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  1. YRT (York Region Transit) has discontinued the following routes. Route 15 Route 28 Route 77A Route 50's Limited Service to Pefferlaw Some other routes are proposed to be discontinued in January 2020 according to the 2020 Transit Initiative (Link: https://www.yrt.ca/en/about-us/resources/2020-Transit-Initiatives_PEF_web.pdf). However as of now they seem to not have taken effect yet, so watch out for those. Route 85C Route 56's Sunday Serivce
  2. I've noticed the map on the Viva Purple article to be outdated. As well, new vivaNext bus lanes have opened on sections where Viva Orange travels; perhaps this would be important to include in the article. In addition, I've noticed some YRT Routes that still say Orion buses operate on them; all Orion buses have been retired in the York Region Transit fleet. On a different note, the Mississauga Transitway article should have its verb tenses revised. It has opened, but part of it still is in future tense.
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