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  1. That date was set as a deadline for when all buses should be programmed.
  2. Based on the headway sheets, that error does not exist on the 63. All westbound trips end at Innovation, and the eastbound trips loop the community on its way to Tunney's Pasture. However, based on the headway sheets again, westbound trips that end at Innovation then continue as eastbound trips that loop the Morgan's Grant community. No discrepancies I can find.
  3. "A3 MESSAGE" is displayed outside when the inside sign is showing the last update date.
  4. Canadian Tire service requires just 15 buses, and the buses are kept at the arena or at Terry Fox Station. Sensplex events don't get bus service. Were they hybrids and Inveroes? Perhaps it's retired buses being temporarily housed at that location.
  5. There's been a glitch twice over the last few days where the transfers printed would read an expiry time of 00:00 for that day, regardless of when they were printed. As a result, we were told to not accept cash fares. I tested one, and it actually did work on the fare gate...as long as it's before midnight, I guess? Issue happened Boxing Day and Saturday 28 December.
  6. 8014 sports a rubber rear bumper, similar to those on the newer double-deckers.
  7. Because having a bike rack-equipped bus is more important than having a bus at all.
  8. The 17 (and its counterpart, the 27) started running early last year! We have lives outside OC, you know?
  9. There are a few buses that do that. Off the top of my head, it's 8039, 8069, and 8114. There's also at least one artic with the same glitch.
  10. Interestingly, all buses I've driven in the last five months. I didn't think I was that bad. 🤔
  11. No booking change just yet! Sunday 21 April is the next one.
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