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  1. How about road closures, traffic disruptions, dead buses, unrealistically-timed deadheads and schedules, staff shortage, and general delays? Forecasts mean nothing when everything is factored in.
  2. I'm sure it's meant as the fifth completed vehicle. It's a non-issue, anyway. Yep, mock-up is 2000.
  3. Yup. Officially, 5s are supposed to lay up on Nicholas facing north, just south of Daly.
  4. Video posted on Mayor Watson's Facebook page, "Ready for Rail." There's a little door chime at the end of the video...perhaps that's what ours will be?? The funniest thing is the URL shown in the video doesn't work.
  5. Can't find it anywhere, but why is Trim Station not built into the park and ride? Interesting. Does that mean one platform at Tunney's Pasture would essentially be disused, especially off peak? It'll be a fun game of guess the platform/devinez quel quai!
  6. That's what the local service is for.
  7. Teron and Penfield/Beaverbrook has countdown timers on the pedestrian lights, but only the four lights on the north half (affixed to posts on northwest and northeast corners) of the intersection are LEDs, the four on the south half (affixed to southwest and southeast corners) are incandescent. I believe they were changed recently, following what I believe was sewer work in the intersection. Never paid attention to Teron and Penfield/The Parkway...even though I go by there every day. Twice.
  8. While we are responsible for hours of service, there is no requirement to keep a log.
  9. I don't understand something. So what if another city had a project completed in a certain amount of time? I'm sure everything was considered when determining the construction timeline and deadlines, from material acquisition and delivery to soil conditions for tunneling and so forth. This isn't a race...
  10. Until the SUT decides to picket something OC Trasnspo needs.
  11. I feel like SMS's post was meant as a rhetorical question. Current CBA expires 31 March 2020.
  12. Has that not been the case since July 2016?
  13. It's full service versus limited/peak-only service.
  14. I think you need three for a hat trick. Who's driving 97-29?
  15. Creating that instability gives the company more pressure. Passengers will simply not wait day-to-day, and make arrangements until the labour dispute is settled, which will cause the STO to run service with diminished ridership, a heavier financial burden.