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  1. For the time being most of them will stay at Miami-Dade since they don’t have replacements yesterday 02184 and 03199 ran on routes 3 and 277
  2. 02177 is out of service with a buckled floor and it may return to service 02198 might return to service
  3. The one with frame damage is 19229
  4. Ex Miami Dade Transit buses 2054 and 02122 now used by the Miami-Dade Fire Department as training buses
  5. 0905 might see alive somewhere 0907 was scrapped 146F25C1-1F7E-4564-B20F-D52363B8E76C.heic
  6. These units get auctioned off on proxibid And No most of not all units will end up in at EG Used Truck Parts the main scrap yard which is the main scrapper for BCT MDT and Palm Tran
  7. BCT is supposed to have a bus auction sometime in June most likely 0924 And a good bunch of the 1100s will get auctioned off. They will most likely end up At EG Used Truck Parts Sometime in July
  8. 11 active 02177,02184,03199,04121,04139,04157,04158,04163,04167,04174 And 04187 11 Training 04103,04141,04150,04159,04162,04165,04185,04189,04207 And 04209 22 total
  9. I think they will all be retired by next year for the moment lots of them are ether out of service or retired. 0924 was seen at the dead lot so it might be retired. there will probably be a auction in a few days or in June so we will see what is retired And what is active
  10. after only 12 days of returning to service with a new paint job 02198 was retired yesterday May 17,2022 after a major oil leak
  11. I know its going to get scrapped if you need any parts its going to go to EG Used Truck Parts
  12. I’ve never thought I had to make this post but 9988 is sadly no longer with us I was informed yesterday that 9988 was scrapped last week by EG Used Truck Parts 9988 Rest In Peace I will never forget the memories we had December 22,1999~February 25,2022 1999 NABI 40LFW 040.02
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