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  1. From what I have heard (from operators), it has to do with the fact that the TTC now prefers to use street changes (instead of short-turns) to get vehicles back on time when they are running late. Operating routes out of a single division gives supervisors maximum flexibility, as it ensures that all operators on the route are qualified to operate all bus models on the route. For example, in the case of the 95 York Mills, Malvern operators may not be trained on the VII diesels, and Wilson operators may not be trained on LFS hybrids. This would impose an operational constraint, as it makes certain street changes impossible compared to keeping the route at one division.
  2. TTC 1312 on 7 (21 Run). 3413 on 52 (29 Run). 3496 on 52 (71 Run) 1576 on 352 (71 Run, replaced 3496 around 2:15). 3131 on 124 1336 on 54 1312 on 7 1308 on 511 3411 on 506
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