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  1. High Speed Flexity Testing - Youtube
  2. What do you mean by CP? Canadian Pacific would make sense, but where and what exactly?
  3. The TTC announced they would retire in the fall, so that's around the third quarter I think? I assumed it would retire in early September, before on or Labour Day.
  4. They will also expropriate 2 residential houses. I am however intrigued at the new concept. As you will see in the attached pdf, the proposed bus loop was originally to be located in the Gatineau Hydro corridor. But things change I guess 02-SSE-EPR Addendum - Appendix A.pdf I do hope the 178 Brimorton is instated quite soon!
  5. Does anyone have a video of what that may look like?
  6. I actually believe the free fare under 12 was an excellent decision, in fact I believe it should be extended to all those under 18! Many teens, like 12 year old's, are unable to support themselves financially to purchase fares, often relying on parents and guardians. I've heard stories of honest kids who choose to walk a few kilometers to school instead of taking the TTC, because the round trip of $4.50 was unaffordable for their family. Additionally, many teens do not own a private vehicle, let alone drive! Free transit to teens provides a sense of independence, as they are able to travel to their home, school or anywhere where they need to be, without the fear of unaffordability! Additionally, it will create transit riders for life, eliminating cars off the streets and creating a more eco and sustainable city. While the TTC will experience a decrease in their revenue stream, it can be made up with increased transit funding from the federal and provincial government's. I probably will get a lot of comments from this post, but I strongly believe the pros outweigh the cons. Affordability should never have to become a barrier in being able to access transit!
  7. What are the extent of these repairs? Are they even repairs? What does preventative maintenance entail?
  8. https://www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/public-consultations/infrastructure-projects/steelesmorningside/ This is the official city link to the extension. At the moment, a full opening is unknown... and I'll explain why. Long ago, before Amazon even thought of submitting a request for development, Toronto planned for the extension to have one level railway crossing. Of course, a level crossing will simply not do with the high level of traffic Amazon will generate. This is added with a brand new mega Canada Post plant on the southwest of the future Morningside-Steeles intersection (Amazon is on the southeast). Since Amazon could not wait for the city to construct the full extension, they formed a partnership. Amazon would construct the upper portion of the extension as a private road, which would be transferred to city management at a later date. This allows Amazon to sort-of manage their high traffic while providing adequate time to the city to redesign the level crossing to an underpass, like the one at Morningside-Finch. As I write this, I now realize I may have wrote more that was needed . To put it in short, it is unknown when the city will fully open the Morningside Extension, however it is partially open due to a partnership with the city and Amazon.
  9. I think it has something to do with historical name retention. For instance, this could've been the first and only station in Scarborough for a long period of time, so it makes sense to why it was denoted Scarborough instead of a particular road name, where at the time, may could not have been set.
  10. How many flexitys have yet to go through the rehabilitation program?
  11. May not be needed since 116 Morningside will be extended to Steeles very soon when the roadway expansion opens, although, I do like the idea. The extension also gives way for a 42 Cummer service expansion.
  12. I appreciate how the TTC has decided to title the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility (EMSF) as a unique name instead! I feel Black Creek Division is a far better suited name than EMSF, which could be confused with Comstock Division or Old Egli.
  13. The only thing that is confusing is why you still are trying to justify points which are unrelated to this thread! This thread is for current Novabus movements, not for describing your fantasy division rosters! The only "guy" here that is misunderstood is you... oh wait, my bad, we can't forget about the original, Genius101! LOL
  14. It was confirmed the 31xx's would be the last clean diesel fleet which the TTC would purchase. However, due to the designs of the shops I foresee this fleet being rebuilt to provide service longer than the regular lifespan. Additionally, Etobicoke may receive a new yard to compensate for the rigid Queensway Division.
  15. 1217 has been stuck on Morningside Viaduct for about 24 hours now.
  16. Sureee bud lmao, "stop using colour codes and use normal fonts"
  17. Bruh I don't get why you're still complaining LMAO. "You're" finally getting new buses!
  18. At the end of the day, these are just numbers which correspond to big aluminum boxes on wheels. Lets all have some decency and not find ways to nit-pick other peoples posts!
  19. No, he doesn't need to listen to what he says. Malvern has historically been blue, and plus it's not his problem if other have the same problem! Switch to light-mode then! It's not his concern if you folks can't see, most don't even care.
  20. Oh I think I remember that the concerns was the disappearance of service on Scarborough Golf Club, once 54B gets extended to Morningside. I personally do not see major issues with this change.
  21. When is 178 even supposed to begin service? I haven't been able to find any service change information except on Steve Munros website
  22. Is it really called the CLRV livery? I thought it was called something else?
  23. Does anyone know (or speculate) why Birchmount is overcapacity, while Eglinton is under capacity. Since they're in close proximity within each other, I don't see why they can't shuffle a few units and routes from Birch to Egli. In fact, this has been the case since McNicoll opened when they sent a handful of Egli units to Birch. So yeah, does anyone know why this happened and continues to persist?
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