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  1. Here are some pictures of the new buses. (Well, 3501). They’re undergoing driver training at this time and will hopefully be assigned to routes by January
  2. The official press release https://www.knoxvilletn.gov/blog/One.aspx?portalId=132035&postId=17612781&portletAction=viewpost
  3. This was just posted in our employee newsletter!
  4. That’s what I’ve heard through the grapevine but it’ll be a while til they’re on the road. (For example, 3016-3018 still don’t have plates yet because the DSD is so backed up due to COVID)
  5. So here’s a quick update, our electric new flyer busses have been announced internally, the schematics have been posted. They will be road numbered: 3501-3512 (allegedly, there will be an order for 6 more once these are delivered but that is just a rumor for now). Supposedly, two will be delivered in May of this year and the rest in September but the remaining 10 in September won’t be on the road until next year (again, hearsay but that’s all I’ve got for now). But this is exciting! The reason for the long time between delivery and being put into service is because we need to be trained on the new busses, they need to finalize the infrastructure (platform charger) and getting the plates and tags for the busses have been taking substantially longer due to COVID
  6. The new electric buses have been announced internally, their road numbers will be 3501-3512, they should arrive in May or September. They will be XE35’s. Also, the on order section needs to be amended. The 3 gillig hybrids have arrived and are not on order anymore
  7. 3016 has now arrived. 3018 is still AWOL but I imagine it’ll be here soon. They still don’t even have their license plates yet. KAT has begun the decommissioning process on 3 of our cut-away busses (3001 one for sure but I don’t know which others yet.)
  8. KAT has received a new bus! I don’t know where 3016 and 3018 are but we officially have 3017 which was delivered last night!
  9. Back when we had them, 5011 used to be on Magnolia a lot. (I used to to drive it during the week) but now it’s been supplanted by 5003. Hopefully it’ll be back soon
  10. @BroncoFan623 Just an update, 5011 is at Clarke’s for battery repair work. 5009 and 5010 can be spotted on Kingston pike or on the Broadway route. Here’s a few more pictures while we’re at it.
  11. Yeah those are for the DC link or connector or whatever it’s called. They’re not there anymore. KAT’s route 30 goes by there and I haven’t seen them in a while
  12. Here is KAT’s official vehicle list, I work for KAT as an operator. Vehicle List.pdf
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