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  1. Teron and Penfield/Beaverbrook has countdown timers on the pedestrian lights, but only the four lights on the north half (affixed to posts on northwest and northeast corners) of the intersection are LEDs, the four on the south half (affixed to southwest and southeast corners) are incandescent. I believe they were changed recently, following what I believe was sewer work in the intersection. Never paid attention to Teron and Penfield/The Parkway...even though I go by there every day. Twice.
  2. While we are responsible for hours of service, there is no requirement to keep a log.
  3. I don't understand something. So what if another city had a project completed in a certain amount of time? I'm sure everything was considered when determining the construction timeline and deadlines, from material acquisition and delivery to soil conditions for tunneling and so forth. This isn't a race...
  4. Until the SUT decides to picket something OC Trasnspo needs.
  5. I feel like SMS's post was meant as a rhetorical question. Current CBA expires 31 March 2020.
  6. Has that not been the case since July 2016?
  7. It's full service versus limited/peak-only service.
  8. I think you need three for a hat trick. Who's driving 97-29?
  9. Creating that instability gives the company more pressure. Passengers will simply not wait day-to-day, and make arrangements until the labour dispute is settled, which will cause the STO to run service with diminished ridership, a heavier financial burden.
  10. It'll probably get three years of good use before it needs to be closed for LRT construction. I'd say it's worth it.
  11. All buses have separate indicators for regular and "wheelchair" stop request.
  12. Since 2008.
  13. All right, then. I will assume you did see the roads downtown today, and that you did see the backlog of traffic on Bank, Slater, Gladstone, and Dalhousie, to name some. However, let's explore some options to better run the transit system on days like today: Assigning Extra Extras (109- runs) Pro: Buses can be sent to routes' ends to begin trips on time. Late buses can then finish their trips and deadhead to start next trip on or closer to schedule. Con: They will get stuck in the same traffic the buses they are covering are in. The number of extras will eventually be exhausted, leading to the same result. Also, what if the extra or the bus being adjusted also get stuck in traffic on deadheads? Now we're out two buses. Detouring Buses Pro: Buses can avoid congestion like, for example, Bank Street or Gladstone Avenue today. Be closer to schedule. Con: Short to no notice. River and Canal are choke points that make it almost impossible to reroute some routes sensibly. No Construction Pro: No closures, no reductions, no delays. Con: No roads to drive on. No Events Pro: No closures, no reductions, no delays. Con: Sidewalks will really be rolled up at 17:00 daily. Eliminating/Limiting Private Automobile Traffic from the Downtown Core Pro: Streets become open and very pedestrian-friendly. Fewer traffic-related delays for buses. Con: Yeah, okay. Light Rail Transit Pro: Eliminates delays major east-west bus routes face crossing the downtown core. Con: Not ready until mid-2018. Also, other local downtown routes will still exist and be affected by delays. Do you have anything?
  14. https://customerfeedback.octranspo.com/
  15. That would bring about white smoke (speaking from experience...too often). I believe it was black smoke that prompted the operator to evacuate his bus. Definitely not needed. Not on account of the noise bylaw, but operators do a good enough job of announcing the route and destination to visually-impaired passengers. Some of the external PAs do not work or are very quiet. Plus, with our recent experience with glitches, last thing we need is a "96 Stittsville Main" pulling up to South Keys.