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  1. If crowding is a concern, the resources would be better spent on lowering the base headway on Morningside. With this plan, only 1/6th of Morningside customers will experience longer waits, and only 1/3rd will experience higher crowding (which will still be at acceptable levels given what is currently run).
  2. No point in running 116A, as it duplicates 116C service on the common section. A lot of the changes appear to be aimed at reducing duplication of service (such as on the 32 and 34).
  3. The 300 has runs from all depots. I’m not sure if Malvern will still have runs on the 320 going forward.
  4. 8152 or 8204 is currently tracking as it on 52 36 run.
  5. Any Idea if Malvern will still have a run on 320 Saturday nights?
  6. Info is available here. May be difficult to parse, though, as this is raw data meant to feed into next vehicle prediction programs. https://ckan0.cf.opendata.inter.prod-toronto.ca/fa_IR/dataset/ttc-routes-and-schedules/resource/c1264e07-3c27-490f-9362-42c1c8f03708
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