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  1. I guess 1 last tour is out of the question now. please excuse the puddle of tears on the floor
  2. did they run through a puddle or what with 893??
  3. when will we see them? I understand that the interior was unexceptable & was returned to NFI
  4. are these pics of the new 2010 arrivals?
  5. wish I was there at the show & shine!

  6. what are chances of Cranbrook getting more cast offs??? will they be getting something other than Dennis Darts?
  7. I'm surprised to hear about the artic's finding their way to Airdrie. Having it connect with Calgary's buses makes sense. Red Deer isn't getting any (or double deckers)
  8. does anybody know the fleet numbers for red deer transit's 2010 order??
  9. can anybody confirm if a doubledecker bus will visit red deer around June 20-23 for about 2-3 days? I have heard this rumour from a driver but there is alot of speculation right now as another driver was asking me if I knew what was going on but didn't know. My guess was that the commisionares will be no longer when we get the real patrols who can actually hand out tickets for those who can't read pictures or don't care about the no smoking bylaw effective jan 1/08 inside the terminal
  10. I had a dream a few months ago where myself & another red deer transit passenger- a senior were passensgers on a red deer low floor bus driving down on the whitemud drive in Edmonton. This other dream I had was that I was waiting for a rdt bus. Not only did a red deer low floor show up but so did an Edmonton low floor with a red deer transit driver behind the wheel
  11. The order from 2007 does include a/c. I think the order for 2008 will be coming with a/c & should start to arrive around mid July
  12. what route was it supppose to be on? the last time I was in Edmonton was in 2004. The 100 express in the morning & the route 9 were the only ones to have an articulated
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