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  1. Ha! Buffalo (though not in Ontario) has been running 2000 Novas, 2001 and 2002 Gilligs until this year. If not mistaken, we were operating one of the last Nova Classic's in use (a 1996) until a few years ago. We run the heck out of our fleet. By the time they are retired, they are auctioned off for scrap.
  2. Just got back from vacation and noted that Citibus #1636 (a Ford Cutaway) is up for auction. https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/28803/item/2010-ford-e450-bus-177328
  3. Recently, Greene County Transit changes to "on-demand" service due to COVID-19 protocols. https://www.greenegovernment.com/scoop/greene-county-transit-will-be-on-call-route-service-beginning-friday-march-27-2020 Greene County Transit services Greene County in the mid-Hudson Valley, between New York City and Albany. Previously, a shuttle also operated into Columbia County, linking up with Columbia County Public Transportations' Hudson-Greenport Shipping Shuttle.
  4. Another article, from Buffalo Rising. https://www.buffalorising.com/2022/04/electric-announcement-on-earth-day-from-the-nfta/
  5. Conventional transit buses, no. Para-transit, I believe so. There's recent Dodge cutaways (since the pandemic started) in the 84## series, if not mistaken.
  6. Notice a lot of the agencies don't bother having fleets from before 2006-2007. We just finally wiped out our 2000 Nova LFS and 2001 Gillig Advantage buses in Buffalo. Soon, we might be ending the 2002 and 2004 Advantage buses too.
  7. Wish I could have ridden an Invero once. We don't have them over in the states, except for a couple agencies out west, Have seen them on the way into Toronto (through Niagara Region Transit and St. Catharines). Interesting look to them. Trying to get into most models at least once to try out.
  8. I noticed on the CAT tracker that new buses, series 21## are coming up as being out. 2103, 2111, 2110, 2112, 2102, 2107, 2104, 2109 are the active buses. Anybody know the mfg, model, etc.?
  9. Am assuming the Niagara Falls stop is to alight passengers going to stops before Toronto. I can assume that passengers are going to be encouraged to use GO to intermediate points, by bus or train. Fort Erie could be tricky, because one would have to use a local service by Niagara Transit to Niagara Square and connect to the Fort Erie shuttle there.
  10. The present way of doing things in Buffalo is somewhat broken, in my opinion. Transit police and bus drivers do not have enough control of situations with fighting, swearing and general misbehavior on a number of buses, whether a school tripper or general transit service for the public. I can't tell you how many times I've had students on buses "take over" and disrespect other passengers that are on these buses. Some regular passengers have even gone to the point of remarking on social media that they are afraid of the students, and try to avoid dismissal times where the majority of passengers are students. For years I relied on a school district to transport me on a bus (ONE bus) that I got to choose from daily. If one got kicked off the bus for misbehavior there were three choices; walk, have the parent transport, or rely on a friend that has a license (and car). With the COVID situation now, we also want to watch how "full" or "crush load" buses can get to.
  11. Saw that it "could". I'm curious if the new governor would do that, and it's worth mentioning, since another state has done it. That makes it a "not unheard of" situation.
  12. Kind of off-topic, but relates to school services being offered by public transit providers in replacement of school bus carriers' inability to fill runs. It's an interesting read, particularly since it's in our own state. https://cnycentral.com/news/local/centro-school-bus-driver-shortage-could-prompt-activation-of-national-guard-in-new-york?fbclid=IwAR3VOF-GcYf7GfpzRVr39ZjiZDn2FLwzfoGjSN2ActtlD7YU4rnnCmfnxaI
  13. This just hit Syracuse's eyes: https://cnycentral.com/news/local/centro-school-bus-driver-shortage-could-prompt-activation-of-national-guard-in-new-york?fbclid=IwAR3VOF-GcYf7GfpzRVr39ZjiZDn2FLwzfoGjSN2ActtlD7YU4rnnCmfnxaI
  14. There's a separate tier of routes with limited service in the 100's range. Added service from the schools is also available in conventional routes and is supposed to be open door to conventional passengers too. Metro's got it's share of troubles with many cancelled trips daily, and I'm betting they're struggling to meet the schedules when they can. One recent weekday had nearly 60-70 trip cancellations for whatever reason. With that being said, I've seen Metro attempt methods that other state agencies have implemented, and am curious if they just might a drastic drop in service to minimize lost runs from the schedules.
  15. Feel bad for them, since they had just implemented their fall schedules within the past seven days. Centro announced they are reverting to an "enhanced" Saturday schedule this weekend, too. Locally (Buffalo), First Student allegedly had 30 drivers quit the day before classes, however, the number was dropped to 18 according to them. Curious if Metro may have to help out in some form, eventually.
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