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  1. map.man (Darrin)


    Previous experience is a "no". On occasion, you may get a driver that might, but it's rare.
  2. map.man (Darrin)

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Since you may be familiar with them, were the trolley buses as accepted as the beloved streetcar? I would assume the overhead wiring was almost identical to the streetcars, correct? IMO, it just doesn't look as understandable as a streetcar using it.
  3. map.man (Darrin)

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    I would think it's going to be typical of any agency, where ever you are. The electric bus is new technology, and it' relatively safe to assume that they will be tested over time to make sure that they are worth the effort to continue purchasing. Here, in Buffalo, we're planning on getting a few electric powered buses to test out before jumping into it, full force. We did the same in the 1990's when we made our first attempt at CNG buses, which (at the time) were not perfected. Fast forward over twenty years later, and the reliability factor has improved to a point that we began purchasing them in smaller batches. We're nearly at 80 buses powered by CNG, but are still ordering diesel to be cautious. I would hate to see the TTC end up with a heavy fraction of the buses removed from service because of issues that were not investigated into early enough. It's bad enough trying to catch buses at the present time, along busy routes.
  4. map.man (Darrin)

    UB Stampede

    Those seats are going to significantly lessen the total passenger loads at crush-hour.
  5. map.man (Darrin)

    GO Transit

    Have you been on the QEW between Hamilton and Oakville? Did Megabus from Toronto and hit that section, put us over two hours off schedule arriving into Buffalo, due to some accident. If not mistaken, it was a simple Monday afternoon, and absolute gridlock. One of the advantages that I see with rail is less accidents and traffic jams, not saying, however, that there are none. The whole region needs more rail, all the way down to Niagara. Rail is the best way to move people efficiently.
  6. map.man (Darrin)

    Welland Transit

    Although I don't want to speak for him, I'm certain that's what it is, a summary. I have to say, there's a lot of interesting listings this time around, for all agencies.
  7. map.man (Darrin)


    The 60 *did* serve downtown Niagara Falls at one time, but the line duplicated the same route as route 55 between the Niagara Transit Center and downtown. I think there was a lack of ridership. Being that I don't really use the system like I had before October, I would have liked easier service to the Outlet Mall if I was still using the buses to the Falls. Going through the Portage Road Transit Center on weekdays or rolling the dice on a connection along Buffalo Avenue to the 50 was a PITA. Weekends used to be worse.
  8. map.man (Darrin)


    Do you actually mean the #60? The #40 operates rather frequently (at least once-hourly during most hours), including weekends. It's also a step up from what was offered about ten years ago. The 204 doesn't operate all that often (limited service), so I don't know why you refer to it as a full-time route.
  9. map.man (Darrin)

    JATRAN - Jackson, Mississippi

    (removed, changed to proper acronym)
  10. map.man (Darrin)


    I'd like to see an express or limited service utilizing a #00 series system, with the last two numbers matching the closest route. In areas such as the 11/25, 14/16, and 5/40, I think it's almost a no-brainer going limited on one of the lines. The concept that you offer is close to the 60AB that was previously offered. Buses were extended down Pine Avenue, though, instead of the Niagara Transit Center. I also think that the 60 had a special summer service that ran hourly, almost identical to your idea. Don't know if lack of ridership contributed to its demise, it lasted the summer season only, sometime in the mid-90's.. From the looks of it, someone downtown is starting to listen, since all other options (wrong ones) are getting exhausted.
  11. map.man (Darrin)


    I just read through the latest surface transportation committee meeting's minutes' discussion items from March 28, and see that the authority is ready to take some good steps in repairing their service delivery to passengers. Noticing these standing out: Improved service delivery: increasing frequencies on certain routes. Addition of limited stop service on some routes, speeding up service between terminal ends. Development of a new and improved timetable and map. An enhanced website that is mobile-friendly. Enhancements to the North Division transit hub, including a canopy along the Adam Ramp side. Mobile ticketing (implemented) Expansion of waiting shelters. Much of this is going to be contingent on added funding. Hope some of this can actually happen. https://v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicItemDownload.aspx?ik=44139578
  12. map.man (Darrin)


    I do stand corrected. Saw a laundry list of offerings and jumped the gun on *what* exactly was available. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. map.man (Darrin)


    The NFTA implemented an online pass and ticketing app feature this morning, operated by Token Transit. With your smart phone, you can order one-way, day, weekly and monthly passes. The app displays an operating ID screen that disappears, once it becomes inactive. The NFTA also recommends that users activate the one-way fare when the bus is in sight, since it has a fifteen minute time limit before deactivating. Drivers are unable to confirm that a passenger has paid after that time period. The rail allows a twenty minute total active state (the app would require it's use as a POP), and passengers activate their ticket before going underground in the station. http://metro.nfta.com/tokentransit/
  14. map.man (Darrin)

    Hamilton Street Railway

    I thought that was always the Canadian way.
  15. map.man (Darrin)

    UB Stampede

    That hill just past Main, on Bailey is the worst in a snowstorm.