26 buses, that I've seen floating around on some messages. Am going to correct the wiki with the documented information.
  13. Niagara Falls will be implementing improvements to some of their transit routes during the spring and summer of 2017. Note picture below.
  14. Assuming the worst and highest mileage of the 2100's and the 2200's. I don't think the 2000's are as bad, but they may be arriving retirement soon, too. I'm dying to see the 2400's go. Too small for passenger demand, and the schedulers always seems to have them on busy routes when they're not appropriate....but that might also be from multiple interlining on many routes. Was on a rush-hour trip on route 25 one day, and we had two wheelchairs on a 2400. Add to that, the whole entire trip was standing room only, we were literally on each other.
  15. I'm wondering if the NFTA has noticed that people are jumping into the tunnels (like at University Station) to write in the dust that's accumulated on the walls of the tunnel in the station. Once, there was a little "colorful" language sitting across from the platform. Surprisingly, it was cleaned up the next time I went down. Doesn't the NFTA have a pressurized washer that they can drive on the tracks? Seems like they can cover a lot more territory in a short period of time, rather than running a rag only over the offending language? It looks like they don't really care about the big picture. Overall, I think Delavan is by far, the worst station.