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  1. On the Winnipeg Transit website, the BLUE page currently has the ESP Level 2 map, and route pages for 231-247 are up. However, regular service appears to be in effect. Still interesting to see them put these up on the website though.
    BLUELevel2.thumb.png.d199c2798332856b5e4db19208a28fc7.png 232Map.thumb.png.14e8c623b8fe55f79662583d6a844afb.png
    235Map.thumb.png.1a86b0be1f58d5cfe78122de4a352dc3.png 245Map.thumb.png.dea08cda55aa297abeb73efbae619243.png

  2. Quote

    The old Emergency Plan “RED” level was more functional than the ESP Level 2 network. The U of M isn’t even serviced with this network.

    The old red plan didn't serve the U of M either. Here's the map of the old red service routes, since some of you clearly might need a refresher.

    The new plan isn't super different from the old plan, aside from using numbers instead of letters, though there are differences obviously. I can also reveal that buses would theoretically run every 20 minutes, on all routes. Last connections from downtown would be at 12:20 AM This is the schedule for the 232, for example. Made using crew data online.

  3. 42 minutes ago, Viafreak said:

    How are the buses able to display a different P/R message on the front from the side and rear?

    It's the same message technically, just the front is programmed to say "GREY CUP CHAMPS", and the side and rear are programmed to say "FACE MASKS REQUIRED".

  4. If anyone cares, Saw the 95-2 with the Emergency Service Plan Level 1 P/R sign on ("ESP LEVEL 1"). I don't know if it still has it, but it did when it left Stafford Loop at around 9:13 AM. Interesting that "ESP" is on the far left of the sign, like a route number.
    253896908_20211213_091202(2).thumb.jpg.88d910c92f13a29c8343fe553b53d5bf.jpg 263392174_20211213_091147(2).thumb.jpg.a62ea17626a5edf78b3fe343ff65d041.jpg 602990656_20211213_091130(2).thumb.jpg.a056daf4dd53caf280722eda160bde29.jpg

    Also, since it hasn't been posted here yet, the 95 to Shaftesbury Park now shows "95 SHAFTESBURY", instead of "95 TUXEDO".

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  5. 21 minutes ago, matt548 said:

    Instead of 65 GRANT EXP it says 65 GRANT EXPRESS

    Hasn't the 65 always shown "65 GRANT EXP" on the electronic bus signs? I know the old mylar roll signs showed "65 Grant Express", but that's not the same thing.

    Never mind, I mis-read the post.

  6. A couple of XBLUE's signed "STADIUM SHUTTLE" yesterday. Apparently, on those particular buses the XBLUE signage (600) hasn't been programmed in, so trying to put it in results in a Special Olympics sign being displayed. As a solution, control told them to sign "STADIUM SHUTTLE" (800) instead.
    1492310748_P1130827(2).thumb.JPG.a3ac56ac90d82d19265f38c0a6c8a28f.JPG 486575645_P1130831(2).thumb.jpg.a45f66566d08d5bcd02e80d935369e46.jpg

    There were D60LF's signed "XBLUE IG FIELD" though, so why some of them have it, and others don't, I have no idea, though this is Winnipeg Transit, so I guess stuff like that is to be expected. @simer4, do you have any idea why some D60LF's would have the XBLUE signs, and others don't?

  7. 5 hours ago, Viafreak said:

    The only substantial change is the routing of the 48 and 89 into the newish neighbourhood of Peguis (west of Plessis and north of Regent). Due to the weird scheduling of the 89, it only has service Sunday to Friday, I think there was also some minor changes in Waverly West.

    The significant changes I can think of are:

    • New 48/89 routing via Transcona Blvd, plus the addition of "VIA TRANSCONA BLVD" to the signs of the outbound 48's, and all 89's. 👍
    • The 22 returns to a single direction at each rush hour (To Downtown AM, To Assiniboia PM). The 11 and 21 schedules also change to accommodate. 👎
    • Route 10's name changing from "St. Boniface-Wolseley" to "St. Boniface-West Broadway" (no route change though). 🤷‍♂️


    Other interesting changes I can think of are:

    • Two new 676 stops added on North Town, east of Centre Street (62025 and 62026). 👍
    • Several stops on Dunkirk discontinued. Stops 50467, 50468, 50471, 50472, 50477, and 50478. 👎
    • A short-turn 83 will run from Strauss to Portage & Ronald, leaving Strauss at 18:51. 👍
    • The last Sunday 60 will now depart Garry & Portage at 12:20 AM. 👍


    A few unfortunate non-changes include:

    • The 36 will continue to have just 1 bus during the mid-day, and a 90 minute headway. 👎
    • The 83, aside from the massive amount of interlining it will have, will continue to have just 2 buses during rush hour. 👎
    • The 89 will continue to have no Saturday service, despite having Sunday Service. 👎
    • On Saturday, the southbound 71 via Sinclair will continue to have a 2 hour and 6 minute long gap at night. 👎


    One other thing, which doesn't really fit any of the above categories is that there's a 1 hour 28 minute gap between the last 48 Downtown and first 89 Kildonan Place on Westbound Transcona Blvd. 👎

  8. 3 hours ago, Viafreak said:

    The BLUE had two XD40's (the newest version) this morning. It was weird to see BLUE signage in white. I wonder if it was due to testing drivers for new buses that could be coming. I also saw the white sign imposter 369 this morning.

    The BLUE had four white sign XD40's today. 446, 449, 450 and 469.


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  9. 3 hours ago, ConnorsCompShow said:

    Didn't get a great look but they didn't seem to be the new style introduced with SWRT2.

    I would be shocked if they used that style, as it seems they're only using that style in Zone 6 (southwest), in areas served by the BLUE, 600-series feeders, or are pretty close to the Transitway. In Ridgewood, even though the 65 was extended there at the same time as Phase 2 opened, stops use the classic style. Likewise, the newer stops on Wolseley use the classic style too.

    20200415_163130.thumb.jpg.272f0e512d097f5abc913c16a40f31c4.jpg  20210417_140619.jpg

    However, the 676 stops on Bison, which were added well after Phase 2 opened, use the newer style (including the defunct BusTXT number).


  10. Tonight, every single BLUE has a 40-foot bus. Has that ever happened before? I know it's common for some 40-footers to appear on the BLUE, even at night, but every single bus?


    2 hours ago, Viafreak said:

    Probably had something to do with the run as the 59 often gets a 60-footer.

    This was also during the 2020 reduced schedule, when all kinds of weird stuff was happening (like D30LF's on the 41, 60-foot buses on the 30 and 41, and more probably).

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  11. I've heard that the Winnipeg Railway Museum will be shutting down on December 31st, because "VIA is taking the lease away and giving it to the RT line". Presumably, this is part of the Transit Master Plan, where Union Station will be a major hub, where A, C and D will go. I guess that's a good sign that this part of the TMP may go as planned (though I do hope the Railway Museum can find a new home).

    Now, I can't say 100% for sure that this is true, as I did hear it from another source, but I feel reasonably confident that it is.

  12. 14 minutes ago, Viafreak said:

    That is a first. Its not the first 60-foot to serve the northeast corner of the city. I once saw a D60LF going down Henderson. I assume it was the 11 Glenway as the other 11's have a lot of turns. When is Transit going to remove the Blue wraps from the XD60's?


    It's possible that bus (the 47 with 371) started downtown, as it was just going to IG Field. One time I rode a 41 North Kildonan on 391.

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