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  1. Oddly enough, I still don't see the changes! Did someone make them or have they not been made? It may be a glitch on my end - not sure. Could someone confirm? @Orion6025 @Michael Marriott @Articulated @7749 @Shemar @Thomasw sorry for tagging all of you, but I just wanted to confirm if these changes have been made? Also, below is a better picture of 0023 to upload. Hope this works! Best, Jova42R
  2. Oddly enough, I still don't see the changes! Did someone make them or have they not been made? It may be a glitch on my end - not sure. Could someone confirm?
  3. 2117 reactivated due to a loss of power at lamont!
  4. Sorry for tagging y'all so much, but @Articulated @Thomasw @Orion6025 or another editor, could you confirm that the changes have been made? I pasted them below for your convinence. EDIT: Could someone confirm that it isn't a glitch on my end? @Orion6025
  5. I still don’t see the edits. It may be a glitch on my end. also 4956 was running today.
  6. oh ok! It may be a glitch on my end, but I don't see the pics on the wiki. Did you add them?
  7. Only 4950-4952 and 4958 have the side decals that say "Ride this electric bus". Also, I don't think 4956 is delivered yet, although I may be wrong. EDIT: also, I noticed you did not add the pictures! Could you please do that?
  8. Here's my submission: Seen here is 2020 Prevost Car X3-45 2nd Generation #0023 on the BXM4. This bus is the test bus for the NYMTA's new batch of X3-45s, and is testing out of Yonkers Depot. This is its second run on the BXM4, which operates between Woodlawn Heights in the Bronx and Midtown East in Manhattan. Seen here is 2019 New Flyer Industries Xcelsior XE60 CHARGE articulated #4950 on the M60-SBS. This is the only XE60 that has luggage racks and is assigned to the M60, although sometimes other XE60s run on the route.
  9. Hello, here are a few changes that need to be made to the NYMTA site: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_1300-1629 Please rename the page to Metropolitan Transportation Authority 0023, 1301-1629 Please add the photo attached below of 0023, and also please add that on the Thumbnail Page on the main page! https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_4950-4964 Please add the below photo of 4950, and please replace the thumbnail, as this picture is much better than the one I took of 4960. Please add in the notes section that 4950-4952 and 4958 have the Electric Bus decals on the side of the bus. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_3800-3959 3957 recently broke down, this means it will be out of service for a while. Thanks for making all these changes! @Orion6025 @Thomasw
  10. @Thomasw @TTCVIAFan25 could you make this page?
  11. Hello, Please add this page to the wiki: Barnard College Public Safety operates a single loop route around the Manhattanville and Morningside Heights area during the overnight hours to provide a safe means of transport for students. FLEET Barnard doesn't have fleet numbers, so I'll go by license plates. ACTIVE FLEET JKL7796 - 2019 Ford Transit 350, 3.7L Gasoline "Cyclone" V6, 6-speed automatic. RETIRED FLEET unknown - Ford E-250 - 4.2 Gasoline "Essex" V6, automatic (more info coming) ROUTES Barnard operates a single loop to and from the Main Gate at Broadway at 117th Street. It serves all Barnard Residence Halls, operating as shown below: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?hl=en&hl=en&mid=13I6OJsZTau7Gmv4UjB5SUYNORBVacjcR&ll=40.81059632955146%2C-73.97562956633452&z=15 It operates from 5:30 PM to 4:00 AM. It is currently suspended due to COVID-19. It connects to Columbia University's Intercampus Shuttle service at the Main Gate. If anyone could add this, please do @a.dicion @TTCVIAFan25 @PCC Guy! Thanks!
  12. EC's first 2005 CLs! FINALLY!
  13. @Orion6025 I noticed you made the changes but there’s one thing you should probably change - 425 is operated by luxury transportation Corporation of Queens so you should remove it from the Academy bus roster and make the title of the page luxury transportation corporation 425. thanks!
  14. I have just received confirmation that 425 is indeed the only bus that runs on the arbor shuttle so you can get rid of the full fleet number range unknown note. thanks!!
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