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  1. I do realize that having them cross the mainlines like that could cause delays, but that's what happens when they're that close together, and there's only 1 grade-separated crossing. Obviously I can have them avoid those crossings and go over the Tupper overpass, kind of like how the 71 avoids the Arlington Bridge, but having them zig-zag like that isn't super optimal either (especially for Route 3). In regards to Winnipeg, most of the CN mainline crossings in the city are grade-separated. In fact, I think the only location where a route crosses the CN mainline at grade these days is the 87 on Bournais, but the 87 doesn't cross the CP main (although in the past, the 87 also went to Harbour View South, and therefor did cross both, crossing CP on Munroe).
  2. Just for the heck of it, I decided to try creating a Portage la Prairie route system. Of course, I'm not super familiar with Portage la Prairie, or it's hot spots, so this might not be the best system possible, but here it is.
  3. If anybody is interested, I've created a Windows program that tries to simulate a Winnipeg Transit Luminator controller and display. I know that Andrew did show his version awhile back, though I'm not sure if he provided a link to it. If you are using the keyboard to manipulate the controller, make sure the controller is the active window. To change the sign, click the Dest A or Dest B buttons on-screen (or press A or B on the keyboard) and type in the code using the number buttons on-screen (or using the keyboard). To change the P/R, use the P/R button on-screen (or press P on the keyboard), and type in the code using the number buttons on-screen (or using the keyboard). If you want to change the colour of the front display between white and orange, press C on the keyboard. ODK3, Dest 1603: ODK4, P/R 582: Download: https://mega.nz/file/VBtnEISR#KtoBWLgtqMlcQv9uKMPKHtVJILcBd_k7azZeD-1Q278 Codes: https://1drv.ms/x/s!Al89uMyu353TejL8LLzxHZz8D2g?e=BTzcMn Edit: Updated look of the controllers.
  4. I thought the D30LF's had A/C units (the thing on the roof near the front)? Plus they also have the sliding windows (which I prefer to the way the windows open on newer buses), which you can open. Not to mention the 101 and 102 only operate during the evening/night on weekdays.
  5. 462 was on the 67-11 (40 and 67) yesterday.
  6. Do you think we should include the D30LF's as well, seeing as they're slowly on their way out?
  7. This is the location. I have no clue why it is there either. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/49°50'24.4"N+97°10'21.1"W/@49.8400989,-97.1730712,262m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d49.840098!4d-97.172524
  8. This one? It's been there for at least 3 years.
  9. The Summer schedule has now been posted on the Winnipeg Transit website.
  10. I hope so. The Portage corridor (specifically the 21 and 22) needs clean-up. Put it back to how they were on the (normal) Spring 2020 schedule, and change the 11 to fit in with that too. Or if Transit wants to start implementing parts of the TMP, extend the BLUE to Assiniboia. Other route schedules need some improvement too, in part because of recent reductions.
  11. I can confirm first-hand, a lot of buses were really late on Nairn/Regent, because of slow-as-crap traffic/drivers.
  12. Here it is for Spring 2021. It may take a couple hours (yes, hours) to un-zip the files, but after they're un-zipped, open "Home.html" in the 2021-04-18 folder and navigate from there. I would totally host this website online if I could, but I currently don't have the ability/know how to do that. https://mega.nz/file/9FVXzSqD#3KV5iJSV9lNinTKKeQkTO6hDJccxOWJBSsTBjQTVH6k
  13. For those curious, this is the 100-16.
  14. 440 and 441 at the back fence of FRG. Anyone know what's going on with these two? As far as I know, they haven't been put into service at all yet. If they have, I haven't seen it.
  15. A couple of nights ago, 527 was on the BLUE all night, on a pure St. Norbert run. It was a trade-off, which begs the question, does Winnipeg Transit ever have any 60-foot buses on standby, ready to make a trade-off for the BLUE?
  16. Got my own shot of it too (not sure why it turned out so blurry).
  17. 446 is on the (BLUE) 100-23 tonight.
  18. P/R is "Public Relations". An example of a P/R would be "GO BOMBERS", "BOMBERS > GREY CUP CHAMPS" or "TAKE A FREE RIDE".
  19. 471 along the back fence at FRG.
  20. It appears to be on the 19-9 actually (which is also all-day), based on the mobile website and the API.
  21. The Summer schedule is currently scheduled to start on June 20th, so maybe it'll start up then?
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