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  1. "Hi, can I get a Double Big Mac meal to go, Pepsi with no ice...oh and no ants either. Thanks!" =D
  2. New body work results in new paint job. If Merivale rebuilt the entire bus instead of only the window frames and below, then they'd all start looking like a proper OC Transpo bus.
  3. Check out this Firetruck in action. Taken yesterday on a side street off of Aylmer & Bank Street.
  4. Researching OC Transpo History is what I love doing as a secondary hobby. =D
  5. For boxing day I bought: Midnight Club Los Angeles game for PS3 - $24.99 Nikon HB-45 Lens Hood for my Nikon D40 - $24.99 9-10 years old OC Transpo $0.80 bus ticket for my ticket collection - $4.00 (see picture below)
  6. Lol, leaving right now to do my Boxing Day Shopping. Best Buy opens in 50 minutes!
  7. WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! ex-OC Transpo 7742 still running strong!!!!!!!!!! 7742/7742
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