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  1. I did notice that they were only out on rush-hour runs, which I thought was odd.
  2. 445 on the 47-24 and 446 on the 65-6.
  3. No, they're supposed to stay in service until Dunkirk/Dakota. It's not the only case where the sign on the bus differs from the official last stop. For example there's the 18 Main & McAdam which is signed "18 INKSTER", the 32 Main & Seven Oaks which is signed "32 INKSTER", the 46 Plessis & Regent which is signed "46 KILDONAN PLACE" (though the cards do say to allow drop-offs to KP), and the 55 St. Anne's & Beliveau which is signed "55 NIAKWA RD". I suspect the 14's are using 1412 ("14 BISHOP GRANDIN") instead of 1415 ("14 DUNKIRK") by mistake somehow, but I don't k
  4. Today marks the first anniversary of Phase 2 of the SWT opening, and all the changes it brought, including BLUE.
  5. I give consent for the following image to be used on Winnipeg Transit wiki pages, as suggested by Catherine Wilkins in this post. I would also suggest adding on the 440-471 pages that these are Winnipeg's first buses to have all white signs.
  6. 442 on the 59-2 47-24 earlier today. BTW, if the wiki wants a picture of 442, go ahead.
  7. Did any of them go into service today? From what I can tell, they didn't.
  8. I believe they also have new stuff related to wheelchairs and such, though I'm not sure what exactly.
  9. 990 is now no longer along the back fence at FRG.
  10. 943 is now along the back fence at FRG. That may mean the end of the orange era for Winnipeg Transit.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's permanent, until the TMP takes over. This is the sign at 10226.
  12. I agree with the notion that a super express BLUE should've been created. After all, before RT, the 37 skipped everything between Broadway and Plaza, except Osborne, and the 61 skipped everything between Osborne and Dysart. Having a route that skips every SWT station except Osborne would be no different.
  13. 943 is scheduled to be on the 95-5 this afternoon, which has departures from Polo Park at 14:26 and 16:39.
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