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  1. *sorry for the late response* Nope, those are 101 and 102, i went down there and checked. Spare 3 might be 8209/8210 but im not sure.
  2. yep, 1300-1305 are at CP according to a source. I'm unsure of the fate of 0023. Also, Manhattan's OG's seem to be used less, especially on weekends. So sad that retirement is near.
  3. P32 #202 at Spuyten Duyvil, with the Henry Hudson Bridge in the background.
  4. On the topic of replacement: 9510 at ENY 9560 at NES 0022 is OOS (electrical failure) also, 0023 has been moved to CP! Nope thats still at NES.
  5. 2 left: 6548 and 6600 Also, 0022 broke down...
  6. They are at the storage facility of BNY, not the main depot. Where 101 and 102 are stored. That’s probably what it is. I wonder when they will enter service.
  7. Just got word that 9510 is at ENY, so they may have a few weeks left! I’m REALLY happy I caught 6498 before it retired! I wonder when 0022 will become 9620 and enter revenue service! Supposedly 9621 is at Secaucus, but idk. I might go out there and see sometime soon. For all we know, it may still be in Canada.
  8. Is this all Quill or a combo of MHV and quill? That is so sad... I am assuming they will stay until the first few XDE40s and/or LFS HEVs come in. Is this correct?
  9. They don't have any new flyers... The person I talked with said that the 82xx buses were ex-demonstrators, but I am not sure. They do not have US plates or titles yet, so I can't run a vincheck. They are currently sitting at the storage facility. However, I may make another trip out there to see if they are still there.
  10. yes, but those were using the pump system at meadowlands (they would go there to use it then back to fairview)
  11. The R211s were gonna replace the 32s, 44s, and 46s, right? In terms of the 62s, they seem to be in tip-top shape!
  12. And SF...they might be converting more routes to trolleybus operation. However... This is correct. Trolleybuses just don’t make any sense in most cities. However, I’m all for converting EXISTING BRT routes into battery/trolleybus split operation
  13. both...they don't have the space or the new pump system also thats why fairview hasnt gotten xd60s yet - they dont have the pump system.
  14. The LFS Hybrids are expected to come in starting in November-December. So, MHV and MJQ are in line to get LFSHEVs first i guess...
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