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  1. It was ok - someone did pull the brakes though Got this shot of the final northbound run laying over at BB.
  2. Off-topic a bit here, but based on the poor-performing LFS HEV order, I’m assuming the MTA will probably be getting XDE60s to replace the 2010 LFSAs, correct?
  3. from what I’ve read, initial sources say that most of the injuries are not life-threatening. My best wishes to everyone involved. This bus appears that it will probably be out of service for quite a while, as it’s entire front got sheared off
  4. @Buzz2kb wondering if you knew any updates re: the Inveros! Also, does anyone know what the deal is with the supposed D45 CRT LE's in Aspen? What garage are they at? Any info would be much appreciated!
  5. Proterras will stay until 12/2021 at the earliest.
  6. Manhattanville now has: 9665-9668, 9670, 9676, 9680, 9683, 9698-9699, 9701-9703, 9710-9713, 9717-9721 9720-9721 ran for the first time today.
  7. wow....this is just...VERY WRONG but, sure, we won't "disgust" this on this "broad".
  8. Here are a few submissions: 2000 Bombardier/Alstom Acela I Power Car No. 2024 trails on Amtrak's Acela #2252, approaching the Hell Gate Bridge, bound for Boston, MA. 2015 Siemens ACS-64 "Sprinter" No. 660 leads Amtrak's Northeast Regional #99 southbound, off the approach of the Hell Gate Bridge, bound for Newport News, VA. 2009 Kawasaki R160B No. 9877 lays over at Astoria-Ditmars Blvd before leading a southbound (N) train bound for Coney Island.
  9. i’m sorry, what? you don’t believe that the earth is warming? there’s irrefutable proof. Electric buses are a great way, and frankly, the only way, to stop the currently super-highly-polluting transportation industry. Electric buses ARE the future. Feel free to read this article about the evidence of climate change: https://www.google.com/amp/s/climate.nasa.gov/evidence.amp
  10. troublesome Proterras? I've heard the XE40s are the unreliable ones...the Columbia ones are, em, not the most reliable for sure.
  11. see below: also, any idea what buses we should see for the upcoming 60-bus electric order?
  12. 18 is on the B24 right now: Route: B24 Vehicle#: 18 Block: 1 Destination: WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE PLZ Last reported: 1 minutes
  13. Ahh ok, that is what I thought. Here's a pic What exactly is a "swing bus"? Yep, that is happening a lot more often now. By the way, when can we expect to know what the 60-bus electric order will be? I've heard rumors that it'll be XE40s, but evidently 0011 is having issues, so are we really sure about that?
  14. XE40s: gone. (for some reason I smell crap here, but i could be wrong...) https://www.instagram.com/p/CP5-U1xlQvH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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