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  1. Pg. 7 - Free Wi-Fi Access Pilot to TTC's Surface Routes "Later this month, the TTC will be launching free public Wi-Fi on TTC buses on key routes as part of a phased proof-of-concept trial. The TTC will begin testing on the 35 Jane route at the end of May followed by the 102 Markham Road route in early June. The proof-of-concept will be tested on over 60 buses that operate on the Jane and the Markham Road routes." My best guess the 60 buses will consist of Novabus LFS HEV's and Proterra Catalyst BE40's. Orion's are soon to be phased out, and my phone has picked up locked wifi netw
  2. Many public transit systems have 3rd party bus trackers (such as transsee.ca) that can tell you approximately live position of the bus. Is there anything similar for Canadian Pacific/National trains? Where you can track nearby trains or trains on the subdivision at a specific time?
  3. Of course!! Can't make that mistake again!! But if the issue is a matter of height, I don't see why Queensway can't receive more Nova Diesels, buttt I'm probably missing something here
  4. That is very possible. What I'm thinking instead is they might want to use a 33xx instead as it has more amenities and was build later. Do the current airport buses have a wrap on or a paintjob?
  5. TTC Visual Sighting: (From Yesterday) 3756 on 102 Markham and 68 Warden 3759 on 116 Morningside
  6. Why not just return 927 to Arrow in exchange for another route. Or if that's too logistical, then why not confine Proterra's to Highway service. I don't see the point of a partial fleet swap to accommodate one route when there are easier (to my knowledge and understanding) alternative solutions available
  7. Another stop at SouthWest Eglinton and Midland will be moving some meters to the east following the date as well. They say it's to improve the RapidTO service, but I'm not sure how it would. It would be really nice to see service right next to the Guildwood GO station, but it would probably never happen due to the tight intersection. Does the proposed Egli East LRT have an undergrounds/enclosed weather tunnel for commuters to use between the two?
  8. Are we retiring "surplus" buses, or are we retiring at the moment without an immediate procured replacement?
  9. Let the foamers debate commence..
  10. As well as a TTC office. However, I am not sure to what capacity it will be used to.
  11. Exactly the reason as to why I brought this up. As a current student, I can confirm the route is especially busy at 12:30 to 1:00pm. An odd time, as it is nowhere near the evening rush hour capacity. Keeping the 3 branch system ensures buses aren't running full or empty of passengers at a time. This is why the 116A is useful. Those going eastbound for a short trip are "forced" to get onto the 116, as I mentioned in an earlier post. Once the bus is empty (at around Ellesmere) it can loop around and return to westbound service, in comparison to a 116C running empty to Finch. I've
  12. There is a HUGE point to running the 116A. The 905A will skip the Guildwood community and Morningside below Kingston. Forcing everyone who needs to make shorter trips to get on the same route. This would ultimately leave the 116 very crowded below Lawrence/Kingston to practically empty above Ellesmere during peak hours and mid-day service. The 116A always comes before the 116C. This is to "force" riders who need to make the shorter trip onto the shorter route, while the 116C can remain spacious and less congested for those needing to make the longer trip above Ellesmere. Hopefully
  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but at one point in time, I think May 2020, Obico was filled with units, and stored about 30 to 40 units long term? And was this a result of storage issues at the then 8 garages?
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