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  1. 25-226 on the 66 all day! Thanks to @@nthony2005 for sending me on the hunt! The bus’ idle sounded a bit funny.
  2. Although arguably a better fleet than SN, my luck with SL has not been great. I’d honestly rather a 3rd gen (I can’t believe I’m saying this) over the sea of plastic seat 38s and 40s I take each day. I’ve had few 28s surprisingly (the ideal SL bus). Definitely not as exciting as pre-covid when I’d get 22s, 23s, 24s, 28s almost daily. The hybrids are good, just leave me feeling stiff for the day. I vote massaging seats for Gen 5!
  3. Spotted 26-014 on the 66 and 26-044 on the 24 today. Was close to seing 25-246 on the 430 but had no luck
  4. 29-801 spending time at SN these days. On the 165 for most of the day today
  5. No remarkable sightings today, but I did get this nice photo of 40-176 on the 68 at sunset.
  6. Took LS 40-090 on the 216 this afternoon. Reminds me of when LS had a run on the 216 in 2019-2020. Saw LE 27-526 and 27-529 (not tracking) on I believe the 121. Saw SD 29-037 not tracking on the 66.
  7. Great news! Thanks for the great site. It feels a lot faster on the new host as well
  8. 28-081 with FR bumper on the 66 and Keolis 420-201 broken down outside of Concordia. Wouldn’t start.
  9. Today I saw 26-002 on what I believe was the 92 and 26-012 on the 55
  10. 40-208 on the 208. I’ve been waiting to see a matching number like this for a while! 37-077 160, 31-070 on 166, 32-031 on 166 with old FR bumper, 30-023 on 115, 40-158 on 968, 38-065 on 215.
  11. 29-805 (470) turning around on Pierrefonds blvd after missing a detour. Saw 28-021 on 419 and 28-105 on 68
  12. 41-003, 41-004 (first), 41-005, 41-014 and 41-019 in service as of today for MR
  13. Just realized the 41s I saw Don’t have the rear backup cameras like the 40s
  14. 41-003, 41-004, 41-005, 41-007, 41-008 and 41-009 all parked outside CT Saint-Laurent. The new addition is also open with buses inside.
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