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  1. CitiBus buses are up for auction. https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/city-of-watertown-ny-18979-18979
  2. That's what I had said. In the "active" roster, 201901 is listed as an active coach now. In the "on order" roster, there's a listing "TBD", and am asking if this is the same bus. The line shows a 2018 bus, and am questioning if it is an additional bus that hasn't been delivered, or if it's the same coach. It's duplicitous and should be removed if the "on order" status is not correct anymore. (Asking for clarity, since I don't know much of the goings on, other than what I read. I like to keep abreast of the rosters over the border, since I'm in Buffalo).
  3. Wiki question: There's a new entry for the addition of 201901 to the fleet, however, there is also a past entry for the same type of vehicle "TBD" listed for receipt in 2018. Same vehicle, or another one? Not sure if an oversight, want to ask before correcting. --- D
  4. --- slightly off topic, but does involve the NFTA. Does anyone have information on the ?British-Leyland? diesel rail car that the area tested in the Southtowns in the late 80's or early 90's? I remember that the NFTA was possibly the agency that exhibited it in Hamburg, and ran a sort of shuttle south of there for a distance. Am curious and would like to have a short mention in a new section on the wiki page.
  5. Kind of funny that the gap is that wide, until noon-ish, then every hour into the evening.
  6. Just checked out and saw that there's still a gap after 7:30am, until 11:30am on the 22-Fort Erie Job Bus route. Is that a possible mistake, or unnoticed?
  7. Are you talking about 101-106? According to Auctions International, they were up for auction in May of 2019. I can look to see if any of them were in fact, sold. According their website, the purchases were approved to sell at the auction. Someone appeared to grab five of them. https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/business-surplus-birnie-bus-ny-17703-17703
  8. When I first saw a look at the new logo, I agree that it looked very dated. The name of the authority is also nowhere as bad as what I'd heard the NFTA (my agency) or MARTA stood for. I've been watching the site to see how quickly everything gets updated, including the grossly less than medicocre schedules. COLTS (just northeast of them) contracted with an outside agency and has produced a timetable that to this day I think should be the benchmark for all timetables created at agencies. I also like the Russell's Guide, but do understand that it's not the favorite of a typical traveler. I do believe a lot of the dog and pony show doesn't sit well with the ridership, ESPECIALLY when there isn't a management shake up to go with it. A new look can revive a name when it's carefully thought out, with service expansions, fare caps, and newer technologies to get people where they want to go, in the most efficient way possible. Also of note: their switch to Avail Technologies may (imo) bring the three agencies (COLTS, NEPTA and HPT) under one technology umbrella. I'd also like to see if they can modernize the LATS system with the same technology and better connections to the STS system.
  9. Effective August 1, 2019, the LCTA has rebranded as the Northeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. The new site is https://www.gonepta.org/. Don't know how long the lctabus.com site will be operating, but it is operating for the time being. Of note, they're switching to the Avail tracking system, in which I think it will be easier to recognize their active fleet in service. It's not clear if this is the precursor to amalgamation of LCTA with COLTS and Hazleton systems, but sounds like it *could* happen.
  10. Not looking for an issue, but pointing out that the person is Jarrett Walker. Was interested in what he had to offer on his blog. https://humantransit.org/
  11. Trust me when I say, I've heard horror stories about the fabric seats on the buses here. Can someone say....ew? The ones I had mentions are a hard resin material, and when a bus (even new ones) hit a substantial bump in the road, you feel it. Broke my tailbone over the winter, and lucked out with getting a driver that actually requested a bus with padded seats so that I could bear the one + hour ride into Buffalo on the Thruway.
  12. These? http://www.americanseating.com/transportation/products/insight-prime Lots of complaints from passengers due to discomfort.
  13. Don't know if this will go off-topic, but is tied in with PAT as an agency... A little digging found little information on the previous PATrain service in the Mon-Valley. I tried adding information I could find, and hit a block. Can someone provide any correct information in what's missing on the table below? Much appreciated... from...https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Port_Authority_of_Allegheny_County#Locomotive Locomotive Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model CN class Engine horsepower Gearing top speed HEP generator Notes 6690 1953 EMD F7A Ex-Wellsville, Addison and Galeton 2200. Exx-Southern Pacific Railway 6443. To Connecticut Department of Transportation 6690. To Galveston Railroad Museum 315. 6691 1953 EMD F7A Ex-Wellsville, Addison and Galeton 2300. Exx-Texas and New Orleans Railroad 365 To Connecticut Department of Transportation 6691. To Galveston Railroad Museum 316. Rail cars Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Type Seats Notes 1600-1610 Pullman Ex-Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, unknown fleet numbers. To Connecticut Department of Transportation, for use on the new (at the time) Shore Line East services.
  14. Misprogrammed, showing the side route instead. Nothing drivers did.
  15. Noticed myself, yesterday, and thought it was my eyes. New programming installed, or new hardware?
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