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  1. What is allowing assembly to take place in the Belfast MSF right now is the fact the Confederation Line is not yet in service. Stage 2's trains will likely be assembled in the second MSF. Once service begins, the space currently used for assembly will be used for servicing. What I meant by my original reply, that the GTHA will have their own facilities, is that they will have their own facilities that will have space for assembly in mind, should they choose a similar arrangement as Ottawa. Why detour something shipped from New York destined for Toronto or Hamilton through Ottawa? I think those are the final-state shelters which will be in place throughout at least Stage 1 of the Confederation Line. They are sealed at the bottom with doors that haven't yet been installed (as of 23 June). Once Tunney's Pasture Station gets its final modification, I think that style of bus shelter will be installed there, too (and Blair).
  2. Here's a thought I had today. If all the routes numbered below 100 are to connect to Phase 1 of the Confederation Line, does that mean there will be an extension of the 93 (current 144) to Hurdman Station? Some routes in the west that have been renumbered will be extended to Tunney's Pasture until Phase 2 is built, but routes that won't connect to the O-Train until Phase 2 (eg. 187) are numbered above 100. The argument that it's for the Trillium Line doesn't work, either, as the 147 is being renumbered the 197.
  3. Why would they be? The GTHA will need to have their own MSFs, too.
  4. Driven: D60LF D60LFR Orion VII Double Deckers (8100s) Inveroes Double Deckers (8000s) Ridden: Orion VI Orion V D60LFR LFS Double Deckers (8100s) Double Deckers (8000s) D60LF S50 D60LF Classics D40 Orion VII Inveroes
  5. Yep, but they have been deactivated. Same with 6351-6403.
  6. Yup! Parts of the new station would have been shut down to accommodate construction, so the old station remained open for as long as it has.
  7. Eastbound tracks now continuous from Mann Avenue to Blair!
  8. I'm going to hazard a guess and say one side of the 252 will be removed. Either buses will come from Moodie, right Hazeldean, left Westcliffe, left Seyton, right Old Richmond to route, or from Moodie, left Hazeldean, right Old Richmond, left Moodie, to Old Richmond to route. A crazy idea would be Old Richmond, right Moodie, left Tyrrell, left Seyton, right Old Richmond to Kanata.
  9. (And operators! )
  10. Based on Google Maps, the road journey from Falkirk to Southampton would go through Oxfordshire on the A34.
  11. Most can still be opened if one applies enough force!
  12. It's funny, because the original proposal had every route being split in the core, except the 14. In my own experience, there is a significant amount of cross-town traffic on the 1 and 7. Perhaps there was feedback from said councillors regarding that. Same could be said about the old 2 though, but the 1 and 7 are not nearly as long as the 2 was.
  13. It may seem that way, but keeping closed or locking the back four windows does remedy the problem. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the exhaust smells usually occur when the regen is being burned off, so it's not a constant issue.
  14. How about road closures, traffic disruptions, dead buses, unrealistically-timed deadheads and schedules, staff shortage, and general delays? Forecasts mean nothing when everything is factored in.
  15. I'm sure it's meant as the fifth completed vehicle. It's a non-issue, anyway. Yep, mock-up is 2000.