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  1. As I stated above, Training Dept. wants all D40s reserved only for training, but obviously, the early morning and late evening placer did not read the memo stating the reservation of those buses and are putting them into revenue service. Afaik, only one D40 did not get sent for Training today.
  2. Route 94 is a limited stop route off the Transitway. Double Deckers do operate on it. The Double Deckers actually do not fit. The Garage doors are not big enough.
  3. This whole discussion about the Kanata flashing is driving me nuts. All buses were flashing Kanata and now that problem is being fixed...
  4. The Training Dept. wants all D40s reserved for Route 785 (Training).
  5. "Hi, can I get a Double Big Mac meal to go, Pepsi with no ice...oh and no ants either. Thanks!" =D
  6. I was told by another source (Not going to reveal who, it doesn't matter anyways) that OC Transpo bought some more units. Though I cannot confirm this, so we'll have to wait until these buses get delivered.
  7. 6399 now has a farebox. I read a memo from fleet that mentioned the new buses to be numbered from 6399 to 6404. (assuming 6400 isn't skipped)
  8. At my garage, they have a white board that lists how many buses were available for service and if it met the amount of buses needed for regular weekday service. Though it doesn't show any of the stuff mentioned above.
  9. The D60LF that was hit by a truck on Albert/Kent #6387 has been completely rebuilt (not the entire bus, just the front area and etc...). Got to ride it on it's first road test.....not bad except for an alarm that keeps going off when the brakes are applied and a burning smell at the front...
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