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  1. looking sharp! got to get a shot of this asap. I take it as 7056 will be wrapped until Christmas
  2. I got a chance to see and photo 0706 yesterday. The engine sounded great, it had a nice growl when the driver stepped on the gas when pulling into Eastgate.
  3. Does NFT have any more Orion OGs left? I know they just retired at least 4. If they have some left, i want to make a trip down to Niagara to fan the OGs
  4. 2006 D40LF 0711 seen heading Northbound on Nash Road North approching Barton Street East on August 24, 2021
  5. I got a question. I applied to be a Wiki editor and I haven't gotten any response, so does this mean I've been declined?
  6. Forgot to say this yesterday. I road 0520, 0702, and 0602 yesterday and they all worked good. 0520 did a good job on the RHVP even though it was a short journey but still good. 0702 heat wasn't really that good. It was very spotty. And 0602 nothing wrong with it, it rode great, the heat was great, it sounded nice.
  7. that too. like i said in my first message this is just a "odd thought"
  8. It was in a accident on October 5, 2020 and aparently the engine was pushed back so maybe BT wants to keep 7044-08 running instead of fixing 71904.
  9. I dont know why but i have a feeling 71904 is retired because 4 of the new LFS' were suppose to replace 4 buses which would be 7037-07, 7039-07, 7043-08, and 7044-08. 7044-08 is still roaming the streets and theres no sign of 71904 anywhere. So they couldve used one of the 2021 Novas to replace 71904. This isnt confirmed this is just a odd thought
  10. ive been noticing more buses having the white rims. 1428, 921, 0708, are a couple to be named
  11. according to the messages above all of 0701-0709 will be coming back
  12. Hopefully everyone is okay in the 2025 crash. And what do you mean by "fixed object"?
  13. 72105 in service on the 12. The tracker is spotty so it hasnt been tracking good today
  14. Went to Burlington to catch some of the new Novas and i caught the newest to enter service 72106 and oldest bus in service 7044-08. I noticed on 72106 it has new destination sign programming. I wonder if the rest of the order will enter service with that destination sign programming
  15. 72106 is on the 10. First day of service
  16. 1426 appered to be on the 27/35 yesterday. Didnt take long for it to come back
  17. I got a video of it at MTC last night. Very minor damage done to the bus. Shouldnt be out long
  18. Good. I was reading online that there was no reported injuries
  19. Bad news for you XN60 fans. Bus 1426 caught fire about 50 minutes ago on the 25.
  20. i was told about a week ago by a HSR driver that bus 935 is sitting in the graveyard with a crap ton of parts missing and is retired. can someone confirm this please?
  21. i photoed 72102 outside Burlington GO around 2:30PM yesterday
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