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  1. Sherwood Park to start up new on-demand transit pilot program
  2. The EMTSC's HR and Compensation Committee had their monthly meeting a couple of days ago, and the CEO (Paul Jankowski) gave an update on the hiring process: Their second permanent employee, the Director of Stakeholder Relations (position overview), has started. Their third permanent employee, the Executive Assistant (position overview), will start this coming Monday. The CEO hopes to have the fourth permanent employee, the Director of Financial Services (CFO) (position overview), hired and starting in late summer. I linked the job postings for if you want to see what capabilities these new employees add to the Commission as it goes through the onboarding process.
  3. I know this is a very old topic, but I'm wondering if anyone knows why this didn't go anywhere. While doing research for my article about the Arc card, I found a couple of city reports about this, one from 2007 and the other from September 2009 (shortly after it ended). The 2009 report surprised me with how positive its findings were. "Surveys showed 99% [of the 200 participants] used the card all the time on the LRT and 97% said it was very easy to use the first time. Over 25% indicated they increased transit use as a result of having a smart card. Eighty-six percent replaced one to nine car trips/week with transit and 14% replaced 10-19 car trips/week with transit because of the smart card. User satisfaction was high at 91% and 97% said it was important that the card be expanded across the transit system. Sixty-four percent indicated it was important that it be used to access Park and Ride. The most frequent email comment was, 'When is this available to use on the bus?'" Regarding the timeline, the report said that ETS would need up to four years for completion. I understand that perhaps there was a hesitation to invest in the technology, but it's been over a decade and we're only now getting this sort of thing implemented. So what took so long in the meantime? My understanding is that the current project started in 2014, so was this initiative abandoned from 2010-2013? Was the city's intention going into this pilot to see if ETS Blue itself could be implemented city or region-wide? Considering this just sort of died out after the pilot ended, I expected there to be some sort of catastrophic flaw with ETS Blue. There doesn't seem to be one though, at least going off of these reports. 2007TD4370.doc 2009TD6768.doc
  4. Here's a Wikipedia article I just posted.
  5. Arc Card unveiled; Smart Fare machines turned on for pilot testing June 8, 2021 Today, Edmonton Transit Service and regional transit partners mark an exciting step towards implementation of the smart fare electronic fare payment system, with the unveiling of Arc, the brand new “brand” look and feel for the upcoming smart way to pay for and ride transit. “We’re excited to introduce the Arc brand and turn on the Arc card validators on our transit system. These are important program milestones as we continue to modernize transit service throughout the greater Edmonton region,” said Carrie Hotton-MacDonald, Branch Manager of Edmonton Transit Service. “Arc symbolizes forging a path between two points, much like how transit connects us to vital services, each other and our region.” Once available, Arc cards can be used as electronic fare payment on participating transit agencies including Beaumont, Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, St. Albert, Spruce Grove and Strathcona County. Customers also have the option to continue to pay with cash, paper passes and paper tickets. Arc will be thoughtfully pilot tested and rolled out in phases to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for future customers. This summer, the first pilot testers from across the region will include a selection of Adult regular fare users, U-Pass users and transit staff. The phased introduction of Arc this fall will be available for Adult regular fare users and post-secondary students who use U-Pass. Phase 2 will launch in 2022 and will be an option for a wider range of customer groups, including those who use the Ride Transit Program and seniors passes. Customers will get access to Arc’s unique product features. This includes having payments count towards a daily or monthly fare cap (a maximum amount that can be paid over the period), and adding only as much money as they want to their Arc account at one time. Another benefit is the money is stored in an Arc account, not on the card itself, which brings peace of mind if the registered card is lost or stolen. Once money is added, the card can be used immediately for a trip on transit. To support the rollout, tap on/tap off Arc card readers have been already installed on most participating transit agency buses and smart fare vending machines are being installed in Edmonton LRT stations and key regional transit locations. These machines will accept cash, debit or credit card payment and will remain off until the pilot testing begins this summer. Customers can find timely updates and information at edmonton.ca/SmartFare or participating regional transit web pages. For more information: edmonton.ca/SmartFare strathcona.ca/smartfare stalbert.ca/city/transit/fares/ Media contact: Rowan Anderson Communications Advisor Communications and Engagement 780-690-1605 You can sign up here to be part of the summer pilot.
  6. I posted a number of pictures of Bonnie Doon and Avonmore Stops on another forum. Hopefully the crosspost is allowed.
  7. Edmonton's zero-emission bus fleet to grow by 20 after $14.4M federal investment https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/edmonton-s-zero-emission-bus-fleet-to-grow-by-20-after-14-4m-federal-investment-1.5454615
  8. I had a good email exchange with Anthony Dionigi, the head of Fort Sask Transit. He said that FST will probably not be ready in time for the start of the pilot. Equipment installation is progressing well and their vending machine and point of sale systems* should arrive in July or August, but the process was delayed a pretty significant amount by the Canada-US border closure, which prevented technicians from coming into Canada for a while. Thankfully though, they don't need to wait until the pilot is officially over to join the system. It's not officially decided that they'll miss the start of the pilot, but Anthony is hoping for FST to adopt smart fare by the end of 2021, or in early 2022. *The vending machine will be located at the Dow Centennial Centre (DCC), which is near the park and ride. The two point-of-sale systems will be located at the from desks of the DCC and city hall.
  9. According to the city webpage: "Phase 1 of Smart Fare will launch starting fall 2021: -Adult fare users -U-Pass students -Select public and catholic schools, and -Transit staff across the region Phase 2 will launch in 2022 and include discounted fares, such as the Ride Transit Program, Seniors Annual Pass, among others. Starting this fall, the identified groups will be able to purchase a reloadable smart card (from large retail networks or at Smart Fare Vending Machines throughout the transit network), load money onto that card, and then tap on/tap off as they ride our system." The page goes into greater detail. It's great to see a detailed timeline, hopefully they can stick with it! I checked Fort Sask's website, and it says that this is being conducted region wide!
  10. Welcome aboard! Introducing EMTSC’s new CEO
  11. No worries, I respect reporters enough that I wouldn't take this in any way other than a compliment haha. Thanks for the kind words and advice, I appreciate them a great deal. I'm grateful that I can learn from you folks and get some unique insights about these topics
  12. Reservation pilot to launch for Johnston Canyon and Lake Louise buses this summer https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/banff-roam-transit-reservations-1.6000542
  13. "Edmonton Transit Service launches on demand service and redesigned bus routes" https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/edmonton-transit-service-launches-on-demand-service-and-redesigned-bus-routes-1.5401624
  14. Sorry about that, I'm not trying to spread any misinformation here. I'm dissapointed that this call was such a waste of time, and I really appreciate you clearing things up Lesson learned!
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