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  1. I can't access the visual editor.. It is not showing an option for it.
  2. Could someone change the Operators section to say - Knoxville Area Transit (On Order)? Thanks
  3. Yeah. I haven't heard anything back yet.
  4. Have you guys seen this? "NJ Transit adds Sunday bus service on 8 routes" https://www.nj.com/news/2021/04/nj-transit-adds-sunday-bus-service-on-8-routes.html
  5. Well, I'm only 20. I loved Tom and Jerry!!
  6. Drake and Josh, Jimmy Neutron, Lab Rats, iCarly, Kickin'It.
  7. I got a GoPro. And, a lot of Tennessee Volunteer stuff, because I go to UTK.
  8. KAT 2017 Gillig Low Floor Hybrid 35' #4027 Taken: 10/17/20
  9. I applied twice in the past 4 months. I'm worried that I did something wrong.
  10. Where I live in East TN, it's $2.75. Average - $2.70 I think
  11. We will be getting two of them next month??
  12. What is the Facebook group? I would like to join if I haven't.
  13. KAT 2014 Gillig Trolley Hybrid '35 #38 Taken: 9/4/20
  14. Kinda. All the buses we have here in Knoxville are Gilligs. I'll post some pictures. Knoxville Area Transit 2012 Gillig Low Floor Diesel '35 #4018 Taken: 8/15/20
  15. Gatlinburg Mass Transit 2011 Double K Freightliner #22 Taken: 3/19/21
  16. Knoxville Area Transit 2019 Gillig Low Floor 30' Hybrid #3013 Taken: 9/23/20
  17. Knoxville Area Transit 2017 Gillig Low Floor Hybrid 35' #4027 Taken: 9/17/20
  18. There was not a page for the Waccamaw Regional Transportation Authority. So here it is. Their wiki could use an update. There are at least two buses that I know of that are not on the roster. #1510 and #3402
  19. Just found this. https://urbanize.city/atlanta/post/marta-roswell-georgia-400-rapid-bus-system-alpharettta-cumming
  20. UTK Transit 2013 ENC E-Z Rider II BRT #4225 Taken: 8/31/20
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