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  1. Noticed that the NRT OnDemand pilot has started in Lincoln, Grimsby and Pelham, replacing (at least temporarily) conventional transit services in the West Niagara section of the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Am curious on how well "microtransit", if the term is used correctly, will be embraced by riders. https://www.niagararegion.ca/transit/on-demand/default.aspx
  2. Ahhh....that proves a different situation, instead of pleasure. Roomettes are quite the expensive part though. Can find lodging in Manhattan for less money a night.
  3. Noticed that the fare is more than triple (okay, quadruple) of the regular seat fare. Is flying an option either way? I see you're in between both Daytona Beach and Orlando, and wonder if a shorter ride into either city and maybe a public transit connection to the airport might be a little cheaper and less of a pita. If you fly into JFK, you *could* use the AirTrain into Jamaica and connect to the LIRR instead of being pushed through Penn Station, which I don't personally like doing when Amtraking it into the city. Also, nearly half of the time you're on the trip will be in darkness outside, depending on the dates traveled. Just my opinion though. That's an expensive hotel room for a day. Additionally (moderators), can this thread be bumped to "General Railway Discussion" section? I think it's a more appropriate location for the discussion.
  4. I remember seeing the Fishbowls frequently on my trips from Downtown all the way out to Alden on the 4-Broadway. I believe that I had mentioned it earlier in another post that it was common to see a line up of the 8 Main, 9 Parkside, 10 West Utica, 12 East Utica, 13 Kensington and 44 Lockport from Utica into downtown. By the time you arrived at Allen, you could also expect the 7 Baynes Richmond to join in. Buses also sported a rear window, and most of the buses had so much black exhaust belching out of the tailpipes. The 4 Broadway, 8 Main, 13 Kensington and 15 Seneca were the routes with the most variations, necessitating the branches like the "8U" which follows much of today's 34 Niagara Falls Boulevard bus. I even think that some of the routes went as far as using a "Z" branch. You also had to watch some of the buses that were early versions of "limited" service. Those buses had a red background where the letter was, and the side signage listed the "first stop", instead of the route. With the very frequent service on Broadway, you could see occasional "first stop Fillmore", or "first stop City Line" indicators so that heavy-patronized trips with suburban passengers got a seat, while city passengers would be on a following "City Line" destined trip. Wasn't perfect, but it did help distribute passenger loads. The CPTDB wiki has a page for the routes at: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Routes_of_the_Niagara_Frontier_Transportation_Authority. It's an interesting read if you're curious about what routes did what at certain times.
  5. Curious if this may have an effect on the uLinc system too. They've been operating two years approximately, and run on an infrequent schedule. Not sure about the ridership, since I can't get over the border to check it out.
  6. Getting the following error when using the visual editor this afternoon. Thought I'd give a heads-up -- Darrin
  7. Adirondack and New York Trailways pool service.
  8. And, I had corrected myself. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Ummmmm....wrong Rochester. This is for Rochester, NY, not Minnesota. N/M...got confused thinking you were speaking of the "other" Rochester, in MN
  10. Wow, my numbers were way off. Still, would the benefit of the larger bus and costs associated with it only be negligible?
  11. Should be noted that Greyhound will not gain as many passengers as one thinks with a double-decker.. DD-925 - 81 (27 with social distancing) D4500 - 57 (20 with social distancing) X3-45 - 57 (20 with social distancing) I'm thinking if they do 1/3 of the passengers, which is the magic number if not mistaken for distancing, they benefit from only seven extra passengers...completely out of the picture with the issues that double-deckers already provide, height being a major issue with center city terminals. Who other than Van Hool offers double-deckers in the US now, and are they already accepted or ?fully vetted? for use in the United States? ---sorry for the confusion on "vetted", I think that's the term I've read previously. Another question...are there articulated long-distance coaches in the US? I can see them on local services, and commuter express trips, but think that heavy interstate driving would be too much wear and tear for them to last any lengthy period of time. Just my view. Another option is the raising of fares to reflect the costs of operating and maintaining the line or route. It might cut down on some ridership, but there are people without cars that will need to take the bus to get to another regional terminal.
  12. I wish the cross-border trips into Buffalo had done that more often. The waits in traffic on the QEW in addition to delays at the customs checkpoints could easily put a bus 3-4 hours off schedule. Granted, the QEW is out of anyone's hands in speeding up, but the ability to be ready at the border? Clearly preventable. Glad my next trip(s) will be by driving. Fortunately I know most of the shortcuts from the Megabus drivers, taking some local routes. Just, please don't send me through via the Linc! lol
  13. I know most of the NYC-Toronto corridor is primarily Greyhound USA, but the section carrying passengers from Toronto over the border into Buffalo a few years back used to have back-to-back trips every weekend in the evening hours. I think I was supposed to be on a 6:00 trip or so, and ended up waiting until 8:00 for me to be able to get onto a freed up bus. We ended up getting a non-stop to the border and that included sitting on the QEW near Trafalgar Road in Oakville for well over an hour. Ended up missing my local connection in Buffalo and had to cab it home the rest of the way. Amtrak's once-daily from Toronto is also known to be pretty full too. Of note: Everyone should know that the Toronto to Buffalo trip requires crossing a border to get into the USA. Why people don't have their passport on their person baffles me to no end. Our one driver insisted on everyone show their passport when boarding, and to keep it on them. Fastest border crossing, EVER.
  14. If you do a quick search on Google for "Hudson Rail Link", a number of pictures of their buses (Blue Bird, predominantly) shows up. I've noticed a number of them also carry an "M" in front of the fleet number. A quick check showed buses with numbers as low as M0018 up to M0043. The other carrier, "Hudson Link" operates much further north of the Bronx, and replaced Tappan Zee Express buses. Those buses are Prevost X3-45 buses, and carry an R801-R831 series of fleet numbers. https://www.google.com/search?q=Hudson+Rail+Link&client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ALeKk01OQ6KwYNVcUZaRuDyNNMesAGoSRw:1589905589835&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwif8aHvq8DpAhXyhHIEHSeKB9gQ_AUoA3oECB4QBQ&biw=1920&bih=910#imgrc=cTTFUyGIgecVCM Hope this helps!
  15. The fact that someone effectively jumped the fence and did what they did to the bus was a story in itself. Too bad, especially in these times.
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