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  1. Out of curiosity, does anyone know why the Allison hybrid gillig buses tick? They make a rhythmic ticking sound from the exhaust stack. My agency doesn’t have any new diesel buses so I’m not sure if it’s a hybrid only thing or if it’s all newer diesel powered buses
  2. So, once you turn 21, go get your cdl permit (we guide you through it) and come work for us! We train you how to drive the bus and everything. And honestly, it’s not as hard as you think. The saying we have is “live in your mirrors,” always watch your mirrors and you’ll be fine. It comes with practice. If you’re ever on my bus, I can kinda show you how we maneuver around and stuff if you want!
  3. So it is under warranty however the insurance company doesn’t think it’s $1.4 million worth of damage so for now, they’re going to try to repair it. I highly doubt it’ll work but we’ll see
  4. So unfortunately, 3511 has been totaled after an accident. The driver of the bus was okay and all of the passengers were as well. I’m not sure if they’ll try to repair it or what it’s disposition status is. The bus operator was not at fault
  5. To my knowledge it’s a spare right now. They mix around the buses every time we have a schedule shakeup. It’s still around though so it’s not been retired
  6. Well I haven’t ridden on a newer 60footer so im not sure but the 40 and 35 footers do it. I rode multiple examples of it at both agencies and they all did it. Unless MAN redesigned the front axel that new flyer uses
  7. We had a shakeup (schedule change) and I’m all mornings now haha. I do something different every day now too. I kind of enjoy it but I do miss my old 12!
  8. So, another random question. Does anyone know if NFI started using a new front axle from maybe like 2019 onwards? I used to ride on 2012 models of XN40’s and their ride quality was great, but I recently rode on NCTD’s 2021 model of XN40 and it seemed like the front axles had a rough time with certain bumps, feeling like you bottomed out even though you hadn’t. The XE35s that my company just received also drive like this. Any thoughts?
  9. So, it depends. Basically the two concepts are meant to contrast each other, then we’ll come together and create a new map based on the feedback we receive. There will be new routes, but we have to balance our resources. That’s why, for example, there’s way more routes but far lower frequency in the coverage concept and fewer routes but much higher frequency on the ridership concept. In fact, ridership concept includes 15 minute service on key routes on Sunday!
  10. Couple of things to keep in mind about the route redesign: we will be blending the two together, it won’t be all ridership nor all coverage. 2.) we don’t want the full coverage option - this is because most route become hourly on that option because there’s more routes than now - we want to blend them because in the ridership scenario, Sunday service is all half hourly.
  11. 4012 and 4010 have been retired. (I think KPD got them to train on). 4008 and 4021 are still with us. They were just spares in the last shakeup.
  12. That’s what I though. Half the time, it doesn’t feel like a steel plate but like something else underneath too. (Only the steel plate when you REALLY bottom out). I wish it weren’t so because they’re awesome busses.
  13. Hey, so I don’t know if anyone else can speak to this but my agency has received a batch of XE35s and while I love them, they seem to ride VERY low. I grew up riding on XN40s and I don’t recall them being super rough but now that I drive the XE35s, it feels like they bottom out just going over manhole covers. Our roads aren’t great but I don’t know. Do the XE35s ride lower for some reason compared to the other Xcelsior models?
  14. So I’m not 100% sure other than they’re some of the older of our buses and they just run rough. It’s their “air-intake” for something, I’m just not sure what. Trolley 33 is like them too. 3011 wasn’t old enough but it had the mileage to be retired. Those cut-away vans were lemons since we got them, they were awful. They are all being replaced by 30ft hybrids from gillig. We have 3019-3024 now on the lot. They were just delivered. I know we’ve retired two 4000’s busses (4011 but I don’t know the other one) but they won’t be making any mass retirement yet.
  15. So, 4011 is donzo it’s going to be auctioned off. It’s engine is now in 5011. 3011 has been retired, the 40 now has 3014 (it’s had 3014 for a while now thankfully). The 90 usually has 4028, 4029, and 4036 but lately 4036 has been on the 42 and that 90 block has been getting either 4020 or 3507 (depends on what upstairs wants done). And yes, we are getting a new AVL. It’s a bit of a pain in the butt until they get the bugs worked out
  16. They are using it as spare I think. It’s not technically assigned to a route currently so it’s been in the yard. They recently put a new bike rack on it I think.
  17. It’s been scrapped. It was totaled in the accident unfortunately. But I think, I may be wrong but it had recent had its engine replaced so they took 4011’s engine and it is now in 5011 I think.
  18. Here are some pictures of the new buses. (Well, 3501). They’re undergoing driver training at this time and will hopefully be assigned to routes by January
  19. The official press release https://www.knoxvilletn.gov/blog/One.aspx?portalId=132035&postId=17612781&portletAction=viewpost
  20. That’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine but it’ll be a while til they’re on the road. (For example, 3016-3018 still don’t have plates yet because the DSD is so backed up due to COVID)
  21. So here’s a quick update, our electric new flyer busses have been announced internally, the schematics have been posted. They will be road numbered: 3501-3512 (allegedly, there will be an order for 6 more once these are delivered but that is just a rumor for now). Supposedly, two will be delivered in May of this year and the rest in September but the remaining 10 in September won’t be on the road until next year (again, hearsay but that’s all I’ve got for now). But this is exciting! The reason for the long time between delivery and being put into service is because we need to be trained on the new busses, they need to finalize the infrastructure (platform charger) and getting the plates and tags for the busses have been taking substantially longer due to COVID
  22. The new electric buses have been announced internally, their road numbers will be 3501-3512, they should arrive in May or September. They will be XE35’s. Also, the on order section needs to be amended. The 3 gillig hybrids have arrived and are not on order anymore
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