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  1. Apparently route 176 Mimico GO is returning next board after being suspended since March 2020.
  2. TTC Orion VII 8005 near Dundas St W & Shaver Ave S on route 900 Airport Express.
  3. Just as I obviously knew. But funny thing, I bring this up because 8019’s build plate actually says “February 2006” I think it was just a print error though, because I’ve seen 8018s VIN plate and it says February 2007. 8018 and 8019s last digit in the VIN number is only one different. Interesting find! Heres a photo of 8019s build plate:
  4. Just a question but 8000-8099s are obviously 2007 units, correct?
  5. All done. Just finished fixing this page for you
  6. 1273 has a mid-wrap for Indigenous Month.
  7. Yes it’s possible to fix, it just has to be added to the New Flyer VIN page and the VIN on the 3900-4199 page just has to be linked to it
  8. Visited the former Greyhound Terminal in London, ON yesterday.
  9. Transit Windsor Orion VII 439 at Riverside Dr W & Campbell Ave with buildings in Detroit, MI in the background on route 5 Dominion.
  10. Two more entered service: - 2209 entered service on June 30th, 2022 on route 23 Sandalwood - 2210 entered service on June 29th, 2022 on route 30 Airport Road
  11. TTC Orion VII NG HEV 1255 at Ellesmere Rd & Kennedy Rd on route 95 York Mills.
  12. 8087 was on 9 Bellamy earlier. Despite the trackers having issues, this was real. It was OT, my buddy was behind the wheel.
  13. Three more units just entered service yesterday: - 2206 entered service on June 17th, 2022 on route 7 Kennedy - 2207 entered service on June 17th, 2022 on route 4 Chinguacousy - 2208 entred service on June 17th, 2022 on 23 Sandalwood
  14. Could there be any chance that the tracker from 0421 was put on a new/different bus? I've seen that happen before at TTC, not sure with Brampton tho. I was told by a BT worker friend it was retired. The 0401-0435 series is set to retire soon so weird they would bring back a bus after being inactive for 2 months (April 12th, 2022). And the fact that Clark just recently received 2 units from the new 2201-2224 series of Novas. Hm.
  15. I was wondering if anyone could answer this question. Does anyone know what the ring gear size is on the rear differential on the TTC 2006/07 Orion VII is? I’m pretty sure the diff is a Meritor 61163 RX5.
  16. Brampton Transit Nova Bus LFS 2104 out of service at Mount Pleasant GO Terminal: TTC Orion VII 8018 near Doval Rd & Bloor St W on route 40 Junction-Dundas West:
  17. Good news! Some of Brampton Transit newest fleet edition (2201-2224) just entered service. - 2201 entered service on June 3rd, 2022 on route 23 Sandalwood - 2202 entered service on June 3rd, 2022 on route 29 Williams - 2203 entered service on June 6th, 2022 on route 1 Queen - 2204 entered service on June 6th, 2022 on route 18 Dixie - 2205 entered service on June 6th, 2022 on route 18 Dixie
  18. Looks like they added a new third rail cut off button at Donlands Station. The original one at the very end of the platform had some kind of pad lock covering it and preventing access.
  19. New Brampton Transit D40LF retirements 0403, 0408, 0411, 0413, 0415, 0416, 0418, 0426 I spotted all 8 of them in the dead lot at Sandalwood Garage. They were either stripped of parts, had Brampton Transit decals spray painted over/removed, had the bike rack removed and or had no license plate.
  20. 9226 has 3100-3369 style mirrors with the turn signal built into the mirror body. Both left and right side. Saw it today.
  21. Found some new Ride Guides on 8427. They are Spring 2022 issued. Same front cover from the previous Summer 2021 maps.
  22. So I just asked a reliable source on the whereabouts of 8065, and they are saying it’s retired and not with TTC and is with Toronto Island Shuttle. Would like to know if anyone else heard about this as I’ve been wanting to update 8065s info on the wiki.
  23. TTC 8018s build date is incorrect on the wiki…I wonder who added it It says “March 2007” on the wiki but the build plate says “February 2007”. I’m definitely gonna be making sure those are all correct and change anything that needs to be changed.
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