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  1. Just a quick update: So it appears that they are using way more gilligs now. On a recent trip up there, the ex-citibus gilligs seemed to be dominant on the Z and kingston city loop routes. Everywhere else had a gillig or occasionally a cutaway except for the KS, which invariably had an NG.
  2. Hello - haven’t gotten a response here so I thought I’d check back in. 2114 is definitely retired. Also, Academy has two new (2020) nova LFS buses that may be tested on the fort lee shuttles. @Orion6025 and @Dave Mackey, since you added those to the wiki, do you know anything else about them? If they are suburbans, then it makes sense that they’d at least do a test run on the commuter shuttle, but I’m unsure. 6407-6410 are now exclusively Bakers Field Shuttle. 2995 is OUT OF SERVICE.
  3. Are we 100% sure of this? I have seen no pictures or registrations. What is the source for you? Again, are we 100% sure? If yes, where’s it gonna go? MHV? OH? Hale?
  4. Short Line Bus is a commuter bus company based in the New York City area that operates bus services to upstate New York and Northern New Jersey. Here are a few pictures of some buses at their Mahwah facility: 2017 MCI D4500CT #17031 - Owned by NJT 2014 MCI D4505s #13163 and #13177 2010 MCI D4500CTH #70281 2009 MCI D4505 #58968
  5. Jova42R

    Hudson Link

    Hi all! Here are some pictures of Hudson Link buses from today! They ARE still running during the pandemic!
  6. 9503 is dead. Rest in peace Neoplan AN459 2003-2021
  7. Hello! Here are four pics of the brand-new 2021 Prevost X3-45 buses that have just been delivered, three of 1308 on the QM20 and one of 1304 on the QM6. Hope you like these!
  8. Ok I’m guessing the codes i put are probably right. They wouldn’t create special type codes for Vaccine routes i don’t think. However I just found out about the B201. Supposedly an MTAB version of the B99. Idk what the code is but it works on The new Prevosts as I saw a post on instagram. also, below are my pics of the Prevosts!
  9. Guessing the codes will be 4980/4981 and 5980/5981 correct?
  10. Hello everyone! The columbia university system has undergone some changes recently, so the wiki needs some updating! https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Columbia_University 2143 is in Boston permanently. The Manhattanville Shuttle is discontinued due to low ridership. The commuter shuttles are using 2018-20 Academy Prevosts, 2018-20 CX35/45s, and a few older C2045s, so that should be noted in the wiki Also, the routes should be updated to include the 4 commuter shuttles West Manhattan Commuter Shuttle - Midtown/Penn Station/34 St-9 Av to Washingt
  11. So the vicinity buses are gone?
  12. I've heard that the XDE40s will go to Quill and the LFS HEVs will go to MHV, with Hale getting XDEs as well and Tuskegee getting Novas. Is this right? Also - I'm going to wake up super early one of these days and go out to see the Prevosts - are they mostly on the 6th Av, 3rd Av, or downtown routes? Also, what time do they tend to be dispatched at?
  13. 4RKYL82L5L9777668 Is 9622 I think! 9622 is at Kingsbridge (as far as I can tell)
  14. *sorry for the late response* Nope, those are 101 and 102, i went down there and checked. Spare 3 might be 8209/8210 but im not sure.
  15. yep, 1300-1305 are at CP according to a source. I'm unsure of the fate of 0023. Also, Manhattan's OG's seem to be used less, especially on weekends. So sad that retirement is near.
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