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  1. 1903 was painted into the old Oakville Transit livery a couple weeks ago
  2. 70 and 71 are out this afternoon! Both are on the driver shuttle. Saw and photoed both downtown
  3. Not surprised. With the shortage of buses we have i wouldnt be surprised if they end up on other routes tbh
  4. Thats happening because were so short on buses. That should change by the end of the month
  5. I got off 2110 a couple minutes ago. The electric doors are nice but very slow when closing (most likely because its new). Theres a new stop announcement scroller it shows the stops in a light blue but the one facing the front is a older one (most likely from unit 0821).
  6. Theres a Vicinity on the 20 right now
  7. There is a Niagara Region Transit 2011 XD40 at the Niagara Falls Transit garage. I dont know if its been always parked there but i'd thought i should report this.
  8. Any idea on when the other order of 2022 Novas will come?
  9. parked for the summer according to my source
  10. Are the ex St. Catharines D40LFs still active?
  11. TCB is getting its first Xcelsior. Ex Genentech Shuttle unit 456 is headed up to NS. Its a 2014 XD40. Spotted in Hamilton, Ontario by a friend of mine, sent me a picture of it (wont attach it because i dont have permission to put it here).
  12. 2105 was delivered yesterday (August 26)
  13. That kid has a long history of spamming threads with useless shit. Go look at the Burlington Transit thread (couple newest pages)
  14. Im surprised it didnt end up going to scrap because how much HSR took out of it lol. A friend of mine said he drove past Bryans and he saw a DE41LF there. Dont know what unit it is but we'll know if it gets posted
  15. 0705 will be up for sale on Brians auction in roughly 2 days https://bryansfarm.hibid.com/lot/130007931/2006-newflyer-city-bus-d40ls-transit?ref=catalog
  16. I see where youre coming from but the fact is that he was already banned and he made a new account just to keep postinf the same stuff that he was originally banned for is dumb. Plus he was already banned on his new account but not permanently. (i have proof)
  17. 2217 entered service on the 53/57 interline on the 19th of August, 2218 entered service on the 50 on the 20th of August (got changed off), 2219 entered service today (August 22) on route 1
  18. No it all depends on what year the model is from (different then the year were built)
  19. 2102, 2116 and 2120 was delivered today. Pretty sure all of the units are delivered now (someone correct me if im wrong). Bell is also at MTC installing radios in them.
  20. Sorry for another notification but this also happened when the Barton was ran by 60 foots
  21. A Vicinity did do the 20 one night forget when it happened
  22. They are on the MyRide On Demand, 12 at times and 6/7/8 on weekends. Theyve made a apperence on the 99 a couple times this year
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