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  1. The R211s were gonna replace the 32s, 44s, and 46s, right? In terms of the 62s, they seem to be in tip-top shape!
  2. And SF...they might be converting more routes to trolleybus operation. However... This is correct. Trolleybuses just don’t make any sense in most cities. However, I’m all for converting EXISTING BRT routes into battery/trolleybus split operation
  3. both...they don't have the space or the new pump system also thats why fairview hasnt gotten xd60s yet - they dont have the pump system.
  4. The LFS Hybrids are expected to come in starting in November-December. So, MHV and MJQ are in line to get LFSHEVs first i guess...
  5. Speaking of new Grande West buses, BNY has two more that are yet to enter service, #8210 and #8209.
  6. 2996 is dead for now 2115 is reactivated. The life of 2996...
  7. Banned for favoring D40LFs over E40LFRs. Banned for having a space in your name (L O L)
  8. Ah ok - did not know! I've been tracking UCAT recently, it appears it is mostly International cutaways (numbered up to 78, i think) and a few NGs and Gilligs. OGs appear to be done for. In addition, it appears that two new buses have appeared, numbered in the 90xx and 91xx series, pretty sure they are ex-Kingston Citibus Gilligs.
  9. Sorry for the old post bump, but is there any additional info on Matador Tours? I've seen an older (2005ish) Prevost LeMirage XL-III operating around Manhattan with a sign that says that it is an NYP shuttle bus. (Also, I saw a van numbered 02 that said the same thing, oddly). Does anyone have any info about Matador? So...where are the 21xxx MCI's going to? IIRC, most garages that have the D4000s can't get 45-footers. Any insight? Also, I'm assuming NABI Suburban replacement will be NFI XD40 suburbans? Because the transits are almost guaranteed to be NFI after the contract for the XD60s. Also, what will replace the 31-LFWs? Would baby Gilligs do the job, or would NJT buy Alexander Dennis (to keep with NFI Group?) Is any of this known yet?
  10. It definitely is causing stress. I am also very wary around people who don't have masks (and usually carry an extra supply of them to give people when they don't have any). This is for two reasons: I actually had COVID-19 (back in April) - I recovered, and it was a mild case, but it was still extremely stressful and unpleasant My mother also had COVID-19, also a mild case, and she also recovered, but she is still in the high-risk group. These people are risking killing everyone around them So essentially they are selfish idiotic subhuman brats So for that reason, I have been avoiding certain areas that have low mask compliance. Oddly enough, Staten Island, the place that has the lowest mask compliance, also appears to be where people care if they are fined $50. So, most people have shut up about it, and worn masks.
  11. Looks like they are slowly putting more and more CX35s on the shuttles. Also, J4500s have started appearing en masse. Seen below are to pics of 1618.
  12. Seen here are two pictures of 2020 Motor Coach Industries J4500 #1618 operating on the Columbia University Brooklyn Commuter Route. Launced in September 2020, Columbia's commuter system operates Academy coach buses from Hoboken and Leonardo Garages. All four routes branch out from Columbia's three campuses, with one going to Citi Field in Queens and Riverdale in The Bronx, one going to Tillary Street in Brooklyn, one going to Penn Station - 34 Street on the west side of Manhattan, and one going to Stuyvesant Square - 14 Street on the east side of Manhattan.
  13. Ok just heard from a friend that 6728 is at WF...I have no clue why (or HOW) this happened, but it apparently has. Also, 6692 is now at Quill.
  14. Would an IS/B6.7 tuned up produce the same emissions as an L9 or would it be lower?
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