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  1. New Connexion route for Kanata North, dancing with the 63 and 64. It'll bypass Teron Road and Teron Station completely, using March Road instead.
  2. Because having a bike rack-equipped bus is more important than having a bus at all.
  3. A few have been installed around the city. Off the top of my head, I've seen them at Riverside/Walkley and St-Laurent/Belfast.
  4. Six trips on the 66 will depart Gatineau in the morning, and the other 10 from Tunney's Pasture. In the afternoon, six trips will end in Gatineau, 12 at Tunney's Pasture.
  5. Somerset Street West will close 2 July for three weeks. During this time, westbound traffic (and presumably detoured buses) will be rerouted via MacLaren, and eastbound via Cooper Street.
  6. Could this not be in the miscellaneous discussion thread?
  7. The recent update also includes the removal of information from many destination signs. Among more notable ones are the removal of "via Carling" from the westbound 85, the "Main" being taken out of the 61's destination, which now reads "61 Stittsville via Terry Fox," and the removal of "via Bayshore" from the 97 Bells Corners sign.
  8. Buses are beginning to receive updates to the IVN. Of particular note is the removal of many business/establishment names, being replaced by just the street address. For example, stops at 2420 Bank Street and 1187 Hunt Club have "Dymon Storage" and "Children's Castle Daycare" removed from the announcement.
  9. Your rant is based on a sample size of one trip on one route on one particular day. Do you know how the trip(s) ahead of and behind you did? What about the other Connexion routes from Kanata? Or the rest of the city? When the express network and fare existed, do you know how often I've stopped at these "irrelevant" stations? Despite the express fare, some people would still use the network at these stations. An express pass holder might need a different station that day, or it was someone who worked at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital, in Westboro, or wherever who did not want to make a second transfer to get home. Did you observe if the people who wanted off at those "irrelevant" stations were from the suburban local portion of the route or not? When the express network existed, a person could hail an express bus from any station in the afternoon. Some people also paid the express fare due to ignorance, mostly when the Presto ePurse came about, or due to the perceived inconvenience of stepping off the bus and waiting again. Your proposed solutions are not "easy." Pinecrest has no off-only stop, because of its location immediately following a sharp curve. Dominion was never meant to exist, as that was supposed to be a temporary alignment of a Transitway that never got built. Extending the platform there would require some rock blasting. Implementing (or re-implementing, in this case) a fare class or removing service is not a simple flip of the switch.
  10. Off the top of my head, the first phase of Hong Kong's Sha Tin to Central link was supposed to open mid-2019, but ongoing construction issues have now placed opening day to "under review." New York's Second Avenue Subway was announced to be opened in 2013, but opened in 2017.
  11. Replaced by July 2014. OC Transpo says "what two seater...it never existed."
  12. The 17 (and its counterpart, the 27) started running early last year! We have lives outside OC, you know?
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