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  1. Maybe it means that it is possible to use trolley to run 41 for now but just the turn in Joyce station. I just found out that every time if there is a construction or a minor detour on a trolley route translink always despatch diesels for that day or that period of time just because the current trolleys have weaker nickel cadmium batteries and using diesels can be a easier maneuvering but wasting most of the wire on the majority of the route. If translink have trolleys that have IMC and Powerful lithium ion batteries, like the trolleys in most part of Europe and China, keep using trolleys won’t be a problem.
  2. Ok I see, and I've been hearing some news on Joyce Station construction
  3. What I'm thinking is that Translink might not buy Bombardier Innovia trains because Bombardier will be part of Alstom soon and there are other railway manufactures who have the experience of manufacturing LIM trains like Kawasaki and CRRC or some might have the ability to but just haven have the experience such as Alstom, Siemens, Caf and Stadler. Still the skytrain system is built using UTDC Bombardier technology and with all bombardier trains, which means that there have to be a manufacture who know or understand this technology which in a big probability CRRC.
  4. I saw your video on riding the Last Mark 3 train, a really nice and in depth video to celebrate the comissioning of the Last Mark 3 train. I haven't been riding skytrain for alsmot a year and hoping to ride again and see more new trains.
  5. May be some of the transit alerts here can help to explain the main reasons.
  6. Spotted a Not in Service trolley on 41st avenue as usual for trolleys to dead heading, but there are no any updates on the return of trolleys on 41. Hoping to see trolleys by end of this month or November.
  7. Yes I believe the Operations & Bus Dispatch should act soon to bring back trolleys for 41, and this is the same case for the Oakridge area, where wires were shifted and it gives enough space for trolleys to maneuver through. The thing is that whether the drivers on the 41 have the skills on operating a trolley because operating a trolley can be very tricky task especially for new drivers with switches and power off compare to driving a diesel just easy to operate them, hopefully the operators on 41 have the skills for driving the trolleys.
  8. Nice and hoping the last stylish mark 3 enter service will bring more frequent service as well as comfort and space for passengers.
  9. Hi everyone I’m a new member in CPTDB, I just have noticed that 41 have been operating with diesels again since early August up until now, are there any reasons for this, because I just read about construction in Joyce station area and Oakridge affecting the use of trolleys. When will 41 return back to trolleys?
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