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  1. How on earth did they manage that? Crashing into a car or a sign or something like that is one thing, but a house? How did he get his license?
  2. Literally a Google Search got me these: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-transit-electric-buses-report-1.4583663 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/winnipeg-electric-buses-1.4964111 https://winnipegsun.com/news/news-news/transit-one-step-closer-to-getting-new-buses https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/city-to-test-two-designs-for-electric-bus-project-572760831.html
  3. Speaking of which, it looks like the web pages for the Blue/Red Priority Service have been taken down.
  4. http://gtfs.winnipegtransit.com/ They still have the combined data up, but by 1 AM it should hopefully switch to just being for the Winter schedule.
  5. I believe the first draft of the SW route network was actually made in March 2019, before being modified significantly, and then was more or less finalized around October or November.
  6. I want to see it happen as much as anyone else, but if they rush it, they're gonna screw it up. Let them take their time, so hopefully they get things (mostly) right before it's implemented.
  7. That issue was rectified mid-schedule. It wasn't shown on the website, but it was fixed internally.
  8. From what I've seen, a large number of schedules are changing. Schedules that I know for sure are changing in some form, even if just a little, are the 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 32, 33, 43, 44, 45, 50, 67, 79, 83, 87, 88, 92, 96, 97, 98, 101, 102, 671, 672. There are probably more, but those are the ones I know for sure have some changes. That list can apply to any day of the week too. Some notable changes are: The 11 will lose the Sunday Polo Park-Downtown short-turn service (11-11 to 11-14), just like on the reduced schedule. The 11 also loses the late night EB Portage-Downtown buses on Saturday and Sunday (they had already been eliminated on the Weekday schedule). In the PM, the last weekday SB 16 to short-turn at Kingston Row will be at 14:53 (Stop 10911). Almost everything after will go past Kingston Row. The 20 adds two weekday short-turns from Leighton Loop to Johnson & Henderson. The 67 and 79 are going back to normal. The 87 regains the PM trips between Crossroads and the Industrial Park. As mentioned above, the 83 and 88 will finally go back to normal. The 671 and 672 are being extended to Eaglewood & Longspur.
  9. There might be in a day or two, but I would wait until December 14th or 15th, when the GTFS data will just contain the Winter schedule, not both the Fall and Winter schedule.
  10. http://clkapps.winnipeg.ca/dmis/ViewPdf.asp?SectionId=583394 Also in that document, they somehow managed to spell "Arbour Meadow" as "Arrow Meadow" in Figure 1. Christmas is coming soon though.
  11. I think the Blue Winter Snow Plan, even if it was updated for Phase 2 (or other unrelated route changes), would've been overkill. It's meant for situations where residential streets may become undrivable. Cutting off service into those areas for something other than the weather seems unreasonable.
  12. At the end of the day, transit should be an essential service, not a cash-grab. They must stick with full service, something comparable to the Winter 2019 schedule (modified for the changes to the southwest system of course), regardless of what the media and Pallister thinks. Besides, if we're supposed to still be "social distancing" or whatever, wouldn't a reduced schedule make that harder?
  13. Well, if you work 5 days a week, at 2 trips per day (to work, then to home), that would be around 40 - 50 trips per month. If you do shopping, go out, or just ride around on the weekends, that would increase it.
  14. It was bad enough they experimented with it once, it would be worse if they did it a second time, after it already failed. Also, they can't take our human right of freedom away.
  15. It's also on the 11-19 this evening.
  16. 943 was on the 53 this morning. What they plan on doing with it in the future, I don't know.
  17. Calm down, I'll get it to you when I can.
  18. It happens once in awhile. Usually because of a tradeoff. Looks like 988 had to be traded out with 838 on the 100-13.
  19. There are public buses right now that are not disclosed, such as the 22-9x buses.
  20. When I saw it, it looked like it had students on it. Even though no S4xx school charters go down there, and is not signed as a school charter, I think it is school-related. Same with the 50-80. Regardless, MMP15 and I have both seen the 96-80 in the same location at the same time (twice for me), so it's obviously running on a schedule. Also, why would some random charter have a 50-80 or 96-80 run card?
  21. I don't think a real school charter route (S4xx) exists that goes into Royalwood, etc. That could be part of it. Maybe because they don't want precious space taken up by people who aren't students?... It would also be weird to have a 96 fill run in the middle of the day, when the 96 isn't running.
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