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  1. OC Bus Spottings

    Okay, I KNEW there was something up with 6501 when I saw it, but couldn't pinpoint it.
  2. GOA transit news, info etc

    No, you are never in the right without a valid fare. Valid fare permits one to board, invalid or lack of fare does not. If your Visa was declined at a commercial establishment, would you still get your purchase? You can ask the operator to help you out, but it is their job to check fares (though some don't bother). Presto can be problematic, but there's nothing stopping you from reclaiming your fare from OC Transpo if it really was Presto's fault. I hope you bring that attitude along with you in all aspects of life.
  3. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

  4. Misc. OC Transpo & STO Questions & Discussion

    They are on the Wiki, just hidden. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_route_153_'Lebreton/Somerset' https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_route_306 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_route_316
  5. GOA transit news, info etc

    4.2 metres.
  6. OC Bus Spottings

    Something tells me you guys saw the same bus!
  7. OC Bus Spottings

    I hope you weren't trespassing.
  8. Double decker bus order

    8153 in service Tuesday 9 January on a 403 run.
  9. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

    MCIBUS gets it.
  10. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

  11. D60LF (6351-6403) Refurbishment

    The shade of blue used on OC's seats hasn't changed since the S50 artics. But they will be replaced, much like what was done on the refurbished Inveroes.
  12. Double decker bus order

    8158 at Industrial Garage tonight. With a bike rack, ew.
  13. GOA transit news, info etc

    There is, but it's not accessible to operators.
  14. GOA transit news, info etc

    It appears the complaint registered for the Physical Recreation Centre is from someone who is just bored, too sad to have a life, or someone with a vendetta against OC Transpo. However, you might be surprised at the number of students at Carleton who take that bus to get across the tracks...a 780-metre bus ride for a 185-metre walk. In terms of the 4, it's funny how it's been detoured onto Albert and Slater streets for a number of years now, and still not reprogrammed, whereas the 18 was reprogrammed as soon as the Transitway closed, despite that being a detour, too.
  15. GOA transit news, info etc

    That's a lot of extra service for naught. Definitely won't be done.