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  1. I was able to upload a photo! Thank you!
  2. As of now, I am also experiencing this issue all of a sudden.
  3. Great question actually, but anytime I’ve tried to upload anything over 2MB I’ve never gotten a notification like that, just a little red not beside the upload button. If this is any help, I remember that one night I was editing the whole wiki just crashed, uploading photos didn’t work until a few hours later for me and I got a similar notification as they are showing in the photos. Maybe this has something to do with the issue. But note for any editors, you have to upload something 2MB or under now. My recommendation for photo compression is https://compressjpeg.com, it works great for me.
  4. That’s why I said “the ES-x series Event Supports”. Those are not numbered in the ES-x range and kept their original fleet numbers. They also really aren’t Event Supports. After all they don’t even have the “EVENT SUPPORT” stickers on the sides and engine hatch. They take on more of the role of an “errant bus” kind of thing as for example Mount Dennis likes to use 7937 as an employee shuttle and other divisional things. And they haven’t been used as street blockades before like the ES-x units have.
  5. What you can try is using the mobile version to upload. This worked for me. If you want to use the mobile version on your laptop/computer you can scroll to the very bottom of the page and look for “Mobile view” and click that.
  6. All buses have it, revenue service buses all do. But if you want to get technical and include all buses regardless of revenue service or not, the only buses that don’t have it are the ES-x/Event Support series Orion VII’s and 2252. And though 7953, 7955, 7956-7958, 7961 aren’t in revenue service currently and were used in the past as Vax/Transport buses (now all they do is sit around and do nothing ?) they also have VISION.
  7. There’s been a lot of plate changes lately. If you see any new plates don’t shy to post them here so us Wiki editors can see, I’ve changed MANY plates in the few last months for TTC 1000-1149 and 1200-1423. On a separate note I’ve been adding many photos on the MiWay pages ?
  8. Here is a photo of 1202, it has a new plate now. Glad to see it’s back
  9. Does anyone have any updates on 1202? It’s been sitting around at Mount Dennis for nearly a month now. It’s either getting new plates, waiting for MTO inspection, waiting for a part or possibly retired. The traction motor sounded pretty awful the last time I heard it.
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