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  1. I was on the Big Island and ended up seeing Bus 48 and 341. Both are still in service albeit a bit rusty.
  2. Hi please dont post fake stuff or at least mark it as such if you do. Thanks.
  3. Wiki Page has been updated to reflect this information with cross checks. Thanks for the heads up! Will keep an eye on those units. Thanks for the info!
  4. Correct, OTS is using the 4 digit system based off length. However, it is almost safe to assume that once all of the 40xx, 35xx, and 60xx slots are filled, that OTS will just move up to 41xx, 36xx, and 61xx respectively. You could probably assume that the first digit would constitute for vehicle length. Once OTS fully transitions to 4 digit I think we can get a clear understanding of where they are going once they fill up this first set of 4 digit numbers.
  5. I see. I'm not sure if I like it or not. While it is easier to distinguish from the rest of the routes, I think it puts more wear on the LEDs
  6. I guess the full fill rear signs for the A are permanent. Curious if they will be implimented on the C and E.
  7. I think OTS is doing exactly as you think. The electric bus technology is still new. It seems that Gillig has proven their 40 foot electric bus technology in terms of range, charging, and overall performance. I think NFI still has some proving to do with their XE60s as they haven’t been out on the market for long. I would have liked for the new 60 footers to be hybrid at the least but it seems that OTS doesn’t want to play ball with them.
  8. Well the bad news is: Its not XE60s. So far, on the wiki, its listed as XD60s with Cummins L9 330HP and Allison B500R.
  9. Although this isn’t Google Street View, google maps gives a good run! Here we have an Optima Opus + NFI D60LF + Gillig Advantage
  10. I suppose the reason would be for the increase in capacity needed on the 20 since the frequency between buses dropped with the 19/20 merger. I've never been on the C but if OTS is shifting buses around I wouldn't be surprised if ridership dropped a bit on the C.
  11. Thanks! It took a lot of pixel art but it turned out really well
  12. 6022? How big is the order? Have we confirmed whether these are XD, XDE, or XE yet? I’m still unsure of what this order is and why they would go with 6000 if it’s not electric.
  13. Yup! I remember these floating around the internet and I finally found one. Credits will be linked! Photo National Fuel Cell Bus Program PDF
  14. Hey there! I posted my application a few weeks ago but haven’t gotten a response. Does anyone know what the general wait time for your application is? Thanks!
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