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  1. Or they could # them in the 9000 series, as with the XDE's and LFS HEV's. alright
  2. Any idea when the test D45's and LFSe's will be in NYC?
  3. there are BYD K11's but those likely will not be bought. Nova doesn't make artic EV's
  4. I'm guessing that the 2010 LFSA's will be soon replaced (we all know how bad KB's maintenance is), but I'm guessing that'll be by XE60's, based on the MTA's whole "we want to be green" thing. I guess LFSA HEVs could work (as KB has LFS HEVs), but what do y'all think?
  5. Oh, fun! Do you happen to have a source for this?
  6. Are there any EV Vicinities? I know Tiger Transit (Princeton, NJ) is going to be replacing their '97 D40LF's with midibuses, supposedly less than 35 ft. Could this order be Vicinities?
  7. @Hothoops9000 do you happen to know which routes the 2001 D40LF's are most active on? Thank you!
  8. 1800 series pictures are already on the wiki. Just added 220. Thanks for sending these.
  9. It was ok - someone did pull the brakes though Got this shot of the final northbound run laying over at BB.
  10. Off-topic a bit here, but based on the poor-performing LFS HEV order, I’m assuming the MTA will probably be getting XDE60s to replace the 2010 LFSAs, correct?
  11. from what I’ve read, initial sources say that most of the injuries are not life-threatening. My best wishes to everyone involved. This bus appears that it will probably be out of service for quite a while, as it’s entire front got sheared off
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