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  1. Howdy, can I get my name changed to "theRTSlegend" Thank you!
  2. Looks like someone updated the wiki and listed the Millenniums as retired - all the Millenniums are still in service, it was the Novas (100s, 200s, and 1123 & 1124) that are all officially retired as of May 10th. The Millenniums will still be in service for the next few years at least, with the exception of 634 which is not yet retired but will be before the Fall semester.
  3. Howdy, Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am wondering if any of y'all know of Texas school that have received, ordered, or are thinking about ordering any fully electric buses. TAMU has three Proterras coming in soon, and I think management is hoping to connect with other schools that are going down similar paths. I have done some research as well as my coworker, but from what I have seen there aren't any electric buses that are actually owned by the schools, not the city or counties around them. Thank you!
  4. 211 found a very happy home with me Some of my friends and I are working on gathering all the info on the new Gilligs as well as filling in some of the missing info from the older buses, and some of the route info is out of date as well. Proterras should be arriving in the next few months hopefully! Should be interesting. One of those friends being @CaptainMorgan648 of course, the person who introduced me to this forum
  5. Yes, first time bus owner! The bus is old but not that old, 2002. I didn't buy it with the sole intention of using it for business but I will be buying more in future for that purpose, and wanted to start things out now with this one because it is in excellent running condition. I have not, I will look into that, thank you!
  6. Maybe not the right place to put this, but I’m sure there are some fellow bus owners in here. I have insurance to drive the bus privately, but I do want to be able to book events and carry passengers for profit. Anyone here have experience with getting commercial insurance or have any tips? The one quote I got was ~$8500/year, which is pretty expensive but I’m sure that’s normal. I have had a CDL 3.5 years and I currently drive professionally for a transit agency.
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