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  1. https://www.roadsbridges.com/houston-metro-wins-grant-develop-fmvss-compliant-autonomous-bus

    metro wins 1.5 million dollar grant from the FTA to develop an electric automated mid-sized bus. 

  2. CD6FD0CB-54CF-47CC-AC43-27F68E748BA6.thumb.png.c2dcd670f304b4b5f52cc46581e73547.pngC7DB040A-EA7E-4A87-838F-BE65C7FFA6D5.thumb.png.c4d16fca2cd9a13bc7e83cb933bb3596.png If METRO gets awarded the Grant, what manufacturers do we feel like they’ll go with? I know it comes down to more than just range, but on a single charge Proterra’s ZX5 40’ gets 328 miles, NFI’s 40’ Xcelsior gets 251 miles, Gillig gets 150 miles, BYD 40’ gets 160, and Nova LFSe 40’ gets 292. There are multiple Cutaways such as a Proterra powered S1LF which has a range of 125 miles. 

    On 8/25/2019 at 11:25 PM, Border City Transit said:

    What is the status of the 3200-3500 series New Flyer D40LFs in Houston?

    They've been retiring piecemeal for a while... but it was such a big order that it's taking a few whacks to finish 'em off completely.

    Any updates? I'm hoping it's more than just unloved 3400s at Northwest...

    We still have some on the road, mostly out of West, on the 82. If you check govdeals.com, you’ll see they’re putting some up to auction.

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  3. Honestly, I’m kinda of surprised DART went with Xcelsiors instead of D4500s for their Suburban Routes. Does anybody know why?

    Houston and Capital Metro are the only agencies with D4500s instead of Low Floor Suburban Style buses.

  4. On 8/3/2018 at 1:13 PM, HoustonMETROFan said:

    Back in my "comfort" zone now - here's a few noteworthy updates that I want to share:

    • The next group of MCI D4500CTs are now coming in.  The fleet numbers are 5300-5354 and they'll all go to bus facilities that have the oldest MCIs there - specifically the Northwest and West Bus Operating Facilites.  This is to retire the 2001 MCI D4500 coaches.  Before you ask, they look exactly the same as the first group (see photos I posted from METRO of 5255).
    • A "demo" New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE is here for testing.  Don't know how long this bus will be here and unlike the Proterra bus, this one will be of the plug-in type - not of the version where you charge the bus from above.
    • Starting next month (will be here for a few months I was told), METRO will get their chance to try out the MCI D45 CRT LE coach.

    That's all for now.  :)

    There was an Xcelsior CHARGE here? I can’t find any record of this. Do you have anything to show? I was looking in the board meetings list and found nothing about this.

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