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  1. Another interesting observation: For the upper light pair on the rear of Gilligs, it seems like Iowa City Transit configured them as turn signal lights while Cambus configured theirs on their 120-122 as brake lights. You can also tell that they're orange on the ICT gilligs and red on Cambus 120-122. Wonder if it's an option with Gillig to purpose the upper lights differently.
  2. Cambus has been strange today. All 3 29' Gilligs, which are normally used for the 33 (Cambus's shortest route) and Bionic Bus, appeared on longer routes today. 14 appeared on the 42 and 16 appeared on the 52 this morning. Meanwhile, the 33 actually had a 40ft Gillig (121). The strangest thing I saw was tonight, when 15 was spotted on the 34 to Research Park (Cambus's longest route). In all my years living in IC I have never saw a short bus being used for Research Park. Side note: looks like all Cambus buses have driver partitions installed now. They were installed about 2 years ago. Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit gotta catch up as they're still using plastic curtains lol.
  3. Went back to Iowa City for the summer, so I got some more bus photos today. The Proterras are no longer exclusive to routes 4 and 8. They are now used on all routes except for route 10 due to a low-clearance railroad bridge - I'm assuming it's the one over Iowa Avenue. The weather today was perfect for some bus fanning! Proterras: Gilligs: Enjoy!
  4. Hello, Can the page "File:New Jersey Transit 19152-a.jpg" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:New_Jersey_Transit_19152-a.jpg be renamed as "File:New Jersey Transit 19052-a.jpg"? The bus in the image is bus 19052, and I accidentally entered it as 19152. Thanks!
  5. Can the page "Rutgers University 3278, 3282, 3367, 3370, 3372, 4910" (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Rutgers_University_3278,_3282,_3367,_3370,_3372,_4910) be renamed to "Rutgers University 3255, 3260, 3265, 3278, 3282, 3367, 3370, 3372, 4907, 4909-4910, 7366"? More units have arrived since the original 6 back in December. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Can the page "Princeton University Tiger Transit 4274-4281" (https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Princeton_University_Tiger_Transit_4274-4281) be renamed as "Princeton University Tiger Transit 4274, 4279"? These are the only units in the series (4274-4281 from Rutgers/Wolfline), and when creating the page I forgot to name it accordingly. Thanks!
  7. https://www.ironplanet.com/for-sale/Buses-1992-Gillig-40/96TB/6V92T-4x2-28-Passenger-Bus-Iowa/5914139 Looks like an unknown ex-Foothill Transit Coralville Transit Gillig Phantom was bought by a cycling organization around 2011. I remember when Coralville had older Phantoms from other agencies but don't remember their numbers. Anyone have more info on this bus?
  8. Hi, Can the page "New Jersey Transit 16001-16003, 17001-17240, 18001-18129, 19001-19184, 20001-" be renamed to "New Jersey Transit 16001-16003, 17001-17240, 18001-18129, 19001-19182, 20001-20183, 21001-21367, 22001-22118"? This is the final year of this order, and unit numbers have been confirmed. There is no 19183 or 19184, and all 20000s and 21000s have been delivered. Thanks! https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/New_Jersey_Transit_16001-16003,_17001-17240,_18001-18129,_19001-19184,_20001-
  9. Some DART photos I took this week: Proterras: Xcelsiors: Orions: More at my Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/138106136@N04/ Enjoy!
  10. Back in Iowa for spring break. Of course, I got some more bus photos. First, I had to get photos of the new Proterras in my hometown (Iowa City). They only appeared on Route 8 during peak hours this week as Route 4 (Downtown Shuttle) isn't running during break: I also went to Des Moines earlier this week, so I got some photos of DART buses at the Central Station: More at https://flickr.com/photos/138106136@N04/ Enjoy!
  11. https://littlevillagemag.com/iowa-citys-new-electric-buses-quietly-creating-a-paradigm-shift-in-public-transit/ Looks like the Iowa City Proterras will be used exclusively on routes 4 and 8 for now. They will eventually be used on all routes except the 10 due to a low-clearance railroad bridge.
  12. Hi there, I have a change request. Can the page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Rutgers_University_4053 be renamed as "Rutgers University 4050-4053"? This page was created when the only bus in the series was 4053. Now, there are a few more buses in the series. Thanks!
  13. https://www.icgov.org/news/iowa-city-transit-takes-climate-action-streets-rolling-out-4-new-electric-buses-jan-24 An article on the ICT Proterras. A photo of 103 can be seen.
  14. Another update on the ICT Proterras: they are entering service on 1/24/2022.
  15. Looks like the ICT Proterras are being wrapped now, according to a FB post.
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