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  1. What's wrong with Crystal's seductive delivery of "Kennedy Road"?
  2. Ah, I remember when I was a spry young boy waiting for it to open in 2006.
  3. Purple never had Blue's ridership levels, and likely never will. Similar to other cities, a portion of lost ridership can be attributed to people afraid to return to transit--some of those people will probably never return, even if offices resume 100 per cent capacity.
  4. Clearly you've never been on an OC Transpo Invero.
  5. Iiiiiif I remember properly, York has the retarder activating as soon as the operator's foot is off the accelerator. Could that be a contributing factor?
  6. It used to be a manufacturing facilitity, per this document from the region seeking architectural and engineering consultant to retrofit the building. An empty Yelp page produces a company called Coldmatic Refrigeration, now based in Etobicoke, so that's a possibility.
  7. Just to be clear, this won't be another Cornell Terminal-type "exact date TBD" situation, right?
  8. The walk to the Wonderland gates will be at least 300 metres whichever service you use. From the terminal, it's along a sidewalk, but from Jane Street, it's through a very active parking lot. It also appears the weekend frequencies of the 20 and 760 are comparable, though the 760 does not run during the week.
  9. Has that not been the case since July 2016?
  10. I wonder if the axles being closer together has an effect on that at all.
  11. What I really want to know is why you feel the need to ask your questions over and over after you've gotten answers here and through other mediums. Whether you are asking about training, licensing, or length and components of the hiring process, it seems like you are dissatisfied with, unwilling to accept, or just want to ask again in a seeming and fleeting hope the answers will change. I understand and can relate to the feeling of being anxious for your career with OC Transpo to begin, but doing what you're doing won't make the date of the next stage in the hiring process approach any sooner, and that's without mention of your training commencing on the condition you pass every step along the way.
  12. If anyone is interested, I saw two Transit Windsor LFSes heading west on the 401 around noon today near the Malloryville OnRoute. Didn't catch any specifics.
  13. This does not need to be a poll, let alone its own topic. There is already a topic relating to employment with OC Transpo, which, by the way, was started by you.
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