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  1. Holy dwell times, Batman. An adjustment is needed...trains are sitting way too long at each station.
  2. "A3 MESSAGE" is displayed outside when the inside sign is showing the last update date.
  3. 8001 to 8075 were delivered with light Arial numbers, with 8016's being weirdly stretched horizontally. They originally had a front fleet number inside at the top middle of the lower windshield (8002 had a serif font instead of Arial for this one). At some point a number of years ago, these buses had other numbers added, as well as the side fleet numbers boldened with a heavier font resembling Franklin Gothic. Top right rear numbers were also added. 8101 to 814...3? were originally delivered with the same fonts as the 8000s, minus the lower windshield, but most have not undergone the same treatment on the side numbers. Some have had numbers added, but I don't recall if they have top right rear numbers. The front numbers on the first batch of 8100s were originally small Frutiger numbers outside at the bottom centre of the top windshield. 814...4? to 8160 were delivered with Frutiger front and rear numbers, but a mix of Frutiger and Arial side numbers.
  4. Baseline Station in its current form was meant to be temporary, before the city decided the tunnel won't be used until the LRT is built.
  5. Canadian Tire service requires just 15 buses, and the buses are kept at the arena or at Terry Fox Station. Sensplex events don't get bus service. Were they hybrids and Inveroes? Perhaps it's retired buses being temporarily housed at that location.
  6. The station's civic address is 50 Woodridge Crescent. By the looks of the photo, it happened on the paved area to the right of the bus loop, right ahead of the eastbound 57/85 service stop. Pedestrians are not supposed to use that, and many use the roadway in the winter, when the sidewalk becomes inaccessible due to ice and snow. It's possible the pedestrian in this collision slipped off an ice/snow bank and under the bus between the two wheels. Similar incidents have happened throughout the city in the winter.
  7. There's been a glitch twice over the last few days where the transfers printed would read an expiry time of 00:00 for that day, regardless of when they were printed. As a result, we were told to not accept cash fares. I tested one, and it actually did work on the fare gate...as long as it's before midnight, I guess? Issue happened Boxing Day and Saturday 28 December.
  8. If the original post was in reference to the horn cover, there are covers from MCI, Orion, New Flyer, and ones with a horn icon stuck across the fleet.
  9. That's a case of the curb being too high coupled with the pothole along the edge of the road by the curb. Eep. In the 8000s double-deckers, the operation of the switch is quite simple. Flip it, and the interlock will be overridden until the switch is flipped back. The 8100s have a more complex mode of operation. If the switch is flipped, but the interlock is not overridden in any way, flipping back the switch would simply shut off the override, nothing complicated. However, if the interlock was overridden at some point (eg. door(s) open with bus in motion), not only would the beeping from the dashboard intensify, but the operator, upon deactivating the interlock override, would be required to touch the brake prior to continuing normal operations. In that case, once the override switch is deactivated, the accelerator becomes deactivated and stays that way until the service brake is applied.
  10. If I were to hazard a guess, the Novas will enter regular service, which would include running as the 20 buses for the R1 fleet.
  11. I didn't say I was cheesed, and you missed my point. There's no need to contribute to the declining quality of content posted here with memes. That's for Facebook and Reddit.
  12. This is not the place for complaining or airing grievances in the manner you did. Maybe me assuming you would have a good sense of how the run paddles are scheduled, how delays snowball, how scant resources are, how operators sometimes need breaks that are more than just peeing, and how buses sometimes get defects repaired in the layup. I guess I should not have assumed, you being a transit enthusiast and all.
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