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  1. A couple of nights ago, 527 was on the BLUE all night, on a pure St. Norbert run. It was a trade-off, which begs the question, does Winnipeg Transit ever have any 60-foot buses on standby, ready to make a trade-off for the BLUE?
  2. Got my own shot of it too (not sure why it turned out so blurry).
  3. 446 is on the (BLUE) 100-23 tonight.
  4. P/R is "Public Relations". An example of a P/R would be "GO BOMBERS", "BOMBERS > GREY CUP CHAMPS" or "TAKE A FREE RIDE".
  5. 471 along the back fence at FRG.
  6. It appears to be on the 19-9 actually (which is also all-day), based on the mobile website and the API.
  7. The Summer schedule is currently scheduled to start on June 20th, so maybe it'll start up then?
  8. As usual, on a rush hour run. Why have these buses been running rush hour only? It doesn't make any sense to me that brand new buses, with new features that you'd think they'd want to test out as much as possible, would be treated like this. Also, why aren't 440 or 441 in service?
  9. Perhaps after the 691 is discontinued, whenever that is, in the PM rush for example, maybe there could be buses that start at Seel Station as a 650, goes to Whyte Ridge, then becomes a 690, and returns to Seel Station. Or buses could simply deadhead back to Kenaston or Seel after completing their trip.
  10. I wish that the 62 (the Taylor Avenue route) could be extended to Fort Rouge Station via the same route as the current 95, but I may be biased since I live on Jubilee. I also find it curious that in the long term plan, there are 0 routes on Graham. Of course this might change, but I still find it odd. Of course, on Portage there are only 6 routes anyways, so that may be partly why none are on Graham. Overall, I do think the TMP is promising. But there will definitely be resistance from the public to keep the system the way it is, even if it is slower, because they don't want to learn the new system.
  11. The 642 doesn't go to Whyte Ridge, and the 691 is faster than the 650 to get to or from Whyte Ridge. The biggest problem with the 691 I think is that it heavily duplicates the 649. The only differences between the 649 and the 691 is that the 691 goes to Seel Station instead of Windermere Terminal, and the 691 a unidirectional rush-hour route. I think the 691 would be a bit better if it used Clarence instead of Chevrier, like the 81/181 did. That being said, if I lived in Whyte Ridge, I personally would prefer to use the 691 instead of the 649 (and 650) when possible.
  12. 453 in Fort Rouge Garage yesterday.
  13. 441 at Fort Rouge Garage earlier today.
  14. You could, perhaps, open a window when possible.
  15. 20% is a pitifully low number for bike racks.
  16. I have no idea, but I couldn't resist taking a look.
  17. I did notice that they were only out on rush-hour runs, which I thought was odd.
  18. 445 on the 47-24 and 446 on the 65-6.
  19. No, but there is a street called "Dunkirk".
  20. No, they're supposed to stay in service until Dunkirk/Dakota. It's not the only case where the sign on the bus differs from the official last stop. For example there's the 18 Main & McAdam which is signed "18 INKSTER", the 32 Main & Seven Oaks which is signed "32 INKSTER", the 46 Plessis & Regent which is signed "46 KILDONAN PLACE" (though the cards do say to allow drop-offs to KP), and the 55 St. Anne's & Beliveau which is signed "55 NIAKWA RD". I suspect the 14's are using 1412 ("14 BISHOP GRANDIN") instead of 1415 ("14 DUNKIRK") by mistake somehow, but I don't know. In any case, here's a shot of that sign, for everyone else to see.
  21. Today marks the first anniversary of Phase 2 of the SWT opening, and all the changes it brought, including BLUE.
  22. I give consent for the following image to be used on Winnipeg Transit wiki pages, as suggested by Catherine Wilkins in this post. I would also suggest adding on the 440-471 pages that these are Winnipeg's first buses to have all white signs.
  23. 442 on the 59-2 47-24 earlier today. BTW, if the wiki wants a picture of 442, go ahead.
  24. Did any of them go into service today? From what I can tell, they didn't.
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