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  1. General bus assignments (9/28/2020) With reduction in service a singular Vicinity has been running on the Green all day with either 2023/2024 running for half the day in the mornings. Various different Glaval Appollo dual doors have been running on the Blue west, blue east, yellow, OTR Express, Rebel blue and have also been making various appearances on the Gray normally however the Gray has been running with the only remaining Starcraft- Number 1006. Busses 1529 and 2022 have been running on the Orange and SOC shuttle respectively. My guess is that OUT is running the remaining 3 29ft Gilligs on secondary routes until the arrival of the next batch of vicinity's which I suspect will replace the remaining BRTs and 1 door Apollos. Too round it out 1628/1627 have been running both segments of the Red Route while 1730 and 1731 rule the Bronze Park and ride line and 1832 runs for Half the day on the Hathorn Express while 1833 runs the full day.
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