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  1. No worries, I respect reporters enough that I wouldn't take this in any way other than a compliment haha. Thanks for the kind words and advice, I appreciate them a great deal. I'm grateful that I can learn from you folks and get some unique insights about these topics
  2. Reservation pilot to launch for Johnston Canyon and Lake Louise buses this summer https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/banff-roam-transit-reservations-1.6000542
  3. "Edmonton Transit Service launches on demand service and redesigned bus routes" https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/edmonton-transit-service-launches-on-demand-service-and-redesigned-bus-routes-1.5401624
  4. Sorry about that, I'm not trying to spread any misinformation here. I'm dissapointed that this call was such a waste of time, and I really appreciate you clearing things up Lesson learned!
  5. Interesting, I didn't know that. Even the ETS staffer I spoke with today said that the project was still on hold. I'm glad to hear that it's still going on!
  6. This is an old thread, but I thought this news was a better fit here than in the sightings thread. "The spring and summer schedule is coming into effect starting Sunday (Apr.25). The main impact will be a reduction of mid-day and evening service to the University of Alberta. For long-term changes, the biggest changes will be affecting routes 401 and 411 in downtown Edmonton. These are caused by LRT construction and changes to the Edmonton Transit System route structure. There will no longer be a #1973 stop on 107 Street at 104 Avenue by MacEwan University as, due to constructi
  7. You got my hopes up with that, so I decided to call ETS and see if they would tell me anything. This is what I learned: 1. This is a customer experience survey, not something related to a project like SmartFare or the new routes. ETS apparently just wants to collect rider feedback as they're using the system, rather than later on. 2. Most of their projects are still on hold due to Covid-19, including SmartFare. Interestingly, she also said that the electric bus program has been put up in the air because of Covid. Although we have 40 electric buses (and might be getting 20 more), the
  8. During yesterday's Committee of the Whole meeting, administration presented a report detailing how a complete switch from local fixed routes to a on-demand model could be executed. Service could be requested through an app, or by phoning a call centre. They claimed that this delivery model could be more efficient and cost-effective than fixed routes, and they cited the seemingly successful on-demand transit services in Cochrane and Okotoks. The major concerns raised by council members revolved around the absolute nature of this report: If FST did go with such a service model, it would complete
  9. The proposed borrowing bylaw passed first reading without debate, and will now be advertised to the public. The earliest that it can be signed and passed is Monday, May 17, 2021.
  10. I saw this interesting bit in a Edmonton Insight Community survey: "Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is conducting a customer research exercise that requires customers to use their mobile device to complete a series of tasks and questions related to the customer experience while using transit. ETS is looking to recruit 25 individuals to complete the exercise and is asking members of the Insight Community to consider participating if you meet the following criteria: • Currently use Edmonton Public Transit Bus or LRT and/or will use transit in the month of May 2021 • Have access to a
  11. The following was approved by the Executive Committee without debate: "That Executive Committee recommend to City Council: That capital profile 21-61-3621 - Electric Buses - ZEB Program, set out in Attachment 2 of the April 12, 2021, City Operations report CO00366, be approved with funding as follows: ● $12,560,000 transferred from existing capital profile CM-66-3600 Bus Fleet & Equipment Rehabilitation and Replacement, and ● $14,440,000 of new Tax-Supported Debt from the Canada Infrastructure Bank - Zero Emissions Buses Program." Here's the full report. This
  12. The following was approved without debate by the Executive Committee: 1. That Administration prepare an unfunded service package for consideration by Council during the 2021 Spring Supplemental Operating Budget Adjustment deliberations, to increase service level operations for the Valley Line Southeast to Service Level 8. 2. That Attachment 2 of the April 12, 2021, City Operations report CR_6778, remain private pursuant to section 16 (disclosure harmful to business interest of a third party) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Here's the full report
  13. Paul Jankowski will become the commission's first CEO, starting on May 17th 2021. "Leaving his role as Commissioner in the Regional Municipality of York’s Transportation Services Department, Jankowski will be responsible for leading the EMTSC as it creates an integrated, regional transit system. His most recent experience leading intermunicipal collaboration and implementing an integrated transportation service in the Greater Toronto Area provides him with tactical experience in this field." Press release
  14. Sorry, that was just a joke that didn't land haha. But I really appreciate that in-depth explanation, it's great to know what level one actually entails. What really blows my mind is that when the Valley Line got extended to West Edmonton Mall, the Southeast stretch *still* wouldn't even be at level 8 according to the original plan.
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