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  1. Hmm, 16:30, eh? That's an odd time. Goes along with the theme of a weird fare, I guess.
  2. The paint scheme will be on the cosmetic panels, which appear to be removed or not yet installed.
  3. Speaking of Cyrville and Startop, the lights have been upgraded, as well as Cyrville Road being repaved, and its intersection with Startop upgraded with better crossing facilities.
  4. Yes, I didn't include those factors. I was going for half peak service east of Place d'Orleans and Trim instead. As I said, it's super rough and very raw.
  5. A presentation from October states "17 trains of two cars each, totalling 34 rail cars." Perhaps there will be some single-car trains, particularly off-peak, to increase frequency, although I haven't been able to find mention of this anywhere. As for trains in Stage 2, let's try this... Stage 1 has 17 trains, two cars each, total of 34 rail cars, over 25 kilometres of track (12.5 kilometres each direction). Stage 2 will add about 27 kilometres (total 54 kilometres) to the Confederation Line, bringing the train requirement to 37 extra trains, but that is assuming frequency remains the same, meaning it gets halved west and south of Lincoln Fields. If frequency is doubled cleanly, the total requirement for trains (not cars) for the entire Confederation Line should be just over 100 trains, or 200 cars. Purely raw numbers, with many, more complicated, factors excluded.
  6. Guess I'll have to make signs and announcements for my 271 next booking.
  7. It's via an internal memorandum, nothing public.
  8. As a 1 driver, don't get me started about Beechwood. If the left-turn lane onto the Vanier Parkway backs up as bad as it does on a Saturday, I'm afraid to see it on a weekday.
  9. No. If the 94s are all running on time in the afternoon rush, it works out to when one reaches the traffic lights to turn left onto St-Laurent after servicing the station, one is turning in to the station roadway, more or less. Yup, and ending the route early will take away a much-needed washroom facility.
  10. It's probably going to become permanent. Somebody likely raised the issue with the appropriate department and a change was made in order to better inform people without the driver being held up answering "do you go to Hurdman?" 15 to 25 times. You'll likely still see buses displaying 104 Orleans without the via Hurdman, but it'll likely be implemented fully as more buses receive updates. You're correct with regards to Bayview Station.
  11. I wonder if the axles being closer together has an effect on that at all.
  12. All except those on probation! Not making it up.
  13. I haven't played around with the new double-deckers, but every one of the older ones I've driven (total of four) have the same feature. It's fun, listening in.
  14. The double-deckers are actually 42 feet, 42.5 feet with the bike rack.
  15. I feel like I'm the only operator at OC who enjoys driving the hybrids.