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  1. Due to a non disclosure agreement, I can only mention that we are getting more than 3 D60LFs...
  2. What do you mean? It is the exact same model as 6351+
  3. 4139 on 127 St.Laurent run 127-1 - A car almost got creamed by this bus on Ogilvie / Bathgate 6100 on 127 Blair
  4. Here is one of my picture of the bus this morning. It was just being completed for it's pre-delivery inspection. Sorry, no. It still does not have a license plate.
  5. I spotted 6107 on the Aviation Local, and another D40 that has not been mentioned yet on route 140, but is posted on another board.
  6. "Hi, can I get a Double Big Mac meal to go, Pepsi with no ice...oh and no ants either. Thanks!" =D
  7. Artic or not, doesn't matter. If your going to photograph a bus on public property, I doubt you'd receive a "bad reaction" (whatever that means) Be confident in yourself and just take your pictures. Perhaps you'll improve a lot better in your photographs.
  8. I saw 4380 at the Garage and got myself some pictures and the damage was quite surprising. I'm just glad that none of those students were hurt, or even burned! The interior of the bus is burned too and some of the stuff inside was all melted (including pull cords, panel on ceiling, advertisement) The mechanics and fleet also still have not ruled out the cause of the fire.
  9. What is his run number, and what time does he arrive at Lincoln Fields?
  10. 8904 on route 43 8905 on route blah 5032 on route 87 - AA Bus
  11. Obtained a OC Transpo Fare Advert from 2008, and a brand new "Watch your step" sticker, found on our D60LFs.
  12. Ex-RTC 8620 on 77 Mangus 0916 on 77 Ottawa 7901 or 7757 (one of them....) on 57 Les Promenades 9007 on 94
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