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  1. IMO, the D30LF's, D40LF's and D60LF's are the best active buses on the system. I saw that too, at 8:18 PM.
  2. 944 was at FRG by BellMTS a few days ago. Right in front of MTHA 747.
  3. So 743 got refurbished, but without a camera?
  4. Yeah, some buses do that sometimes. I see it most often on the D60LF's.
  5. R.I.P. BusTXT. You will be greatly missed.
  6. Maybe if you run some events, you'll get some revenue...
  7. I think the Downtown Spirit buses are just wraps. Those wraps could be ripped off, exposing the white/orange nose underneath.
  8. Awhile back, I saw a BLUE bus's side sign change to "E SOUTHDALE", before switching back to "BLUE U. OF MANITOBA" on Southpark. Maybe the cuts will be so extreme, that we'll be stuck with Red Service, and they're preparing for it (I'm joking of course.). Either way, it is really neat to see.
  9. Yes it is, but who knows how much longer it will be before Winnipeg Transit axes those too. They also don't really have any schedule information. The newer ones, that are part of the new RT network, sort of do, in the form of headways, but as if it's actually going to be updated every schedule change. Long story short, processed GTFS data, and even paper timetables, are still better for preservation, when available. If I was able to, I would totally put up a website of the processed Winnipeg Transit data I have, which is made up of HTML files.
  10. https://transitfeeds.com/p/winnipeg-transit/23 http://www.gtfs-data-exchange.com/agency/winnipeg-transit/ Keep in mind, this is basically raw data that is on there - it needs to be processed to get much use out of it. But here's an example of what can be done with the data when it is processed. (*In some of the older schedules, from around 2013 and earlier, WT did not use the actual run numbers in the data. As an example, instead of "81-3", you'd have something like "24266" instead. I processed my own run numbers, but they aren't entirely accurate to how they actually are. But they aren't any less accurate than how they were before. Everything newer than 2014 has the real run numbers. Also, some of the older schedules have missing destination names, but that can be restored, though it is annoying.)
  11. The GTFS data provided by Winnipeg Transit can be used to create a digital record of service. Every regular route (except DART in most of them), every stop, every run/trip. GTFS data from Winnipeg Transit is archived by a couple of sites, and goes back as far as 2011.
  12. For deaf people, TeleBus is completely useless. But with BusTXT, deaf people can see the text, and visually-impaired people can use text-to-speech to hear the text.
  13. BusTXT is also easier to use. Instead of having to dial in commands, listen to what it says, and remember it (or write it down), you instead send a single text message, then you can read the response. Easy. BusTXT is also more versatile, as it has more functions, and to look up a stop, the 5 digit number is often not needed, if you don't know it.
  14. It's pretty stupid that BusTXT is being killed off if you ask me. Just another useful service that Winnipeg Transit is killing off. But Telebus, which I've never used in my entire life before today, stays put.
  15. If Downtown BIZ was subsidizing it, but no longer is, that could be why the Spirits are ending.
  16. Would be nice if some of the "U of W" buses got redirected into Balmoral, specifically the 55.
  17. This whole system is going to crap. So many cuts and reductions coming this September, with the Spirits just being 3 of them. Sure, it might save some money, but a transit agency should be prioritizing good service, not profits.
  18. But buses don't layover there, thus if few or no people are getting on or off, the bus will just whiz on by, whereas the 1, 2 and 38 do layover at The Forks. Also, what if you want to go south on Main, instead of North? Not to mention, walking from the market is to Union Station is significantly longer than walking to the 1/2/38 stop.
  19. If I'm going to The Forks, and I'm coming from an area that doesn't have a main line that goes to the southern part of Main, I'd probably want to transfer to a 1, 2 or 38.
  20. I'm going to be so happy about the 95 not running on the weekends... thanks Transit.
  21. Or transfer to a 1 or 2. I would think the 38 would go to The Forks all day.
  22. Does anybody know what the routing/schedules for the 2xx work buses are?
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