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  1. I mean, if your pee comes out smelling like Parliament Station, it's worth seeing your doctor.
  2. It's their direction to miss as few stops as possible. Not something that will change unless direction from the top changes.
  3. Not exactly. The Bronson/University stop was moved north for construction at that intersection. With that short distance, plus very low usage at southbound Bronson/Colonel By, it made sense to consolidate. Now if we can do the same on Russell Road near the Perley Rideau.
  4. The best marketing for public transit is its riders, not banners, videos, and advertisements. As for the deficit, early in the pandemic, you can say it was out of OC's control, but almost three years in, with no pivot to changing travel patterns, it's now OC's fault.
  5. Well, the good thing is they won't look so oddly out of place as Riverside South continues to be developed. The current community design plan has Limebank at the centre of the suburb, with a "main street" and a recreation centre and library nearby.
  6. It's most pronounced after the air-conditioning is turned off and the humidity returns. Vapour in the air condensates on the sound coil and sounds funny when the current is sent through it to play the sound.
  7. Operators don't have to be "Day 1 Ready" for French. The bus operator posting usually states "some positions may be Day 1 Ready" or similar.
  8. The people responsible for posting usually have it ready beforehand to post immediately as service resumes, but it often gets tied up awaiting management approvals. It gets worse if upper levels of management get involved.
  9. I'm on leave from OC Transpo for a few months, so I don't have access to my email. Based on the timelines of the Merivale and Blackburn Hamlet bus stop relocations, it seems about right, but I would confirm with someone with hard information.
  10. That's an observation from one person. It could have happened elsewhere. What's your point?
  11. What lagged the green readers most was the size of the screen, its low refresh rate, and the amount of information that had to be loaded and displayed with each tap. While the TTC's simply display a pass/fail message (unless that's changed in the last few years), OC's readers display fare deducted, remaining, etc. I believe Metrolinx also got us readers that were reaching deprecation anyway. The newer reader seemed more powerful in trials. You'd hope it is, since it needs to do even more than the green ones.
  12. As one would expect, given the detour is advertised to begin at 20:00.
  13. Are you unable to think beyond your love of sensationalism and maybe think of it from a crowd control standpoint? The duplication in service is occurring after the festivities only. Westbound trains will bypass Pimisi Station to mitigate the effects of huge customer loads at Pimisi Station's island platform and at Tunney's Pasture Station transferring and buses trying to circulate the bus loop. Those passengers will board trips on routes 57, 61, 62, 63, 74, 75 starting at Albert/Booth. Eastbound to Blair will be regular service at Pimisi. Nothing to do with "shortcomings."
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