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  1. map.man (Darrin)


    Most likely working on the remaining 2100 or 2200 series buses. Nice to see the 2000-series buses are in decent enough condition. Betting money that they'll make it 20 years for most of them.
  2. map.man (Darrin)

    Fort Erie Transit.

    Noticed that the new Fort Erie Transit may not be operating as the community had hoped. They'll be keeping the expanded service, but reverting to one-way loop bus service, instead of the bi-directional routes that they implemented. http://fetransit.ca/fort-erie-transit-reverts-back-to-one-way-loop-transit-system/ Plans are to make changes in August of this year.
  3. map.man (Darrin)

    Fort Erie Transit.

    Fort Erie announced the addition of a new bus to their fleet (numbered 3208) this morning. Is anyone able to get new information on it and add it to the Wiki? Thanks. https://www.facebook.com/FortErie/?fref=nf