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  1. I was in Edmonton recently for a doctors appointment and I decided to ride 4259. I tracked this bus down using Transit55 because as far as I know it is the oldest bus in service with ETS. The driver was really kind and let me ride for free because of why I was riding. It was running a 918B While driving on the Whitemud I saw 8000 not in service and presumably broken down. This is the first time I've seen a Proterra and an electric bus for that matter While riding 4259 I also saw 4374 at the West Edmonton Mall Transit Center running a 917 to Lewis Farms. I have more pictures if y'all wanna see them!
  2. Hi y'all, it's been a while. Hinton Transit System has recently retired their Diamond E-450 due to serious mechanical issues and have opted to lease 2 new buses from First Canada. The new buses are a pair of 2009 GMC Savanna G3500s numbered 4421 & 7366. 4421 was the first of the two to go into service (June 9th 2021) with 7366 following on June 11th. These buses are the first and only handicap accessible buses to be operated by HTS and the first since the retirement of 3025/3026 to be powered by diesel. HTS 121680 is still on roster and is a backup bus according to a driver I was talking to. 121679 is still retired (and will likely never return to service) due to a blown transmission. When 6234 first was retired HTS was left with only 121680 for a while and had First Canada 2068 (another Diamond E-450) to substitute for 6234 until the new GMCs were put into service. Pictured below is 4421 on its first day of service. Second picture is 7366 in its first day of service
  3. As someone who always needs the VIN for cars they see and doesn't have a plate to VIN I have had my fair share of run-in's. Just gotta be sneaky
  4. My dad and I went to Edson and I found a 2 buses. The first one I saw was this 1990 Ford Econoline 350 (E-350) that is/was being used as an Out Of School Care (OOSC) bus. As of when I took the picture (Monday May 25th 2020) it is parked behind the Esso Station on 2nd Avenue. VIN 1FDKE30GXLHB70988 The second bus I saw was another E-Series. This one was parked on 3rd Avenue. When I got out of our truck to take a picture there was a lady inside who I can only hope was the driver taking a break that got upset with me. As of the aforementioned date this bus is being used as a Senior Citizen transport bus. Please correct me if I made any mistakes as this is pretty much my first post here!
  5. Hello everybody! I am new here but I figured you guys might be able to help me find the VINs for Ex Hinton Transit 3025 and 3026. Also I saw the Diamond Cutaway #6234 at Griffiths Ford in Hinton and got the VIN for a list I am trying to make. Other then that Hinton Transit 121679 has been parked at Kal Tire in Hinton for a long time and 121680 has been operating like normal. Thanks you!
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