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  1. I think this is very unfortunate. With the Canada Post plant, this area is going to be immensely busy, and have many jobs to offer. Sadly this is wasted potential, but I see why they made this call. There is nothing on Steeles east of Morningside, (except for Staines, but we aren't going to talk about that LOL).
  2. The issue is not Jack Miner. Laurier ends at 2:45 now, and Miner at 3:05. The issue is all Laurier kids being forced to cram into on route/branch for effectively 15 minutes. As I am typing I am riding this crowded "school" bus, which has practically become empty at Ellesmere. With the A and C branch, riders to Ellesmere and lower will take the A, and those to Ellesmere and beyond are put onto the C. This allows for the buses to be used efficiently without being extremely crowded or extremely empty. On a side note, the 116 finally has the updated LCD screens. Since unit 3650 has recently arrived from Arrow, it has not received the update, I presume.
  3. Since I know you have experienced Scarborough buses, the 116 Morningside is incredibly crowded picking up students from Sir Wilfrid Laurier C.I. Without the A branch, riders are forced onto the the C or main branch, and after Ellesmere, a sardine bus turns practically empty. I still do not understand why they had to get rid of the A branch.
  4. If you sit in the park, you can however, hear the trains rumbling as the pass underneath you!
  5. Well can't he just do the buses that layover in the loop?
  6. Looks like it was designed on a really outdated Microsoft Publisher. No offense to any indigenous persons, but the designers at TTC could have done a better job.
  7. If they want to extend the Yonge subway any further than Richmond Hill, they should just transfer the segment above Steeles to YRT.
  8. The wrap fooled me when I saw it, thought it was getting stripped for refurb or retrofitted track cleaner.
  9. TTC Transsee Sighting 8527 is the last bus to operate on 6 bay before being renumbered to 19 bay Left service at 01:32 am UPDATE: I confused the times by 24 hours, so this would be incorrect.
  10. So is there going to be a replacement for 1037 too?
  11. The current redesign plan for Warden station looks very similar to Kipling's Miway/GO terminal.
  12. Starting today, June 14th 2021, 102 Markham buses has Wi-Fi. As @Bus_Medic said, the units are 3400-3439.
  13. So soon? I was sure they'd keep it around for much longer for useful parts..
  14. A few questions.. 1. Why don't Durham buses entering Scarborough take the 401 for the majority of the routing. For example 401 direct to Markham or McCowan Rd, instead of taking local roads? 2. Will there be a Durham bus connection to the Amazon facility at Morningside and Steeles? 3. Will the DRT 900 loop around military trail like the TTC 905 does?
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