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  1. I would've preferred to attend an in-person event, rather than a glorified webcam conversation. I still might try it, but I don't know.
  2. I'm Winnipeg born and raised too, of course (why else would I be here?). I already have some of the TMP memorized. I'm nowhere near having the whole thing down, but I have some at least.
  3. The point is, good transit service needs to be provided, regardless of demand and profits.
  4. The current 24/25 (and almost every other current route, besides the 6xx feeders) don't exist in the Transit Master Plan. Route Q is what you're looking for. (And yes, the 24 is a ridiculous 60 minutes on Sunday mornings and evenings, 30 minutes on Sunday mid-day). https://winnipegtransit.com/assets/2714/WTMP_SystemMap_ShortTerm_2020-08-21.pdf https://winnipegtransit.com/assets/2713/WTMP_SystemMap_LongTerm_2020-08-21.pdf
  5. I think the 44 was extended to Harbour View South in 2006, to KP via Lagimodiere in 2012, and going via Peguis in 2015. Route 87 used to go to Harbour View South, but was cut back to KP in 2005 or 2006. If I was living in Harbour View South, I would be very much opposed to losing regular service, and having DART instead.
  6. Probably because Plessis is already covered by the 42/92 and (for now) 46/47, and Kildare is covered by the 46/47 and 48. Day only has the 89/90. Remove the 89/90 from Day, and Day has nothing.
  7. Uh, why would the 47 Kildare going up a small section of Peguis cause the 44 to be cut back to a London/Louelda loop? As Andrew said, it would leave the rest of Peguis, and Harbour View South with no service, barring any other changes. The DART would probably be for night and Sunday only, and for the Transcona area, not Harbour View South.
  8. The Street View imagery on Fermor is 2 years out of date, and 4 years out of date on Royal Mint Dr. A lot can happen in just 2 years.
  9. I saw new traffic lights partially installed on Fermor, somewhere east of Royal Mint Dr (Here?). I think a new road might be built south of there, but I don't know. Additionally, I believe Royal Mint Drive goes all the way to Fermor, yes?
  10. Honestly, a lot of Winnipeg Transit stuff needs updating into the 21st century. I've wanted Winnipeg Transit to add an option to be able to book a DART ride online for a long time now, I don't see why it couldn't be done.
  11. The idea with the 47 Kildare sounds like a good idea. I guess the DART would be good for Lakeside Meadows, and maybe South Transcona residents.
  12. 428 does have a orange sign now, on all 3 sides. Currently working the 191-6.
  13. I've absolutely seen 751 outside FRG (by McDonalds) in the winter, throughout the Christmas season and then some. These photos are from late January 2017. and this is from January 2018.
  14. Hasn't 751 spent extended periods of time outdoors at FRG in the Winter? I'm not saying they should do anything, but still.
  15. I could be wrong, but I think Google Maps uses static schedules for Winnipeg Transit too. For example, earlier the API showed a 66 Unicity at 21:11:36, a minute and a half late. Google Maps showed it as departed at 21:10, the scheduled time.
  16. What were the circumstances in this incident? Did he look before and while crossing? Was the driver speeding?
  17. https://mega.nz/file/4dUWVIbR#BmOWpUpZKfeb1QdOfTtVMQ2VFMhQjiAp9OJyjkWttBM
  18. It is possible to digitally preserve Winnipeg Transit information, by processing GTFS data. It's easier said than done, but it can be done.
  19. I have all the station names memorized by now.
  20. I think you mean Beaumont Station and Harkness Station. I haven't gone under there either, because of the constantly high water level.
  21. At some point there was "operating funding agreements for the Downtown Spirit network with The Forks North Portage Partnership and with the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ", but I don't know what happened with that, or how much was funded by them. 2002-04-02 Downtown Spirit.pdf
  22. We first learned about it in March I think, then on August 12th Winnipeg Transit announced their upcoming Fall schedule, and confirmed the discontinuation of the Spirits.
  23. R.I.P. Downtown Spirit. Officially over now.
  24. Then what is this? Sign says "MOUNTAIN | McPHILLIPS", so it's definitely a former Winnipeg bus.
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